One Sided Love..

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Isn't that what people say?
That one-sided love is the hardest.
Always like a master handling his puppet.
Always like a kid playing with a toy.
Love is said to be the greatest feeling.
Perfect in its own way.
Yet flawlessness doesn't exist.
So there must be an error.
The mistake of a one-sided love.

The way that love is warm, it is the same way cruel.
Though it may be a blessing.
It leaves behind a victim to suffer.
In this case, me.

You have no idea what you left me with.
All the memories you threw away, I chose to gather.
The thoughts of you walking away.
The question of why I wasn't good enough?
Self doubt which refused to fade.
Each and every tear fell for you.
I spent hours in the the dark.
The only places I could reach for comfort.
The only shadows that taught me to escape...
Just for a little while.
And all the wishes wasted on you.
The whispers I choked out into the night.
The times where I could hardly breathe...
Just because you were you.
Just because you broke into my heart.
Just because. I'm tired.
To a certain point where I can't stand you.
So take the chains off of me.
Take all the things I've done for you.
Consider them my last.
And still you won't know how precious...
My heart was in the care of your hands.

I say a one-sided love lacks faith.
That this kind of love can't clash with destiny.
And that love might mean something delicate and pretty...
In the beginning.
However, just like a rose...
Everything beautiful has to wither and die...
In the end.
And this is the conclusion of this one-sided love story.
Heavenly to tragic.

But don't people also say that, to a finish there is another start.
So hope shouldn't fail or diminish.
As these petals of pain disappear.
Love will bloom once again.
This will always and forever be fate.

I like tat poem.. lols..
just happen to read it and I think it's true!~
to mii..
no matter how many million times I told myself to stop,
I couldn't reach for the brake..
and thus, it causes an accident..
and the wound are just waiting to be healed..

the injuries could be serious.. or slightly a scratch..
no matter what, it still depends on myself whether I'm able to overcome it..
and also, it's up to me to forget about the incident..

back to reality! what can I say..
I was slightly pissed with Mr Ang larh!~
since Friday, he bugged mii over the financial status form..
i tot it was the form that was given to mii by Ms Lina..
in the end, NOPE!
it was sth that he was supposed to pass to mii..
and im supposed to pass it to the class to fill up!.
in my head.. it's like..
y ask for sth that u didnt even pass it to mii..
but im gonna forget the incident.. coz it's a small matter.. lols

secondly.. wealth management..
i tot today's WEM lab is abit too fast la!~ it's like..
so many website to go, so many printscreen..
so many things to analyse and so many criteria to think about.. LOLS
in the end, I JUZ WANNA GIVE UP OKIE! hahas..

thirdly... RISKS..
and yesh.. im taking the risk for RISKS assignment.. LOLS
i noe i took the MORE DIFFICULT topic..
but heck larh!~ im gonna chiong man!~
it's like in my class...
20 ppl took topic 2 (subprime) and 2 ppl took topic 1 (supervisory framework)
and i happen to be in the minority grp along with valerie..
ms jo did warned mii that topic 1 is tougher.. but still..
i took up the challenge..
it's like i feel like doing topic 1 from the moment i read the intro larh!~
it's not that im daring to take it or blah blah..
i juz dun like subprime larh!~ everytime, assignment kena subprime..
and last year subprime is very complex okie!~
and i tink, i will learn sth more if i took topic 1..
it's okie man! mii and vale will help each other this time round..
it's my last year, and i juz dun wan to be competitive with those taking topic 2..
but somehow, i feel guilty coz i like pangsey my grp!~
sorrie guys.. but this time, let mii follow my instinct can?
i noe u all will support mii no matter wat topic i took..
no matter wat, we can still help each other in terms of studies and theory!
we still doing WEM assignment together, remember..? lols

hmmm.. wat else is there?
nth much larh!~ since i only got 2 subject.. lols
my feelings had been in heaven and hell today..
i can be extremely happie at 1 point of time..
but can be extremely pissed at another point of time.. lols
im considered crazy already if i had laughter and tears to these emotions.. lols

oh ya!~ i juz remembered!
i was slightly late for my RISK lect juz now..
wah!~ they lock the top door! WAH!~%&%$^*%^&%
it's like i went up already & now i need to go down again.. LOLS
i juz hate STAIRS!~

and i juz cant kill my habit of calling ppl loser! lols
the moment i see my 2cube & vice versa..
LOSER word will for sure come out!~ lols..
and yeah.. i hate wtf recently!~
so if u got nth better to do, dun bug mii wif wtf...
i might juz blow off at u!~
with my current short temper, u just dun want mii to get pissed off!

talking about pissed off! lols..
someone PRACTICALLY ignored mii in ITAS today..
hmmm.. wat can i say~
juz ignore back or think of a revenge soon or watever!~

lols! im like still got one last thing to say! lols!
I DUMB DUMB go and carry the CPU with my right hand juz now!
obviously my shoulder couldnt take it!~
after tat, it got smacked by Jasmine Lim.. TWICE!~
imagine the PAIN!~ juz to eat my desert juz now can be... urgh! painful..

hahas! no more liao! =D