bad romance

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in this life..
there are just some things not worth mentioning...
and in this case... it is my current feeling..
however.. i feel so stuffy thinking about it..
i feel so unfair keeping it to myself..

as much as i wanna give u room to breathe..
u let me down by making mii suffocating..
is it a crime to be understanding..
i am the one sacrificing but why am i a victim here?
cmon dude.. can't you just spare a lil tot for mii...

perhaps.. wat others say about us is true..
i think u r not ready to face things together..
perhaps.. u still need time..
or maybe... im just not the one for you..

maybe i should have think rationally earlier..
perhaps i should have waited a lil longer to see thing more clearer..
thanks for making mii realise soo many things in this world..
all i could say is... it is a bad romance..