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Word of the Day:
arrant: outright; thoroughgoing.

Quote of the Day:
"So little done, so much to do." Cecil Rhodes

Funny Quote of the Day:
"Never fight an inanimate object." P. J. O'Rourke

well... im still thinking of Yu Neng Primary Opening Ceremony... sad.. i wanna see them again! it is such a miracle that they left mii a deep impression of them... they seems to be un-erasable from my HEAD! haha!

today... i went to St Pat's to see the run thru of SECDC theatre production.. it's kinda a good progress.. it's all run by YOUTH okie! haha!

den, went to Cine Leisure.. met michael and his gf at yoshinuya izit? forgot la!

walk to PLAZA Singapura then.. the RHYA peeps were having their stuff down there.. i saw Farid, Fathima Begum, Sheryl, Justin and Bastian there! and i finally met TIM... haha!

mii and bastian finally meet each other for a long time.. no so long la.. the last time we met was wen i was doing the solat car race... den we tok alot.. tell each other currents secrets and more la...

den i went back home! before tat, i went to meet bastian again and we hug each other and byebye!

on the bus stop, i saw ms ong wif a guy.. i was wondering hu izit la.. the back looks SO FAMILIAR... then, finally, i saw who izit! wanna noee hu? haiya.. cant tell la! ppl's privacy! haha! ms ong is like a nice lady la.. dun wanna ppl to disturb them in skool la! haha!

then, while in the bus, i got nothing to do.. so i sms panha all the way.. and still smsing him now.. haha!

tat's all for now actually.. haha! i got alot of things to do tonight. i need to settle my theatre production stuff.. by monday.. then on tuesday, i need to meet the SECDC management team to verbally tok to them.. lol... so nervous! haha!