Something Happen to my Heart~

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I quoting this from Franky..
"Cinta hanyalah sebuah kata sampai seseorang datang dan memberinya arti"
"Love is just a word until some1 came in and give its meaning"

it's true i think..
to some, love is just or simply a word..
but to some, love has its own meaning and definition..
some says beautiful, some says sweet and many more..
so my dear, wat's ur definition?

it's a wonderful feeling that I dun regret experiencing..
a simple (: and Hi can make my day..
a missing sms can spoil my day..
my life is depending on all this?
Hari! go get a life?!

is it time for a change?
but do i even have the courage to make that changes?
waiting for you is like waiting for a drop of rain in a drought..
tat's just the reason y i hate 'waiting'..

okie.. im like gonna start posting picts again! hahas..
this LT head over here, called CHRISTOPHER wong, started the SPAMMING game..
as evidence, this is the pict!
and some idiot start spamming.. this was yesterday.. by today, it exceeds 200 comments...
i apologised to those who were tagged.. i noe it sucks.. to delete emails.. hahas.. i had my share!

aniwaes, anyone watched soccer last nite? hahas! I DID! I DID! lols
luckily i fall asleep after 1st half.. lols.. here's the score!
so today.. instead of spending the day studying or doing assignment... i end up cleaning the house... again, im like not doing any justice to my right shoulder.. i carried heavy newspaper and blah blah.. haiz.. wen i wanna put my salonpas on my shoulder i realised that im left with only 1 pair!!! ARGH!hahas.. i found lots of candles juz now.. so decided to play ard with it.. haiz.. am i tat bored?! LOLS

i was also clearing my CDs and posters.. i didnt noe i had TAT many posters.. lols..
and i juz wanna show my SS501 CDs.. hahas.. my LOVE!~ lols..
at night, im supposed to go out and eat arh!~ but it got cancelled at the very last min..
so, all tat i could do is EMO at home.. LOLS!~ while emo-ing, my mum's colleague came.. wah! she D*** KPO can? wanna see the kitchen, wanna see my room and all.. URGH!~ but okie larh!~ she's quite nice and she also brought lots of FRUITS~ HAHAS..

got boread again.. i went to play with my ee-yor!~ hahas.. my precious!~ LOLS
i think IM CHILDISH nowadays! hahas! *looking ard* where's the MATURED mii? hee (:

okie.. im wearing my FO shirt.. lols.. i kept wearing RED today.. this morning i was wearing the i-support shirt.. LOLS... RED is LOVES!~ <3>

im ending this post with lots of korean words that i learn today..
i put the translation there also.. go check out! hahas! =DDD

I'm currently addicted to this song title Something Happen to my Heart..
I just got it's korean lyrics juz now.. and im like so gonna romanised it tonite.. hahas.
now, i can read korean words at a faster speed liao!~
but still, lots of words, i still dun understand.. hahas...

and i finally catch up with some of the dramas tat i used to watch..
it's like ever since FO, i totally stopped watching dramas and variety show..
and im like gonna control my addiction.. coz time is running fast on mii..

Pict Blogging!~

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lols.. im trying this for the first time and i had lots of fun doing this..
wat to do.. had 7 hrs break juz now.. im sure damn sian to this extent one!~ hahas

this started at 9am, RISK lecture..

this point onwards, all is taken in the library.. hahas..
while trying to study!~ Hari!~ try harder! lols!~

details on how i fall, feel free to sms mii..
it's the BIGGEST laughter ever.. LOLS

레노 - 남자는 사랑을 몰라..
okie.. this part.. hahas!~ random..
the 'he' shud noe this part very well!~

so long never write korean.. so i was playing ard.. (:

hahas! apart from this.. i had an interesting incidents to share!~ lols
it's scary to mii though... i was happily sms-ing while on my way back home today..
den suddenly, i realised tat some1 had been following mii from Eunos MRT station over there la!
obviously, i cant suspect tat person straight away.. so i decided to test it..

so i U-turn while acting to happily sms-ing..
[i was bugging wk on phone.. lols.. coz i'm scared!]
i went to sweet talk to buy bubble tea.. he's still there..
so i continue walking until im nearing police station there..
and he's still behind mii.. den no choice, i had to enter the police station liao..

the policemen asked mii what can he helped mii with..
so i told him i was stalked and the man is outside..
but by the time he went out to see, he wasnt there anymore..
i wun go in details bout wat they asked mii..
but to ensure my safety, they send mii home..

the moment i reached home, my mum was dumb-founded..
coz i was accompanied by 2 policemen.. LOLS
luckily my dad not at home.. if not, worst.. he would be asking lots of questions..
wat's funnie is... my mum actually tot i did bad things.. -_-''
mum, ur level of trust arh!~ LOLS.. but good thing she didnt say much.. lols

last thing.. hahas..
this semester would really be a big challenge to mii..
choosing topic 1 was a challenge that im testing myself..
being involved in a national level competition would be another challenge to mii..
no doubt, im nervous and scared.. competing with JCs and all..
but im ON for this CHALLENGE man..
it would be a good exposure to mii and it would be sth new for mii to learn..
no matter how tough it would be, i WILL TRY my BEST and do my BEST man..
huever my partner is, let's do this together man!~
wat bothers mii is... y must i face 2 challenges at the same time.. LOLS..
but nvmm.. JIA YOU! it's the experience tat MATTERS!~

My Condolences..

