10 oct

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today is my brother birthday! he is in military service now.. Seung Il Chuka Hamnida!

well.. today was a sad day coz i fought wif him... i was so happie and how can i still fight wif him? izit my fault?

i was very happie tat our class position is side by side and yet he wasnt tat happie... wat's wrong wif him today? he didnt even bother to reply my sms.. he didnt sit wif mii during bio juz now..

and i realise tat i've been sittin beside some1 tat i used to like.. well.. i used to like him but i didnt pursue him coz my fren like him too.. i was lucky tat it wasnt too late for mii to forget him..

his xpression turn dull wen i look for him... isnt he happie tat we have high possibility of going to the same institute wen we graduate? is he jealous or sth?

the sad thing is tat he didnt wan to tell mii anything.. he said he needs time to be alone.. well, wat is it tat he cant tell mii? im scared... is he jealous coz sob is getting close to mii? well, we r juz frens mah.. he and sob like quite close to each other.. how can they not tok to each other today? did they fight? i smell something bad going to happen... haiz.. cant he say sth?

i'lll leave him alone these few days.. im not coming to skool for the next 2 days coz im not well... i hope is still care for mii and drop mii a call or at least sms.. if he didnt do anything, sth must be really wrong and it's time to have a good talk.. im so worried..