22 spet

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today was the last day of my prelim and i wasnt tat happy coz i dun think i'll do well? haha
i tend to abandoned bio this prelim... my bio will flung big time!

next, the whole day i didnt touch the computer till this late..
i cant concentrate at all lei.. my mind keeps on thinking about god and SBFF... i miss them!

nth much la.. i juz had some confusion over some1 and i dun intend to pursue it la...
im tired.. i need a break?

haha.. i went to HOME TEAM ACADEMY... my bro place.. it was nicer than the old one however i didnt really enjoy myself la k! suddenly had some urge of becoming police.. haha..

den went for night class and mii and syariah was the only express students.. the fun part was joking wif them! wat adds more to it is the teacher in charge lor.. the lamer joker, mr chen m.h and the mr smiley, mr yeo.. haha.. he smiles all the time.. very cute lei.. haha... the NA students were very nice to mii... im GLAD!

nothing else to update la.. till the next time..TC