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heys Sarina..
i think u r a strong gal..
wen u were telling us wat actually happened to ur dad..
u held firm and control ur emotions well..
i noe u held some regrets here and there but..
let bygones be bygones..
just be stronger to be a better person..

u noe we, SHAZRAs, will always be behind u supporting u..
take care man.. u have more responsibility now & take care of ur mum well..
even if ur dad is gone, im sure he will always be by ur side taking care of u..

yeap! i had this shocking new around 11pm last night by shah..
got it quite late larh!~ if not i would have gone down yesterday night itself..
but it's better late than nothing...
and im glad that Ain and Zakiah are willing to accompany mii this morning..
despite us having lectures at 9am and SIP..
this is wat i mean by strong frenship..

this is a sad occasion but somehow, there were happie side in it..
such as mii meeting Ain and Zakiah after some time..
and we go cam-whoring coz i wear TUDUNG to skool..
(guilty that im happie wen my close fren is in mourning)..
so to respect it, im gonna only post 1 pict of mii wearing tudung today..
and i wun upload it on FB.. yep! here it is..
hahas! today i realise tat..
if i dun wan to be noticed in skool, the best way is to wear tudung.. lols..
coz no1 practically recognise mii.. LOLS
until i approach them larh!~ hahas.. =DD
had fun disturbing ppl..
but still i must thanked zakiah and ain for accompanying mii straight to class..
LOLS.. it gave mii a motivation to wear tudung in the future.. LOLs

this is wat happen wen i lazy to write the long answers on the projector..
while doing WEM tut juz now..
i was looking at the window the whole day...
watching the sky getting darker & darker..
seriously, i was slightly scared larh!~..
it is the calling for EXTREMELY heavy rain..

runnig here and there the whole day..
i didnt even eat breakfast or anythhing..
was supposed to print notes at lvl 6 lab juz now..
but bcoz i saw someone, i decided to go other level labs!~
lols.. juz kidding.. i was juz shocked!
but at least im not stalking or anything.. lols!~
until like 2pm, with the persuasion from Huanyi..
i decided to grab a bite larh!~ hahas..
and tat's like my late brunch.. lols..

i was soooo tired today..
tat the moment i reach home, i decided to read more about MAS Supervisory Framework Monolouge.. hahas.. this is wat happen 30mins later i guess.. hahas..
mii with my eeyor as my pillow, earphone and the notes im reading.. LOLS.
im realllli tired!~ but im really trying my best.. haiz..
the pict is taken by my irritating 1st bro...
i guess the medication gel tat i apply on my shoulder is too cooling that it makes mii fall asleep! lols!

niwaes, i'll stop here b4 anyone complaints that i post very long again..
despite mii wanting to write MORE!~

One Sided Love..

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Isn't that what people say?
That one-sided love is the hardest.
Always like a master handling his puppet.
Always like a kid playing with a toy.
Love is said to be the greatest feeling.
Perfect in its own way.
Yet flawlessness doesn't exist.
So there must be an error.
The mistake of a one-sided love.

The way that love is warm, it is the same way cruel.
Though it may be a blessing.
It leaves behind a victim to suffer.
In this case, me.

You have no idea what you left me with.
All the memories you threw away, I chose to gather.
The thoughts of you walking away.
The question of why I wasn't good enough?
Self doubt which refused to fade.
Each and every tear fell for you.
I spent hours in the the dark.
The only places I could reach for comfort.
The only shadows that taught me to escape...
Just for a little while.
And all the wishes wasted on you.
The whispers I choked out into the night.
The times where I could hardly breathe...
Just because you were you.
Just because you broke into my heart.
Just because. I'm tired.
To a certain point where I can't stand you.
So take the chains off of me.
Take all the things I've done for you.
Consider them my last.
And still you won't know how precious...
My heart was in the care of your hands.

I say a one-sided love lacks faith.
That this kind of love can't clash with destiny.
And that love might mean something delicate and pretty...
In the beginning.
However, just like a rose...
Everything beautiful has to wither and die...
In the end.
And this is the conclusion of this one-sided love story.
Heavenly to tragic.

But don't people also say that, to a finish there is another start.
So hope shouldn't fail or diminish.
As these petals of pain disappear.
Love will bloom once again.
This will always and forever be fate.

