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i went to SMU today, early morning for iCREATE ar..
i'm a volunteer there.. lols!
stupid Louis put collar shirt not t-shirt la..
so i wear like bloody FORMAL!
and i seriously need a new pair of heels, coz it HURTS like mad..

so yeah.. we saw the IIT exhibition there..

conducted by a pair of alumni hu practically ignored mii wen we first met la.. lols
their names are sunny and randall.. lols
they are from CDS.. if im not wrong... lols
so initially they are like that la.. AS type.. hahas
like this! (look below.. lols)

but then, thanks to rui xie, we both start cheering.. lols..
yes.. cheering! to hype up la.. den they stunned.. lols

so.. the standard mii... i keep bugging them at their booth! lols
until.. they sian with mii.. hahas.. so they join mii happie..
yeah.. happie calling mii NOOB! lols..
juz bcoz i cannot do his signature! *thanks ar sunny!* lols
but in the end! they became FUNNY PPL! hahas..

the ppl in session 3! hahas..
some lady hu cannot take pict.. LOLS..
but still thanked her for taking it for us.. LOLS
B1 ppl..
lvl 2 ppl.. (EMO)
hahas! that's all!

side track abit..
this is wee kiat(left) wif his fren..
LOLS.. i forgot his name.. oh ya..
if im not wrong it's BORIS.. lols
i had lots of fun sms-pranking him yest..
during the dinner.. lols.. LOSER lor.. haha
can see his face like abit scared liao..
den purposely ask to do part 2-4 of the prank.. lols!

i'll end off here la..
coz i need to go back skool for Human Wheel Barrow Challenge liao! lols!