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i had some few jokes to share actually.. i was laughing all the way lar!

What does a lawyer and a sperm have in common?
Answer : Both have about a one in 3 million chance of becoming a human being.

What's the difference between a man and a parrot?
Answer : You can teach a parrot to talk nicely.

How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart?
Answer : When she starts her sentence with "A man once told me ..."

Paddy and his two friends are talking at a bar. His first friend says: "I think my wife is having an
affair with the electrician. The other day I came home and found wire cutters under our bed and they weren't mine."His second friend says: "I think my wife is having an affair with the plummer the other day I found a wrench under the bed and it wasn't mine."Paddy says: "I think my wife is having an affair with a horse." Both his friends look at him with utter disbelief. "No I'm serious. The other day I came home and found a jockey under our bed."

A Boy wanted to have sex with his girlfriend. But she was refusing all the time. So he went to see his boyfriend and asked him what to do about it. His boyfriend had a brilliant plan. He said: "Next time you meet her under the tree behind your home. I will be up in the tree waiting for you. If she refuses again you ask God in the heaven whether you can have sex with her or not. And I will give the right answer to you and her."The days went by and one Saturday afternoon he met his girlfriend again. They both went to that tree and he asked her to have sex. She refused. So he said to her: "And, my dear, if I ask God in heaven, would you follow his advise?" "Yes, I would" she said. So he asked: "Father in heaven can I have sex with my girlfriend?" And the voice from heaven said: "OK my friend, go ahead!" And so they had sex the first time.But the boy asked his friend to do him this favour every week, and he did. But the last time when he asked God in heaven, the father answered: "My dear friend below, step aside and let your father in heaven have a go!"

A woman was cleaning her husbands dresser drawers when she found 3 golf balls and a box with $2000 in it. She waited for him to come home from the golf course to ask him why these things were hidden in his dresser drawer.The husband said I'm sorry I hid this from you but the truth is every time I cheated on you over the last 30 years I put a golf ball in the drawer.The wife was very upset at first but after thinking about it said "I guess 3 times in 30 years is really not that bad! Oh by the way what is the $2000 in the drawer.The husband replied" Well every time I got to a dozen balls I sold them.

enuf for now la! haha.. i dun wan to have like jokes for the day... im actually dying doing words of the day, quote of the day and funny quote of the day! haha! =p

i didnt do anything much today.. im simply sat at home thinking how to solve my theatre production stuff.. im kinda in charge of somthing and i need to do some presentation or rather convinces them[the SECDC management] tat watever we are doing is running smoothly.. and if any problem comes, we have a solution to it.. also, im doing the background.. all the pictures seems to have no meanings... so im thinking of something different... well.. we shall see to it la...

mii and bastian!

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meeting him earlier reminds mii of the past year we spent together.. see the picts! got more picts.. but dunwan to waste space! haha! the 1st pict was taken during Racial Harmony Day 2005.. and the second one was taken at parkway during this year valentines day.. haha... we spent time together!
Racial Harmony 2006 picts is uploaded! the 2 of us taking picts! Syakira, amirah and mii.. look out for it! =p


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Word of the Day:
arrant: outright; thoroughgoing.

Quote of the Day:
"So little done, so much to do." Cecil Rhodes

Funny Quote of the Day:
"Never fight an inanimate object." P. J. O'Rourke

well... im still thinking of Yu Neng Primary Opening Ceremony... sad.. i wanna see them again! it is such a miracle that they left mii a deep impression of them... they seems to be un-erasable from my HEAD! haha!

today... i went to St Pat's to see the run thru of SECDC theatre production.. it's kinda a good progress.. it's all run by YOUTH okie! haha!

den, went to Cine Leisure.. met michael and his gf at yoshinuya izit? forgot la!

walk to PLAZA Singapura then.. the RHYA peeps were having their stuff down there.. i saw Farid, Fathima Begum, Sheryl, Justin and Bastian there! and i finally met TIM... haha!

