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it's been awhile... since i last blog..
and wherever tat happens, it's either a good post or a bad post.

i'd not been myself lately..
something is wrong with mii...
i feel lonely and sick... of everything..

it has been a couple of days..
i felt pain in the heart.. it's either i would end up crying in pain.. or feels like vomitting..
i had no idea wat exactly is wrong with mii..
but im sensing that sth wrong with mii emotionally..
im eating only one meal per day.. making mii feels sick all the time..
im lacking of ppl to actually talk to.. making mii lonely all the time..
where had all the good times went to?
where had my optimistic character went to?

dear god... im begging you.. pls save mii..
it feels as if im losing myself soon..