I like tat poem.. lols..
just happen to read it and I think it's true!~
to mii..
no matter how many million times I told myself to stop,
I couldn't reach for the brake..
and thus, it causes an accident..
and the wound are just waiting to be healed..

the injuries could be serious.. or slightly a scratch..
no matter what, it still depends on myself whether I'm able to overcome it..
and also, it's up to me to forget about the incident..

back to reality! what can I say..
I was slightly pissed with Mr Ang larh!~
since Friday, he bugged mii over the financial status form..
i tot it was the form that was given to mii by Ms Lina..
in the end, NOPE!
it was sth that he was supposed to pass to mii..
and im supposed to pass it to the class to fill up!.
in my head.. it's like..
y ask for sth that u didnt even pass it to mii..
but im gonna forget the incident.. coz it's a small matter.. lols

secondly.. wealth management..
i tot today's WEM lab is abit too fast la!~ it's like..
so many website to go, so many printscreen..
so many things to analyse and so many criteria to think about.. LOLS
in the end, I JUZ WANNA GIVE UP OKIE! hahas..

thirdly... RISKS..
and yesh.. im taking the risk for RISKS assignment.. LOLS
i noe i took the MORE DIFFICULT topic..
but heck larh!~ im gonna chiong man!~
it's like in my class...
20 ppl took topic 2 (subprime) and 2 ppl took topic 1 (supervisory framework)
and i happen to be in the minority grp along with valerie..
ms jo did warned mii that topic 1 is tougher.. but still..
i took up the challenge..
it's like i feel like doing topic 1 from the moment i read the intro larh!~
it's not that im daring to take it or blah blah..
i juz dun like subprime larh!~ everytime, assignment kena subprime..
and last year subprime is very complex okie!~
and i tink, i will learn sth more if i took topic 1..
it's okie man! mii and vale will help each other this time round..
it's my last year, and i juz dun wan to be competitive with those taking topic 2..
but somehow, i feel guilty coz i like pangsey my grp!~
sorrie guys.. but this time, let mii follow my instinct can?
i noe u all will support mii no matter wat topic i took..
no matter wat, we can still help each other in terms of studies and theory!
we still doing WEM assignment together, remember..? lols

hmmm.. wat else is there?
nth much larh!~ since i only got 2 subject.. lols
my feelings had been in heaven and hell today..
i can be extremely happie at 1 point of time..
but can be extremely pissed at another point of time.. lols
im considered crazy already if i had laughter and tears to these emotions.. lols

oh ya!~ i juz remembered!
i was slightly late for my RISK lect juz now..
wah!~ they lock the top door! WAH!~%&%$^*%^&%
it's like i went up already & now i need to go down again.. LOLS
i juz hate STAIRS!~

and i juz cant kill my habit of calling ppl loser! lols
the moment i see my 2cube & vice versa..
LOSER word will for sure come out!~ lols..
and yeah.. i hate wtf recently!~
so if u got nth better to do, dun bug mii wif wtf...
i might juz blow off at u!~
with my current short temper, u just dun want mii to get pissed off!

talking about pissed off! lols..
someone PRACTICALLY ignored mii in ITAS today..
hmmm.. wat can i say~
juz ignore back or think of a revenge soon or watever!~

lols! im like still got one last thing to say! lols!
I DUMB DUMB go and carry the CPU with my right hand juz now!
obviously my shoulder couldnt take it!~
after tat, it got smacked by Jasmine Lim.. TWICE!~
imagine the PAIN!~ juz to eat my desert juz now can be... urgh! painful..

hahas! no more liao! =D


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shoulder ache like crazy!
hated words like LOSER, wtf, wth and all the swear words in the WORLD!~
spend hours typing Wealth Tut answer...
had nose-bleed today..
sitted in front of the com for too long today...
chatting, waiting, playing, tagging..
and im ending my night with a HAIZZZZZ..

tat's how i feel right now..

i purposely write so small..
but i dunno whether it's small enuf..
im hating today and all this is thanks to 1 person..
i waited for 7 hrs for goodness sake! until my eye dried up.. until my butt hurts! watever larh!~
im predicting tat my feelings will turn 360 degree tmr! once he apologised! T^T

Doctor Check-Up for Shoulder

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i just came back from seeing doctor.. lols..
for my shoulder la..~ the doctor is really long-winded.. haiz..

me: Afternoon Doc.
Doc: Hi! So how can I help u miss?
me: err.. my fren fall on my shoulder yesterday and my shoulder had been aching since then...
Doc: okie.. lemme take a look at it..
(so he went to check.. OUCH! he press it hard! LOLS)
Doc: hmm.. you've strained ur shoulder... slight serious..
me: okie..
Doc: when did this happen?
me: yest evening.. while playing netball..
Doc: okie.. here are some few things that u need to do..