mii and bastian finally meet each other for a long time.. no so long la.. the last time we met was wen i was doing the solat car race... den we tok alot.. tell each other currents secrets and more la...

den i went back home! before tat, i went to meet bastian again and we hug each other and byebye!

on the bus stop, i saw ms ong wif a guy.. i was wondering hu izit la.. the back looks SO FAMILIAR... then, finally, i saw who izit! wanna noee hu? haiya.. cant tell la! ppl's privacy! haha! ms ong is like a nice lady la.. dun wanna ppl to disturb them in skool la! haha!

then, while in the bus, i got nothing to do.. so i sms panha all the way.. and still smsing him now.. haha!

tat's all for now actually.. haha! i got alot of things to do tonight. i need to settle my theatre production stuff.. by monday.. then on tuesday, i need to meet the SECDC management team to verbally tok to them.. lol... so nervous! haha!

sniff sniff!

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haha! yesterday was Racial Harmony DAy and i was like doing my prefect duty.. ushering Mr Darajit Daud.. the funny thing is tat my bbaju and his baju colour matches! haha!

the more important part is.. Yu Neng Primary Show yesterday...

it was the show yesterday and we parted! i actually very sad.. we spent only 3 days together.. we got close toeach other too! it was really unforgettable and i learn alot of things...

the sound department consists of mii, wahyu, edwin, herman, haziq and varian[i dunno how to spell]...
they were all experience and they had alot of jokes! we share and we laugh alot! haha!

the cast, emelia, natasha, the tigress, hui pin, christopher, aleric, shelton and clarissa...
these cute kids actually became my frens in 3 days!
the teachers, i could only remember one teacehr name.. mr mohd abdul rauf.. y?
he's hot and nice to mii.. well.. haha! we had alot of FUN!

i wish the show was like longer coz i wanna to get to noe them more! haha! especially the teachers...
to abg herman, keep up rocking!
to varian... more jokes please.. and look at the table! i saw a letter there!
to haziq... continue ur blurness! haha!
to wahyu... see u soon la hor!
to edwin... stop FARTING on the COM SET! haha! jkjk!

wanna noe wat letter varian show mii? during one of the rehearsal, we had to do alot of marking.. then we had this used Gaffa tape.. he tore it into 4 parts and make a letter 'W' on my sound table... it stands for watever... we always disturb each other on tat part.. i call him buatan malaysia.. from the name, u know tat he is not a malay.. but his malay is so much better than mii.. he is malaysian with some american blood la.. haha... he teach mii the watever song too.. haha... watever ur mother works in Mcdonald for minimum wages... lol... =p
to the cast.. i hope we had more cheers and laughter together... i'll drop by wherever i can... keep in touch!
to the teachers.. hope we'll meet again and work together again! =p especially.. ahem! to mr mohd abdul rauf, god will bless u too! =p [semoga tuhan murahkan rezekimu! haha! - the exact sentence he told mii when i return his $10 tat he dropped! happen to saw! haha! my heart was beating hard and fast at tat moment! haha!]
here's some picts tat was taken there! haha!


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sorrie.. didnt get to update yesterday coz yesterday i was at Yu Neng Primary till like 10.30pm? i was really tired so i actually lay flat on the bed! yesterday, there was nothing much actually.. abit sad in the morning, however, manage to get back on my feet... i hate ppl telling mii this sentence :
"u think u prefect i scared izit?" y ah? damn irritating man.. i hate it big time.. i can juz blow off anytime wen i heard tat sentence.. i dunno y...

den today...
Words of the day:
arrant: outright; thoroughgoing.
bon ton: the height of the fashion; fashionable society.

