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sorrie.. didnt get to update yesterday coz yesterday i was at Yu Neng Primary till like 10.30pm? i was really tired so i actually lay flat on the bed! yesterday, there was nothing much actually.. abit sad in the morning, however, manage to get back on my feet... i hate ppl telling mii this sentence :
"u think u prefect i scared izit?" y ah? damn irritating man.. i hate it big time.. i can juz blow off anytime wen i heard tat sentence.. i dunno y...

den today...
Words of the day:
arrant: outright; thoroughgoing.
bon ton: the height of the fashion; fashionable society.

Quote of the day:
"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." Oscar Wilde

Funny Quote of the day:
"I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it." Samuel Goldwyn

hmmm... A maths was kinda of okie.. 2 hours... dying...

english - today was my prelim oral... i was the first person to be tested... one of the conversation topic was kinda personal... i was able to hold myself.. really.. but some of my frens actually cried when telling their stories... seeing them cry, makes mii wanna cry then!

physics- nothing much.. juz tat i lost my 10 years series...

chemistry - was a boring lesson.. as usual.. i cant understand y i cant concentrate during the lesson.. i actually did some self studying and depend on her exam and practice papers only...

bio - was fun! we do the jigsaw thing again.. well.. i talk alot during bio juz now.. it was juz very fun la.. disturbing kenny, roshan, kaiwen and many more la.. and teaching wang jing some malay words.. haha.. they pronounce it funny la sia! and i learn some few chinese word too! haha!

after tat, i went straight home.. went mac to buy burger and then go home la! den i eat and drink.. bath and change.. and head myself to Yu Neng Primary... i stop at the wrong bus stop.. i was left wif 10 mins to reach the skool.. therefore, i took cab.. now, im officially broke!

at yu neng primary, i do sound system there.. and study and the same time la.. multi tasking actually... i had fun joking wif my department.. getting close to the primary skool casts and getting to noe the teachers there... the teachers there, the malays were very friendly.. unfortunately, not the chinese[not all though].. haha.. the best part is during the finale of the rehearsal where i help this male teacher popping the confetti.. the thing spoil la babe! cannot burst! haha.. buang current je! haha!

den went home, damien losts his car keys... it's actually in his car la! den reach home 10 mins before 10.. manage to watch love at zero degree for 10 mins only.. sad.. i miss yesterday and today episodes! gonna miss tmr also!

tmr! RACIAL HARMONY DAY! gotta wear ETHNIC clothes! i actually lost my shoes... but found it back! THANKXX to my MUM! LOVE U MUM! haha! i still havent decide wat to wear! haiya! dunno la! feel like not coming la!

also, i need to report to Yu Neng at 3pm tmr.. so i got some time to slack home.. for the past few days, i've been running boy! haha! kk lar! Mr Johann wanna read my blog.. waited for quite some time liao ler..

no picts for today.. coz i using LAP TOP NOW! haha!

kk.. tc.. byebye!