TP Orientation

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okie.. so TP wasnt as bad as i tot.. now i had a whole list of CCAs i wanna join and have to join.. sian...

MY CLASS ROX! although i wasnt tat close to the guys.. but they're still be inside my heart.. BUUUUTTT, im nnow close to Ronald and Alvin.. more to come!

FINANCIAL BUSINESS INFORMATICS is my course... it's so cool... F.B.I haha.. get it? and im in C183... 183 CLUB!!! my CP looks funny and have a funny laughter.. Mr Jerry Ang.. his email is chinchai.... haha... so unique..

my class consist of Hariyani, Alvin, Jolene, Ronald, Nicole, Ivan, Valerie, Jun Hao, Sharon, Nicholas, Jay, Jasmine, Wei Choy, Kai Xin, Denver, Huanyi, Ailan, ChuHui and another 2 person whom i had never met before... WE ARE FBI C183!

okie! now let's talk about the Orientation.. the first day, first time i enter LT12, i met 2 GLs from my FOW... they are darren and Shawn Tan.. Shawn saw mii and straight away shout, ZILRA OEI! so i have to reply lor.. OOOEEEIII! haha...

den we was transferred to LT3 which is the original location.. because i was from FOW, darren and shawn always like ask mii to shout loud and cheer together with them.. has to do the TP mass dance demonstration.. it was embarassing but FUN! DARREN is damn 'CLEANED' - as usual.. always come out wif weird stuff but overall, he makes everything FUN.. den we have things like scavenger hunt.. and for goodness sake.. we had 2 scavenger hunt during the orientation.. one is spilt into group.. and the other one is as a whole class... i was the main leader there coz i kinda noe the place from FOW scavenger hunt.. haha...

den on the second day, they asked for 3 gals and 3 guys from my course to represent IT in DRAGONBOAT.. i had always complained to Pheiyani tat i dun want to join coz i noe i cant swim.. and im really scared of the water at times coz of OBS... i really have bad PHOBIA of capsizing boat.. haha.. but it turn out okie.. and during TP Regatta, IT got 3RD! for males and females.. we had competition of gals vs gals and guys vs guy.. sadly.. the juniors and seniors did not did as well as us.. BBUUUTTT...

IT's OKIE it's alright.. IT IT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! [non stop]

honestly, i felt pissed wif the ppl involved in the OLYMPIAD.. however, if i were in their shoes, i WOULD have been more pissed to lose.. but if they did their best, i FORGIVE them.. haha

so.. yeah.. it was a big disappointment tat IT didnt get anything.. BBBUUUTTT! i'll be joining INTSC as OL and make sure we won next year.. i wan all! haha.. den i'll be joining TPSU as GL... i had a loud voice and im gonna make full use of it in cheering.. haha.. this is so exciting..

i wanna join taekwando.. haha.. love it lots.. too many liao.. and i feel bad bout NOT joing the samba and latin band.. it's lead by damien and Roland.. i really feel bad... wat am i gonna do.. i wanna do well in my studies and not join many CCAs.. but i think joining INTSC and TPSU is tiring enuf lei.. haiz.. wat am i to do?

Freshmen Orientation Camp

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i did not went for the camp but i attend the performance nite and jam & hop.. so, here is some of the picts tat i took from my cam..

haha.. obvious rite.. taken at the zebra crossing..

the gals i went together with and shah behind...

the crazy male GLS showing off their muscle! haha..

mii and samuel.. isnt he cute?! haha

my favourite partner in ZILRA & ZILMON! Wai Hong!

peeps wif caleb.. he's such an enthu guy! and he's nice and cute and hot.. haha.. caleb the scallop..

Freshmen Orientation Workshop

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this is the whole team of my group! the black are the GLs and the pinkies r freshies!

these are the small group of ppl who are really bonded together la.. haha

from right - harry, Tom, Jerry & Dick and Mii! if u put the names together, it would be tom jerry harry dick.. haha.. get it?

this is shawn! my fav GL! haha.. i love him lots la..

This is the Freshmen Orientation Workshop[FOW] at Temasek Polytechnic!