Quote of the day:
"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." Oscar Wilde

Funny Quote of the day:
"I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it." Samuel Goldwyn

hmmm... A maths was kinda of okie.. 2 hours... dying...

english - today was my prelim oral... i was the first person to be tested... one of the conversation topic was kinda personal... i was able to hold myself.. really.. but some of my frens actually cried when telling their stories... seeing them cry, makes mii wanna cry then!

physics- nothing much.. juz tat i lost my 10 years series...

chemistry - was a boring lesson.. as usual.. i cant understand y i cant concentrate during the lesson.. i actually did some self studying and depend on her exam and practice papers only...

bio - was fun! we do the jigsaw thing again.. well.. i talk alot during bio juz now.. it was juz very fun la.. disturbing kenny, roshan, kaiwen and many more la.. and teaching wang jing some malay words.. haha.. they pronounce it funny la sia! and i learn some few chinese word too! haha!

after tat, i went straight home.. went mac to buy burger and then go home la! den i eat and drink.. bath and change.. and head myself to Yu Neng Primary... i stop at the wrong bus stop.. i was left wif 10 mins to reach the skool.. therefore, i took cab.. now, im officially broke!

at yu neng primary, i do sound system there.. and study and the same time la.. multi tasking actually... i had fun joking wif my department.. getting close to the primary skool casts and getting to noe the teachers there... the teachers there, the malays were very friendly.. unfortunately, not the chinese[not all though].. haha.. the best part is during the finale of the rehearsal where i help this male teacher popping the confetti.. the thing spoil la babe! cannot burst! haha.. buang current je! haha!

den went home, damien losts his car keys... it's actually in his car la! den reach home 10 mins before 10.. manage to watch love at zero degree for 10 mins only.. sad.. i miss yesterday and today episodes! gonna miss tmr also!

tmr! RACIAL HARMONY DAY! gotta wear ETHNIC clothes! i actually lost my shoes... but found it back! THANKXX to my MUM! LOVE U MUM! haha! i still havent decide wat to wear! haiya! dunno la! feel like not coming la!

also, i need to report to Yu Neng at 3pm tmr.. so i got some time to slack home.. for the past few days, i've been running boy! haha! kk lar! Mr Johann wanna read my blog.. waited for quite some time liao ler..

no picts for today.. coz i using LAP TOP NOW! haha!

kk.. tc.. byebye!


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words of the day!
1) Scuttlebutt - Gossip; rumor.
2) Imbroglio - 1: an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation [syn:
embroilment] 2: a very embarrassing misunderstanding
connubial: of or pertaining to marriage.

Quote of the day!
"We know the road to freedom has always been stalked by death." Angela Davis

Funny Quote of the day!
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." Josh Billings

Maths - no comment.. did trigonometry today.. reminded mii of the times wen Mr Ong teach mii this topic 2 years ago.

English - hmmm.. did oral practice.. as usual im not the one readin ar... and im kinda glad.. i prefer reading to myself.. i tend to be blur wen i read to audience actually...

A maths - we did other skool's paper.. tough la sia this paper.. i spent like one hour onthe first page itself... the best part is, I FORGOT EVERYTHING BOUT INTEGRATION & DIFFERENTIATION! haha

SS - i was actually watching VENICE video and felt sad la! dunno y...

MT - hmmm... nothing much to do rite... so mii, rosh and kelly do A maths together.. had alot of fun! disturbing the BLACK GOR!

Bio - quite okie today actually.. i actually not tat sleepy at tat time.. i was like fooling around and disturbing HEn la! she andher uncontrollable finger! haha...

DSP - I had SS DSP today.. it was a FUN lesson[surprisingly].. Mdm Rasheada actually thanked us for paying attention today.. haha.. the attendance is not at full and i guess some of the noisy peeps werent there or they were juz busy eating snacks! haha.. tat's y kinda quiet... and i was loyal to my partner today.. during DSP, i sat beside Ken... i tot of sittin wif my frens but almost all kinda have their own partner... well.. haha...

after DSP, i went to the band room to see the new instructor.. she looks quite nice ar... haha... as usual, i disturb Ms nadira all the way la.. hehe... u noe i can be quite bad at times...

tat's all i did for today... normal la.. haha... i wanna put up some picts la..

chingay pictures taken this year.. i was under the MAIN WAYANG COMPANY. in the picture is actually alex, mr damien lim, mii [duh] and shanice [the kid from KIDS CENTRAL]...
she's very cute and nice.. friendly too.. we hit off wif each other kinda fast actually... =p i first met her during NDP 2004 coz she was one of the national singer at National Stadium... need not count the number of times i see her on TV la.. tat one not counted.. haha...

k lar.. gotta relax my eyes from the COMPUTER! haha! tc...