1) No weights on ur shoulder for at least 2 weeks..
[I'll try to put things on my left hand then.. ]
2) Avoid any straineous movement on ur right arm..
[I'll try]
3) No NETBALL for at least a month..
[NOPE! i'll still go for NETBALL! ]

after saying all those stuff and other stuff, i left his room waiting for medication..
i got 2 tube of gel to be applied on my shoulder everyday..
[HELL NO i'm gonna apply it everyday! it stinks and im not gonna stinks of medication to SKOOL! T^T]

OMG! OMG! cannot lei!
i STILL need to go TRAINING!
maybe switch position la.. i take the less effort one la..

Personal Notes
I've been getting anaemia recently..
it's like it's been years since i had those attacks ar..
it's really worrisome.. and i dun wanna tell my mum tat..
haiz... eat more IRON eat more IRON!
capsules got side-effects!

Shoulder! HEAL FASTER!


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oh great.. i guess all this happens due to LACK of SLEEP? lols

before i actually tok about my shoulder.. let's mii share more about the Human Wheel Barrow Challenge.. hahas

yesh! it was a success! we manage to BREAK the world record and we also manage to CREATE new Singapore record! woohoo! hahas.. although I'm a official, im still proud that I'm part of breaking the record.. and i'm also proud to those who create the longest endurance wheel barrow record and of course the endurance wheel barrow record..

Largest Human Wheel Barrow!
hmm.. we are supposed to break the 1044 participants record and we broken it by having 1400++ participants wheel barrowing la!~ i guess great job were done in persuading frens to come and take part in this event.. hahas..

Endurance Wheel Barrow!
this is where each pair must be able to remain in the wheel barrow position as long as they could.. i was taking care of the biz grp and i think that team did well la.. their spirit were there.. he wanted to maintained till15mins and he did it.. hahas! great job! =D

after my own timing, i was supporting the cheerleading team! okie.. they were super high! even in tat position, he was able to cheer alog with their supporter! hahas!~ they aimed to be top 3.. and they got 2nd! great job! they were very determined and even after they dropped, their spirit were high and they went over to the winning team to congratulate them.. tat's a god sportmanship spirit! good job! =D

Longest Endurance Wheel Barrow!
the attempt is only for sportsman la.. hahas.. and panha and pheiyani is in it.. and personally think tat pheiyani had good spirit.. she endured the endurance part long enuf and still manage to have energy for this event ! good job! wah.. it was amazing to see all of them got up together! it was such a sight.. beautiful.. and our record touched 74 ppl! GREAT JOB! =D

only after all of these are done, den i can wheel barrowed! lols! i wheel barrowed with Hafiz, ELF member! hahas... it wasnt easy.. but i was laughing all the way larh! but it's really fun! hahas!

morning was SMU and evening was wheel barrow.. imagine i had a busy day tat day.. so i practically needed lots of energy and without mii realising it, i had 5 cans of red bull + 3 bottles of water and 1 can of mug.. wen i told my mum, i was scolded by my brother.. lols! okie.. i promise i wun drink sweet drinks for one whole month!~ LOLS..

with all the red bulls, no matter how tired i am, i cant sleep! i had sugar rush and i was practically damn high larh.. so i was chatting on msn all the way.. but while chatting.. i wasnt feeling very happie.. it's like sth happen larh and i juz got really sad and stressed up!

thanks to elijah, chee meng and wee kiat.. they like gave mii some advice and encouragement.. i was really stressed up over that matter and i really couldnt sleep thinking bout it.. and yeah.. i didnt sleep! i was awake till 1pm today.. 1.30 like tat i fall asleep infront of my computer and woke up at 4pm like tat.. den at 5pm i went for Netball game with my frens..

so i had 3 match altogether.. and at tat very last match, as i was trying to get the rebound, i slipped and fell.. and unluckily, wen i fell, one of my fren loses her balance and fall on my right shoulder! it was damn painful at first.. i dunno if i was crying larh!~ i think it's like mix with my sweat and all.. and i was sitting down enduring the pain for like 30 mins la.. right now, just to put my right arm up, i feel pain already sia.. maybe tmr i go and see doctor.. haiz..

i juz hope that it heal faster than wat i am imagining now.. it's like i got competition in July.. how to play if im injured.. wat's more, we lack of players.. heal faster heal faster!

