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hello! so long didnt update my blog! haha.. didnt change the layout too! sad! haha! no time lar.. had been busy... guess wat... i actually read thru all my previous blog today.. and realise how dumb i was.. haha.. yeah... gotten bf liao ler... hehe... chinese... 19... haha... okie lar... and im happy wif him... he's more than wat i expect... haha... he came and enter wen my heart is broken... and im considered lucky to have a bf like him.. i realise this blog had been filled wif sorrow and sadness ever since it is created.. no worries... i hope it will be fill wif happiness since im happy all the time.. i had forgotten the past and i hope every1 forgives mii if i had done any wrongs to them... new year coming.. i hope of no enemys and revenge liao ler.. haha... i wanna start a new year afresh wif my bf.. next year O level.. haha... time to pull up my socks and break a leg wen exam coming.. haha... im taking a break from my percussion group after chingay... haha... no time to play liaoler.. hmmm. .. so many things had happened and i didnt even bother to write it down here.. the main objective of this blog is for memories.. haha... in fact, i forgets alot of things but managed to recall it after reading some of the blogs.. i've cut my hairr... haha.. no1 gonna touch it liao ler.. except for CHAI DEREN! hu still wanna play wif my hand although it is short.. haha... my grandma had passed away too... nearly 2 months... it seems like yesterday.. i can still remember how she looks, how she is.. where she always sitting and many more.. sometime, at night, i could hear her coughing... could hear her waking mii up.. could hear her scolding mii... wen i reach home, i could see her sitting waiting for mii.. now, wen im scolded by my mum, i dun have any1 to comfort mii.. if i have no money, i got no1 to ask for xtra... i still cant believe she is gone... coz i had always tot she could passed by 2005 wif mii.. and reach the age of 80... at times, everytime i tot of her leaving, i would cry.. now, the tot of her all the time can easily make mii cry... now, im always alone at home.. how i wish she is by my side... evrytime, im scared to enter the toilet at night, i'll sleep beside her but now.. the room is always empty... waiting for some1 to sleep in it... i cut my hair also bcoz of her... having long hair, will remind mii of her.. it;s not tat i dun wan to remember her.. but.. so much sadness.. HARIYANI! look on the bright side and remember the happy times wif her, k? gosh! okie... this blog is getting SENTIMENTAL... haha... let's tok bout STRIKE IT UP! it is my first outside percussion show! haha... to mii, i make some mistakes during bayport sketch.. and quite dissapointed... haiz... but was shock to see alot of my frens came to support.. if not for mii, at least they r there to support the show.. haha... den today, got gatherings... haha... =) see ya lar! wen i see u!