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singapore actors - shouldnt be forgotten!

i actually got alot of things to write la! i develop a strong interests in watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas and movies.. certain casts tat act la! my idol? MINDAO!

i totally love 183 club! duh! haha! they can act and sing! Mingdao outshines coz he is multitalented la! haha! hehe... this is taiwanese area! i havent reach KOREAN yet! my fav actor is RAIN, LEE DONG GUN, Ji Sung, Kim Jae Won, Kim Rae Won, Ryu Si Won, Kwon Sang Woo, Bae Yong Jun last but not least, HYUN BIN! if u realise ar, all the actor here r very handsome! haha... if u ask mii who is my favourite actress, i cant list out many... coz i simply cant be bothered to remember their names! hah! well.. i got all their picts but no space la! haha! u might not even noe some of the actor there la! haha! wat else ar? haha! i need some time to edit my template also.. wanna change song.. chinese song mayb? haha! nothing much to say also.. cant remember any.. oh ya.. nvm.. love life are meant to be happie.. i was about to tok about a teacher... dun wan.. later i fell sad! haha! not really la! kk! see ya!


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YO! im back! no la.. actually got spare time for blogging... eversince i created another blog for my brother, i feel like writing again! haha
i'll try to write as often as i can k! haha...
today skool - fun part---> toking lor!
bio, i juz hate practical la! so dun bug mii further!
SS, i totally forgot bout my book! i remembered looking for it! but atlast forgot still! den share wif si Hua! haa! thx!
maths, nothing much!
MT o level paper 3-LC... tough la sia! no joke haha... then went to eat wif my primary skool peeps! fun recalling the past times when i was bullied! haha! ya rite! haha!
den reach home watch save your last dance for mii on channel u! after fall asleep for 10 mins!
den do revision! den watch tV again for an hour! den do revision again...
feelings - ever since i had this weird dream, i cant stop thinking of it la!
parts of the dream is tat i actually date someone from my class.. someone tat i had never ever tot of so much before la! i mean, i only tok casually wif him and tat's all... and in tat dream, i actually date him! since then, my hearts thumps hard wherever i see him la! goodness! O LEVEL Hari! haha!
hope i dun really fall for him... coz i noe tat i have a very weak heart... i noe the guy wont like mii either la! we always quarrel[at times la]
hmmm... i wanna finish O level once and for all and yet im not prepared for it!
thinking of parting wif my dear teachers and friends... couldnt bare to...
i juz love them
i realise tat ever since i enter Telok Kurau Sec, i learn how to be more understanding and also learn to love each other... the sad part is, i easily get hurt... i tend to be too quiet on things...
i tend to keep things to myself... behind all the smiles, there's sadness! haha...
not anymore! hariyani wanna be someone hu shares HAPPINESS with everyone in the world!
haha! wanna see my faVourite photo? look UP! haha! this flower was sent to my house! although i dun like red roses, it's the tots tat counts rite?! haha!
i believe, if someone noe mii inside out, they would noe wat kind and colour of flower i like!
in fact, i do love cactus too! cActus has special meaning behind it - cactus was able to survive in hot weather[my love for him survive too! and last long! and will overcome any hardship tat will come!] haha! im the kind of person hu like special meanings behind something...
things like, if u gave mii a eraser wif a certain colour, meaning erasing the certain part of my memory! i find it cool.. tat's the same for the flower! haha! one rose and red colour symbolises i love you and wanna love u more... haha... really.. haha...