Week 0 Orientation! 2Cube!

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machine gun.. tat's how i describe my cough.. i've been coughing after FO.. and until now, i still haven't recover... i told myself not to push myself and dun go for week 0.. but in the end, i went.. telling myself, it might be my last week 0..

so i went.. and i was super disappointed that i got Dip IT.. most of the Mathix is in FBI and i was wondering, y cant i be there?! saded, i dragged my heavy feet and went to LT10... wen i enter LT 10, i was glad to see Qi Yang.. and thanks to him, i feel better with all the Mathix cheers.. and so the first freshie tat came in was Kah Yuan.. my class.. hahas.. i became more excited as my freshies came alot earlier than others.. hahas.. pitied qi yang as his class like got 1 guys for a very long time -and that's Jian Hui.. hahas..

things became alot better during ice breaking session.. the class bonded much faster than i tot.. wow.. all this is thanks to the power 6 that the class form.. hu practically play a fool during games..

LT cheers are boring.. but they are impt.. the whole LT wasnt cheering.. as a OL, i tried my really really best not to be demoralise.. seriously, i realli put in lots of effort..
and in the end of the day, only my class in the LT has been cheering.. and im proud of it.. by nightwalk, we were able to tok naturally.. and i realli feel like im freshie along wif them rather than im their OL.. they had been great freshies..

Day 2.. although i didnt sleep together wif them.. i wake up early (i catch 2 hrs of sleep onli!) to make sure i meet them on time.. and i did.. and im thankful to those hu stayed all the way.. and thankful to those hu came back early on the 2nd day..
wet and dry station games.. although all my stations arent tat wet, i sincerely hope my class had their fun.. i see more and more of them opening up, again, im thankful.. i've been feeling thankful to them for their cooperation.. i dun realli need to shout much.. and they wud listen to mii sincerely.. maybe bcoz they noe im coughing badly, but watever it is, im thankful.. final showdown.. seriously, i've never realli been like mascot or sth like this la.. but thanks to 2 cube for sabo-ing mii, i was selected to became the mascot of LT10.. wah.. im was superly nervous, superly unwilling but.. for 2 cube, im willing to be the mascot.. yeah! :D

here are some picts to share on Day 2! LT 10 C222 aka 2Cube
they all went back home.. and i tot the class shud like meet up early on day 3.. and come in together as a class.. i've been messaging some of them at night.. and tat night, i was realli tired practicing rowing.. my arm really ache.. i slept at 2am and woke up at 6.30am to shower in the morning..

thanks to the draggy briefing, i cldnt meet the class on time and i felt really terribly sad la.. and wen i enter the LT, i saw a handful of them only! i was shocked and scared la.. deep down i noe they wld come but then, there's this 0.0000001% of mii tat thinks maybe the whole class not coming on day 3.. but i hold on my faith in them and wait patiently.. although slightly late, they came together as a class.. except for kim yong hu overslept! lols!

PC training all boring.. and i had some unhappiness during this period.. but again, im glad that my patience had been enduring well.. i keep hoping i dun burst out la..
but 2cube never fails to make mii feel better... goodness... im very grateful that i still attend week 0 despite my unwillingness.. they are juz a bunch of wonderful ppl.. they are so sweet..

here are some of the picts.. cant upload everything.. not enuf space.. lols..
mii and clarence..

mii and elijah..
mii and jonathan..
Regatta... to fight the war.. seriously, i wanna win badly.. again, i think bcoz this might be my last rowing.. but then, realli sad tat i didnt win.. although i realli know i did my best, im still disappointed.. so who cares bout the final result.. wat matters to mii now, i'd make more frens.. wonderful freshies from LT10.. they r great ppl..

Jian Hui from C223..

saturday.. i didnt sleep the whole night.. settling so many stuff and all... then in the morning, i went to polyclinic for the usual check-up.. this time round, change doctor.. and he gave mii another appt in 3 mths time.. it was a long waiting time and by the time i reach home, it's like 1pm liao..
rested for like 1hr & ard 2pm i started toking to the 2cube guys.. i had lots of fun.. and thanks to them i learn many new UNNECESSARY things.. and i dumb enuf to ask Ernest weird questions.. thanks ar thanks.. tok for a very long time wif them.. all of them are like joker.. and i think it's a good thing.. but halfway thru it, i cld feel myself getting greedy and wanted more.. i dunno.. this kind of feelings, shudnt think of it much la.. the more i think of it, i think i will be crazy la.. right now, i juz wanna concentrate on my final yr and tat's it...

Personal Notes:

i always tot, how come ppl can cry when they are touched..
especially those who are leaving.. i had tat feeling on the 2nd day..
i was so touched by 2cube, that i was crying and smiling at the same time..
they not only gave cards/letters to their OLs, but to the other OLs in the LT..
when they gave mii the big card and the picts, i cant help it but cry..
i was too touched by them.. they are so sweet.. i really hope 2 cube can bond much better than this and became a great class.. although i tot, it wld be better to get a fun CP..
they gave mii the motivation to join next yr OLTC again.. although, months ago i've told myself, i will not join on the 3rd yr.. but now, im considering again.. but for some reasons, i might need to consider this carefully..