the QUIET me...

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these words keep playing in my mind...

"tell the honest...BUT.. i am not lying either..i SIMPLY choose to remain silent..."

this is all because...

"at times, it's reallie best to remain silent.. because.. different people react differently to certain may just be something way further than what you would actually had expected it..."

SAVE MII..thanks.

does effort really pays off?

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i did try my best to ask.. i did try my best to take part..
however, at the same time, i think being ignorant is the way, although im not the type to do so.
wen i keep telling myself to ignore.. dont care.. just continue normally..
why must my effort being questioned again and again??

i was able to ignore those things.. i act as if it doesnt affects mii..
and smile and laugh like i normally do.. why do i feel so senseless? haizzzz


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RAWR! yeah.. i got no life nowadaes..
no money no life.. got money STILL no life...
got life no money.. no life, just DIE la! lols!

mon - fri, 9-6pm, see mii no where except RAFFLES PLACE. yeah.. im still working in RBS. under contract for 3mths only. last day = 31st May 2010.
and then.. by the time i reach home is already 7pm. 7pm - 2am is the only time that I can relaxed and watch drama. My entertainment source.. haiz..
but in situations where i don't go home, i would be probably somewhere ard town or city going out with frens for DINNER or drinks.. haiz..

sat - sun, the only time where i can relax la.. either i spend my time at home or go out lor. but usually, i end up accompanying my mum doing stuff liek going to relative/friends wedding - all the time.. haiz.. i still havent include my commitment in private tutoring.. haiz boring life..

as time goes by, more and more ppl are talking about going overseas.. perhaps, i might have shown no interest in these kind of talks however im just a normal human.. i would definitely be excited to go overseas with frens la.. like u noe.. totally independant.. oh well.. i hope i will get those chance wen i grow older.. (((:

finally graduating from poly.. waiting for acceptance from uni - tat's taking forever.. and yeah.. thinking how i should make use of my remaining time after quiting rbs and uni.. work? - later no time to hang out.. slack at home? - i will just get scolded for being lazy.. go out? - like tat money will constantly go down.. HAIZ. WHAT AM I TO DO WITH MY LIFE?! RAWR!

LOVE LIFE? oh god.. dun even talk about it. as much as im not interested in getting into a relationship. i do feel lonely at times. PATHETIC! i know.. such a LOSER! i know well enuf.. but eotteokajyo? life needs to go on.. (((:

WHATEVER LIFE! dun wanna care alreadii.. just move on and grow..
currently planning malacca trip with the interns.. yeah.. with nicole, joanne, valerie, wanying, yizhi, sikai, alvin etc.. some of them still havent confirm yet la.. but im sure is excited for this trip.. hahahs.. coz we're travelling together yo! hahahas.. 2 days most probably.. woot woot..

and yes! im still waiting to go out with some ppl.. such as meeting my 2cube! meeting my freshies such as al and ardy! hanging out with my BFF, syak and amirah.. and maybe, E4Com outing??? oh well.. tat's hard to get everyone.. LOLS.. and yeah.. cheemeng and sayhaow meet up! (((: