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well.. there's two events to share relating to being optimistic..

one.. getting over somebody you love..
as some would have actually know.. it was hard to get over him..
liking him was complicated and i'd made lots of sacrifices just to prove my own feelings..
and now.. im learning how to really get over him..
and i can see how optimistic i had become nowadaes..
i can see that im happier.. wherever i tot of him, i no longer felt lonely..
but i simply smiled.. and then i'll just forget about him..
thank you for that... whoever that had been supporting all these while..

two... i went to VSA recently.. i volunteered in one of the classes..
VSA conducts art classes for special kids.. and wherever i tot of special kids.. i tend to think of the worst case scenario... well.. cant blame mii for that right.. hahahas.
and then.. i met this kid call joshua.. he spoke well.. just that he has his own world..
he's funnie.. lol... and he's just really optimistic..
as i was helping him cut a star shape from a fabric, i accidentally cut out one of the five points..
i was terribly sorry at that point of that and wanted to make it up to it by glueing it together..
and then he saw mii and said.. what are you doing? i can paste it myself.
and then i confessed and said.. im sorry. i didnt do a proper job in cutting.. and so this corner got cut off.. but no worries, i'll paste it back for you.. and then he said something that i wouldn't expect at all.. he said.. it's okie! it could be a broken star! very nice! and paste it separately making it seems like a real broken star... i really didnt expect him to say that.. and then tom came over and told mii, sometimes simple things touches one's heart, isnt it? i nodded, automatically..
by the end of the class.. i met his mother.. well.. joshua is dark skinned like an indian.. but then his mother is totally chinese.. well, he could have inherit that from his dad but that's not the point.. but what amaze me was that... his mother was smiling from the moment she entered the class till she approaches her son.. i dunno why but i had tots of asking are you happy? and then i wondered why am i thinking that way... well.. now that im giving it a deep thought.. i wonder to myself.. am i asking whether she's happy with her current life or whether she's happy with her son or what? i dunno.. i still can't think of a reason why i wanted to ask her that. but well.. i guess it doesnt matter any more.. well..hopefully...

so yeah.. be optimistic as much as you can.. im glad that im becoming more optimistic but i hope this optimism will not fade out soon..hahahahahas.. ciaoz..