Personal Notes
I made alot of frens during the wheel barrow event la.. i met ppl from Adventure Club and ELF.. ppl like andy, nigel, zi yang, faezah, su, nina, desiree, hafiz, zul and many more.. hahas.. they told mii to join AC la.. but sadly, im on my 3rd yr already and i dun think i can commit myself to any CCA right now.. i juz wanna graduate well now..

secondly.. to whom it may concern..
i dunno whether u r using mii or not la.. but if u are.. pls stop it..
coz i dun want to hurt myself or urself..
if u even consider mii as a fren, even juz merely a fren, i hope u can stop it..
i put so much trust in u.. and i dun wan to believe u r tat type of person..
i juz wan to have a good relationship wif u.. so please... be truthful to mii..

thirdly.. to whom it may concern 2..
the only way for u to get to noe mii better is by talking to mii..
making every effort to read my blog..
ask mii wat i like, my interest and so on..
if u r so laid back, how will things move on smoothly?
im putting in lots of effort, cant u see it? haiz..
i'll juz ignore u from now on..


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i went to SMU today, early morning for iCREATE ar..
i'm a volunteer there.. lols!
stupid Louis put collar shirt not t-shirt la..
so i wear like bloody FORMAL!
and i seriously need a new pair of heels, coz it HURTS like mad..

so yeah.. we saw the IIT exhibition there..

conducted by a pair of alumni hu practically ignored mii wen we first met la.. lols
their names are sunny and randall.. lols
they are from CDS.. if im not wrong... lols
so initially they are like that la.. AS type.. hahas
like this! (look below.. lols)

but then, thanks to rui xie, we both start cheering.. lols..
yes.. cheering! to hype up la.. den they stunned.. lols

so.. the standard mii... i keep bugging them at their booth! lols
until.. they sian with mii.. hahas.. so they join mii happie..
yeah.. happie calling mii NOOB! lols..
juz bcoz i cannot do his signature! *thanks ar sunny!* lols
but in the end! they became FUNNY PPL! hahas..

the ppl in session 3! hahas..
some lady hu cannot take pict.. LOLS..
but still thanked her for taking it for us.. LOLS
B1 ppl..
lvl 2 ppl.. (EMO)
hahas! that's all!

side track abit..
this is wee kiat(left) wif his fren..
LOLS.. i forgot his name.. oh ya..
if im not wrong it's BORIS.. lols
i had lots of fun sms-pranking him yest..
during the dinner.. lols.. LOSER lor.. haha
can see his face like abit scared liao..
den purposely ask to do part 2-4 of the prank.. lols!

i'll end off here la..
coz i need to go back skool for Human Wheel Barrow Challenge liao! lols!

Absent Minded Mii

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haiz.. wat can i say?
ever since school started, there had been lots of things in my mind..
even at home, i can be soooo absent-minded...
few example of my absent-mindedness would be..
1) i pour warm water instead of HOT WATER to my CUP NOODLE..
2) i keep hitting my knee on the bed..
3) many more!

soo many things that i need to think of!
my class, my family, my work!!! ARGH!

i dunno wat to say about the class la..
im in such a dilemma.. im always caught in between lecturers and my classmates...
no matter how hard i try to stretch myself, im just one!
only those who are close to mii could see the burden in my shoulder..
maybe, im not a good class rep.. haiz...
am i being bullied?! damn it!

my family.. yes, we are in the RED right now..
and i really hope ppl could at least try to do their best for each other!
relying on mii doesnt help at all! im still studying!!! damn it!

work... haiz.. if only students are good listeners! haiz...

i met my old flame recently.. haiz. by accident...
and now i kept thinking abt him..
it's weird as i was sitting next to him..
he tried to tok to mii and i tried to be as cool as possible..
but my heart was beating fast.. maybe nervous..
i dunno.. he told mii that he recently broke up wif his gal and etc..
pls la.. dun tell mii this kind of things can?? u broke my heart enuf to be telling mii this kind of things.. so wat u expect mii to do? im happie wif my current baby now.. and tat's all i want..
maybe u shud learn to appreciate and love others more than urself..
keep ur ego aside pls.. there are some few things tat u juz cant get even if u try hard..
if u get wat i mean..

let's end this post on a brighter note!
and again, it's 2Cube who brought lots of laughter to mii..
we've been meeting each other for breakfast..
we've been chatting on mass convo almost every night..
dun keep the spirit down.. this is the only time i could chat wif u guys..
once im on major project and attachment, i'll be as good as MIA..

and another thing.. wee kiat..
wah.. tat guy damn funny..
i totally love to disturb him larh..
wherever i see him in skool im sure to POKE him..
yesterday, i saw him 3 times.. the first time i saw him, i DID POKE him..
the second time i saw him, i was slightly in the bad mood, so i give it a miss..
and the third time i saw him, i was in a pissed off mood, so yeah.. i let it go..
but there wld be no next time man.. hahas..

next big thing for mii.. hmmm
1) LT 10 dinner!
3) Human Wheel Barrow Challenge! (im a official! YEAH!)
4) Mathix Dinner
5) Up Your Service Workshop!

good luck to mii with this lots of things to do..
i need to buck up in my studies...

Week 0 Orientation! 2Cube!

