My Condolences..

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heys Sarina..
i think u r a strong gal..
wen u were telling us wat actually happened to ur dad..
u held firm and control ur emotions well..
i noe u held some regrets here and there but..
let bygones be bygones..
just be stronger to be a better person..

u noe we, SHAZRAs, will always be behind u supporting u..
take care man.. u have more responsibility now & take care of ur mum well..
even if ur dad is gone, im sure he will always be by ur side taking care of u..

yeap! i had this shocking new around 11pm last night by shah..
got it quite late larh!~ if not i would have gone down yesterday night itself..
but it's better late than nothing...
and im glad that Ain and Zakiah are willing to accompany mii this morning..
despite us having lectures at 9am and SIP..
this is wat i mean by strong frenship..

this is a sad occasion but somehow, there were happie side in it..
such as mii meeting Ain and Zakiah after some time..
and we go cam-whoring coz i wear TUDUNG to skool..
(guilty that im happie wen my close fren is in mourning)..
so to respect it, im gonna only post 1 pict of mii wearing tudung today..
and i wun upload it on FB.. yep! here it is..
hahas! today i realise tat..
if i dun wan to be noticed in skool, the best way is to wear tudung.. lols..
coz no1 practically recognise mii.. LOLS
until i approach them larh!~ hahas.. =DD
had fun disturbing ppl..
but still i must thanked zakiah and ain for accompanying mii straight to class..
LOLS.. it gave mii a motivation to wear tudung in the future.. LOLs

this is wat happen wen i lazy to write the long answers on the projector..
while doing WEM tut juz now..
i was looking at the window the whole day...
watching the sky getting darker & darker..
seriously, i was slightly scared larh!~..
it is the calling for EXTREMELY heavy rain..

runnig here and there the whole day..
i didnt even eat breakfast or anythhing..
was supposed to print notes at lvl 6 lab juz now..
but bcoz i saw someone, i decided to go other level labs!~
lols.. juz kidding.. i was juz shocked!
but at least im not stalking or anything.. lols!~
until like 2pm, with the persuasion from Huanyi..
i decided to grab a bite larh!~ hahas..
and tat's like my late brunch.. lols..

i was soooo tired today..
tat the moment i reach home, i decided to read more about MAS Supervisory Framework Monolouge.. hahas.. this is wat happen 30mins later i guess.. hahas..
mii with my eeyor as my pillow, earphone and the notes im reading.. LOLS.
im realllli tired!~ but im really trying my best.. haiz..
the pict is taken by my irritating 1st bro...
i guess the medication gel tat i apply on my shoulder is too cooling that it makes mii fall asleep! lols!

niwaes, i'll stop here b4 anyone complaints that i post very long again..
despite mii wanting to write MORE!~