25 Feb

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yesterday, after work.. mii and hiu jie went to mac for supper.. we chatted for so long till it's 1.30am!
so, i end up taking cab home.. haha.. this is the first time, im toking for so long to someone who he doesnt even noe my hp no.! haha.. weird but it's true..

juz did some DNA personality check..
my DNA!

Benevolent Realist


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been busy WORKING!
people out there~! never work at a place where there's only one off day per week..
time then to move damn slow.. haha. .

Life had been fun wif new and interesting ppl around..
my new frens like Hong Shan, Bryan, Pok Chang, Hui Jie, Yin Jia, Jian Han, Yu Xiang, Krystal, the Shy Guy[Kang Teng?], Chin Kiong and etc..

Daniel =p [Tiger Beer Guy], Calsberg Guy, Yeo's Promoter, Vitagen Guy[the B guy], Coca Cola promoters and many more.. we had a wonderful Chinese New Year Celebration there!

of course Senior Cashiers! Aslinah, Asnah, Ah Kun, Lee gee, Daranee and many more!

Supervisors/Team Leaders - Rizuan[05], Nor[10], Venie, Hong Kiew, Lee Fong[06], Lay Choo[03], Wendy, Wins, K.S, last but not least Fatimah!

these are the TL who had made my heart boil and chill! haha.. seriously... i've cursed some of them before.. haha.. overall, it's okie la.. it's like there's give and take la..

i had unexpectedly make a new whole circle of frens.. being in a reality world for like 3 months make mii realise alot of things.. but im going back to student life.. studying.. mugging.. wat else is there? hope tat life would get better each day..