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machine gun.. tat's how i describe my cough.. i've been coughing after FO.. and until now, i still haven't recover... i told myself not to push myself and dun go for week 0.. but in the end, i went.. telling myself, it might be my last week 0..

so i went.. and i was super disappointed that i got Dip IT.. most of the Mathix is in FBI and i was wondering, y cant i be there?! saded, i dragged my heavy feet and went to LT10... wen i enter LT 10, i was glad to see Qi Yang.. and thanks to him, i feel better with all the Mathix cheers.. and so the first freshie tat came in was Kah Yuan.. my class.. hahas.. i became more excited as my freshies came alot earlier than others.. hahas.. pitied qi yang as his class like got 1 guys for a very long time -and that's Jian Hui.. hahas..

things became alot better during ice breaking session.. the class bonded much faster than i tot.. wow.. all this is thanks to the power 6 that the class form.. hu practically play a fool during games..

LT cheers are boring.. but they are impt.. the whole LT wasnt cheering.. as a OL, i tried my really really best not to be demoralise.. seriously, i realli put in lots of effort..
and in the end of the day, only my class in the LT has been cheering.. and im proud of it.. by nightwalk, we were able to tok naturally.. and i realli feel like im freshie along wif them rather than im their OL.. they had been great freshies..

Day 2.. although i didnt sleep together wif them.. i wake up early (i catch 2 hrs of sleep onli!) to make sure i meet them on time.. and i did.. and im thankful to those hu stayed all the way.. and thankful to those hu came back early on the 2nd day..
wet and dry station games.. although all my stations arent tat wet, i sincerely hope my class had their fun.. i see more and more of them opening up, again, im thankful.. i've been feeling thankful to them for their cooperation.. i dun realli need to shout much.. and they wud listen to mii sincerely.. maybe bcoz they noe im coughing badly, but watever it is, im thankful.. final showdown.. seriously, i've never realli been like mascot or sth like this la.. but thanks to 2 cube for sabo-ing mii, i was selected to became the mascot of LT10.. wah.. im was superly nervous, superly unwilling but.. for 2 cube, im willing to be the mascot.. yeah! :D

here are some picts to share on Day 2! LT 10 C222 aka 2Cube
they all went back home.. and i tot the class shud like meet up early on day 3.. and come in together as a class.. i've been messaging some of them at night.. and tat night, i was realli tired practicing rowing.. my arm really ache.. i slept at 2am and woke up at 6.30am to shower in the morning..

thanks to the draggy briefing, i cldnt meet the class on time and i felt really terribly sad la.. and wen i enter the LT, i saw a handful of them only! i was shocked and scared la.. deep down i noe they wld come but then, there's this 0.0000001% of mii tat thinks maybe the whole class not coming on day 3.. but i hold on my faith in them and wait patiently.. although slightly late, they came together as a class.. except for kim yong hu overslept! lols!

PC training all boring.. and i had some unhappiness during this period.. but again, im glad that my patience had been enduring well.. i keep hoping i dun burst out la..
but 2cube never fails to make mii feel better... goodness... im very grateful that i still attend week 0 despite my unwillingness.. they are juz a bunch of wonderful ppl.. they are so sweet..

here are some of the picts.. cant upload everything.. not enuf space.. lols..
mii and clarence..

mii and elijah..
mii and jonathan..
Regatta... to fight the war.. seriously, i wanna win badly.. again, i think bcoz this might be my last rowing.. but then, realli sad tat i didnt win.. although i realli know i did my best, im still disappointed.. so who cares bout the final result.. wat matters to mii now, i'd make more frens.. wonderful freshies from LT10.. they r great ppl..

Jian Hui from C223..

saturday.. i didnt sleep the whole night.. settling so many stuff and all... then in the morning, i went to polyclinic for the usual check-up.. this time round, change doctor.. and he gave mii another appt in 3 mths time.. it was a long waiting time and by the time i reach home, it's like 1pm liao..
rested for like 1hr & ard 2pm i started toking to the 2cube guys.. i had lots of fun.. and thanks to them i learn many new UNNECESSARY things.. and i dumb enuf to ask Ernest weird questions.. thanks ar thanks.. tok for a very long time wif them.. all of them are like joker.. and i think it's a good thing.. but halfway thru it, i cld feel myself getting greedy and wanted more.. i dunno.. this kind of feelings, shudnt think of it much la.. the more i think of it, i think i will be crazy la.. right now, i juz wanna concentrate on my final yr and tat's it...

Personal Notes:

i always tot, how come ppl can cry when they are touched..
especially those who are leaving.. i had tat feeling on the 2nd day..
i was so touched by 2cube, that i was crying and smiling at the same time..
they not only gave cards/letters to their OLs, but to the other OLs in the LT..
when they gave mii the big card and the picts, i cant help it but cry..
i was too touched by them.. they are so sweet.. i really hope 2 cube can bond much better than this and became a great class.. although i tot, it wld be better to get a fun CP..
they gave mii the motivation to join next yr OLTC again.. although, months ago i've told myself, i will not join on the 3rd yr.. but now, im considering again.. but for some reasons, i might need to consider this carefully..

