22 spet

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today was the last day of my prelim and i wasnt tat happy coz i dun think i'll do well? haha
i tend to abandoned bio this prelim... my bio will flung big time!

next, the whole day i didnt touch the computer till this late..
i cant concentrate at all lei.. my mind keeps on thinking about god and SBFF... i miss them!

nth much la.. i juz had some confusion over some1 and i dun intend to pursue it la...
im tired.. i need a break?

haha.. i went to HOME TEAM ACADEMY... my bro place.. it was nicer than the old one however i didnt really enjoy myself la k! suddenly had some urge of becoming police.. haha..

den went for night class and mii and syariah was the only express students.. the fun part was joking wif them! wat adds more to it is the teacher in charge lor.. the lamer joker, mr chen m.h and the mr smiley, mr yeo.. haha.. he smiles all the time.. very cute lei.. haha... the NA students were very nice to mii... im GLAD!

nothing else to update la.. till the next time..TC

21 sept

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well.. today is thursday and i got no skool today...
todays prelim is D&T, F&N and art.. i take A maths.. so, no need to go to skool lor..

i learn alot of interesting facts yesterday...
well.. First thing, im touched wen i realise some1 out there is concern about mii.. hadnt my fren told mii, i wouldnt have knew it till now..
i'll decided not to leave u... haha
next, im also touched wen my junior call mii for help at late night..
althought tat's the least i can help.. i hope it helps...

yesterday, wasnt the best day but it was some light to a brighter day...
although i couldnt sleep last night thinking bout certain things.. i felt that i twasnt a bad day afterall..
life was a little interesting after some few setbacks and dissapointment..

toking bout my previous post.. i had post some of my favourite singer in korea.. apparently, they r on break coz some of them r going for military service that serve for like 2 years.. i think it's kinda the same as National Service in Singapore.. tat rings the bell.. my 3rd bro kena NS liao.. last tuesday.. i wanted to send him to his place but i was havingprelim in the morning... so i couldnt follow my mum.. the best part of it is tat.. i'll be meeting him tmr.. i'll be fetching from his area tmr.. apparently, i do have papers tmr but it ends at 1030 thus im able to fetch him at 1pm wif my mum and aunt.. haha..

back to the god.. well.. they were established in 1998 and can u believe it.. i fall for them at year 2006! haha.. tat's like 8 years later.. however, im not the slowest yet.. haha.. i listen to all their songs from the first alnbum and im addicted BIG TIME! i listen to their songs evrytime i went out.. listen to their song wherever im staring at the computer.. i didnt listen to their song wen im watching tv only.. i listen to their sad songs wen im going to sleep... i sing their song wen im bathing... ahaha.. can u believe it.. i actually memorize their songs even though it is a alien language to mii.. i tend to remember their melody as i listen to their song al the time.. idun think im getting tired of their songs bcoz they had produce 7 albums.. can u imagine.. 70 over songs for mii to listen everyday.. it rocks my world. but the good thing is, their song is not all korean.. it got english words too.. apparently, i guess a few of them live in america or sth and they are quite fluent in english and the rest in catching up too.. now, the world, more and more of them are learning english and im glad.. this will expand our circle of frens.. i'm glad at i learn english coz i could communicate wif them ! haha!

i tot of changing my bckgrd to god wallpaper but the size and my current structure doesnt match.. im trying it on my beta blog where u all dunno la! haa!

tat's all for now? tc...


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well.. it's been somtime since i update.. lol..

currently, having prelims.. im kind of surprised that im not worried about my prelim result.. at times, i do feel nervous... but, im not going for 3 months JC thus im still slacking..

i did sign up for the night classes in skool but i went there to avoid myself from seeing the computer.. hehe..

nowadays, i've been listening to korean songs.. yeah... i fell in love with G.O.D... i show u the pict...
and i love all of them.. haha... 2 of them are very cute... haha... the 2 picts above.. Hoyoung and Kyesang.. haha.. the group consist of 5 members and currently 4 only as Kyesang left to pursue acting.. they are Son HoYoung, Yoon Kyesang, Kim TaeWoo, Danny Ahn and Park JoonHyoung... haha... respectively...

*** Credits to sky blue friends family! ***