Sick Sick Sick

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okie.. this is definitely after FO effect.. lols...
as i've said in my facebook, im feeling terrible right now..
im down wif fever+sneezing+coughing....

i told i wld get better today, but nah...
it got worst so i went to see doctor and the doctor was shocked by my voice...
i told him my voice is not because of flu or sth..
but bcoz i've been shouting for 6 days... hahas..

all the medicine is so drowsy la...
i practically slept all day...
wherever im awake, i either cough like mad or sneeze like nobody business...
goodness.. i definitely cant make it for Sentosa tmr..
i dun wanna faint under the hot sun...

so, i juz finished visiting my freshies blog...
and do some linking arh...
realli love them man.. they are all so sweet...
and im glad that most of them enjoyed FO..
regardless of camp or workshop...
it's the experience tat matters... hahas..

had a horrible time chatting wif KHAIRUL JOHANN..
he kept saying tat im violent and etc..
in facebook, we chat over 47 comments la...
he siao man.. so long never chat wif him and hehad turn out like this...

thanks ahmad for trying to make mii feel better HOWEVER tat doesnt help!
how can u say i look like a mermaid... den u say my hair looks like one..
i appreciate the effort but try better next time!!!

and stupid Julian.. never stops calling mii Barney..
wherever he say mii on msn, he wud definitely disturb my name.. LOLS
but seriously arh, realli laugh out loud when i see him liking all the activities that Ahmad did..
even wen Reiney wall Ahmad, he like tat... LOLS

Today is Ernest bday and i manage to wish him Happie Birthdae online.. LOLS
today's is emylee's bday but i didnt manage to wish her on time... feel guilty now..
maybe i shud juz wish her a belated happie birthday before i go sleep...

due to sickness, i have totally no appetite la...
every food seems tasteless to mii.. every drink too..
haiz.. i wish i can recover fasting...

im like having semester briefing this coming tues..
and i have no f**king idea wat i have to do to the MP form... heck la...
i will call Jerry Ang wen i feel better...

after sem briefing, time to pack for IIT Orientation.. okie..
im super duper excited.. i wonder which course i will be taking..
i hope FBI again! coz easier mah........ hahas...

kk.. im gonna like check my facebook one last ime and then go sleep...
need to rest more...
so im off to go!

Freshmen Orientation Camp!

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hahas! i juz changed my layout again!
stupid layout got prob after like weeks..
so this is the temporary skin... and the dumb mii again didnt save the links....
so had to redo the links part all over again..
im sure i missed some links..
if so, tag mii and i'll add ya okie?!

so FOC was over yesterday...
i went to shower in skool...
so while waiting for the others to finish showering, i received a call from my mum to rush home...
for some private reasons la..
in the end, i didnt manage to join the empire at cpf...
i misssed both la!

okie.. the ppl from camp is definite much more than FOW...
and i realli love the peeps from RELLO...
again, im like bragging my sub-empire but sorrie la..
the time for mii to mingle in other sub-empire is realli limited..

the peeps from rello are realli high.. they r good...
most of them took the initiative from day 1.. which i like it alot la..
coz during FOC, my stamina level had depleted so much!
my ankle hurt all the way.. i had headache for all 3 days...
i manage to hold the headache until the last day where i request for panadol..
but suay, no more panadol.. since i cldnt take it anymore, i cried (okie.. im a CB)

my empire scored last for the first 2 days...
with strong determination and perseverance from Reliez, we chiong last day..
and we manage to get 3rd...
if we were given another 1 day, we CANNNNN get first..
but again, first, second, third or last doesnt matter...
wat matters was we all had a common goal and we achieve it together!

wen the FOW peeps came back, they all damn high la...
they were all like GLs... hahas!
good tat they learn sth from FO...

my sub-empire got lots of ppl la...
and there are fews tat i can remember very well..
since it will sounds bad if i cant remember some of u all names.. i will mention those tat alot ppl know la..
but my poke frens are brian, bryan freeman, clement, xuan le...
my december mates, charles and eugene...
my malay-look freshie, allison...
my pea brain freshie, Gerald...
my damn high freshies, Pam, June...
my joker freshie, Roman...
my dance partner, Ken...
and many more...

during the last day, i cried alot..
with the year 3s leaving.. and i juz cant help it la..
i cry wen i see others cry...
thinking back also, this might be my last FO...
coz im not sure if i still got the opportunity to join at the 3rd year..

realli love it wen all the Komez and Zilra gather to cheer!
cant believe it that i still remember the cheers...
and juz coincidently, today marks the 2nd year anniversary for Zilra..
some of my frens msg mii to wish mii anniversary...

"Dear Zilra-ians

I really appreciate the time we spent together 2 yrs ago..
u peeps are the first few frens tat i made in poly...
i treasure all those memories and im glad that im still frens with some of u guys!
Frens Forever!!!"

i will not upload any picts today.. coz i got no time..
im like down with fever la + slightly fluish + no voice + sore throat + cough...
wah... i feel damn terrible... no appetite to eat..
im sure many GLs are falling sick also la...
i hope all of them are recovering well...
the freshies too.. they chiong last day!
good job!

this coming saturday, there's Sentosa outing for all FO peeps..
will be playing final clash...
for more details, pls visit Reliez blog.. the links are at the side...
(damn... wet games in the sand?! ewwww)
i hope i can make it this sat la... but again.. im not confirm yet..
i have polyclinic appt on tat day.. hopefully, i can postponed it..

blogging again...

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okie.. it may seems like i just blog twice but the time difference is less than 6 hours.. LOLS

i wanted to sleep.. seriously...
but i happened to pass by a blog...
and i juz got caught on it...
at tat blog, it shares the beautiful love of a couple...

distant lover...
everyday showering love thru sms, letters, gifts and calls..
encouraging and supporting one another despite the distance..
it was really sweet...
live each day with hope that day will pass by very fast...
so that they could re-unite again one day...
2 years of waiting.. it's pretty long...
but they had just started the journey (of waiting)..
and they still have over 500 days to pass..

how i wish i could go thru such beautiful love story...

PS: Earlier i was waiting for my Ice Cream to melt..
but now, it'd turn watery...
i was too engrossed on that blog...
that I forget everything abt my ice cream...

Freshmen Orientation Workshop!

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FOW is over... now it's time for FOC..
seriously, i had lots of fun...
at the same time, the responsibility that i have is alot heavier wen i was a GL in Komez..
in Komez, i was considered a new GL..
so i make lots of mistakes and learn alot..
but in Reliez, i still learn lots of new things..

my sub-empire was called RELLO...
rello ROX! hahas..
they really go mad on the last day larh!!!
was expecting to see MARK on the 2nd day, but he didnt come back...
i was really thankful to those that came back and persevere for all the 3 days..
seriously, it's not easy.. but u all r juz the best la..
not juz my sub-empire but also RELIEZ as a whole...

i realli love all my sub-empire GLs..
i think they are very cooperative and they really help each other..
im in not position to comment abt the others in the other sub-empire la..
but i believe, everyone of us, GLs, plays a very impt role in RELIEZ...
like wat Jessy said, RELLO owned laaaaaaa!

good job to those who created the dance dance cheer and foam foam cheer..
it's damn good la...
although we learn the cheer on the first day of FOW, i think RELIEZ did well...
we r all freshies like tat, learn cheer on the first day and we perfected it as days goes by...

while im still on the topic of sub-empire...
the freshies! WOOHOO!!! hahas..
preslie, shahrir, al, charlene, sherlene, vera, yeesin, hafiza, ann, sean, kimberly, diwayne, samantha, verina & soo on... im sorrie if i didnt mention any names or spelt wrongly...
u guys came back and had contributed alot in RELLO & RELIEZ...
i sincerely thanked u guys from the bottom of my heart...
im nt really good in expressing this kind of thing...
but im seriously thankful... thanks!
im super damn happie to see u guys step up to lead... GOOD JOB!
hope to see u guys on FOC day 2!

no matter how tired i am..
it's realli worth it... even if i have blister on legs or other part, it's OKIE...
for u guys, anything...

RELIEZ as a whole got lots of good freshies too...
im apologies again if i cant recall much names but i love u all LOTS LOTS k???!

i wanna thanks all the GLs who is always advicing mii, trust mii thru out...
we still have FOC and let's ROCK the CAMP!

so here's i got some picts to share... sorrie, but some pict are juz blur la..
didnt get to take much photos also.. so yup!
hafiza & lixing!

mii and al...
mii and shahrir..some of RELLO...

some RELLO GLs..
Alvin, Yessy, Derek, Mii, Fathin, LeeShen, Aizat, Vanessa, Nicholas, Jessy, Dinesh
last but not least...
alright! now gonna preserve energy for FOC..
which is tons more tough than FOW..

나가 다른 사람을 행복해던 만드는 것을 가지고 있던 경우에 유감스러운.
그러나 나는 최선을 다했었다.

Personal Note:
I saw Terence while i was taking FOW pict (forming)
whenever I saw him, I cant help it but i will think of Clifton.
i dunno if anyone else felt it this way ar.. but i cant help it...
i went back home and look at the newspaper cuttings..
as much as i dun wanna remember the truth...
i must accept reality that he's no longer here...