thanks for everything..

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i got scolded for something that is totally not my fault...
wat's worst is tat, im the victim and yet i got scolded for it..
and becoz of that, i got really angry and yet i cant say anything about it...
im like suppressing a huge feeling of anger becoz of the scolding and also bcoz im the victim..

and now.. im crying not becoz im sad but becoz of anger.. it feels so hard to breathe.. haizzz.

TP RBS Interns Picnic 21022010

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wahahahas! I noe abit late la... but i just wanna upload the picnic pictures here for memories! hahas. we had organise a picnic.. at ECP... and of course, it was slightly tough.. coz it's a PICNIC. we booked nothing.. and i was dead worried that we couldnt get a spot to sit. and also.. we got no wet weather plan and so on.. hahas.. but i think, it's the number of ppl that matters!

horrible guys! ask them to meet mii at PP mac.. and they went ECP mac! hahahahs.. was slightly angry but it's okie.. i made them come to PP mac to help mii carry things.. hahahas. alvin lim - hu was supposed to bring the mat, cannot make it last min - so luckily i managed to borrow my cousin's mat! hahahas. and one huge tray of noodle, i was struggling carrying all of it. weeee (: so the guys do the job wen we met at MP NTUC... wah.. the whole place is really different and i really dunno what is where anymore! horrible! but i see my old colleagues! miss them lots! hahahas.

so the first batch of ppl tat came is mii, sikai, zhiyuan and yizhi.. 4 of us slowly loiters ard and try to find new spot.. till yizhi say.. let's sit here!~ hahahas.. den we sat down, eat first and play bridge.. hehe.

den nicole and alvin tan came over.. thanked god for nicole for bringing her own mat coz my mat totally small for alot of us.. hahahahs.. den she brought speaker as well.. so we all can listen to music.. as much as i wanna offer my ipod, there's only korean song inside.. hahahs!

after tat, we had weichoy and lastly deeraj, who came with the rain.. so we went pool.. hahahas. durign the pool. only some stayed.. the rest went HK cafe to slack.. haha.. not bad right.. sometime, i feels tat plannign just doesnt work at times~

so here are some of the picts to share!

my photographer! and of course my dino jr! (:

play bridge anyone? hahahsalvin tan saying no to pictures! heee

happie sikai and yizhi..
sikai's disturbing glass!

time to eat my SOUR sweet!
sikai's expression: "SO SOUR LA!"

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... -_________________-
sweets and music~
okie baby sikai.. too much of his pict liao! hahahahas.
hahas. alvin sharing his cards~
the arrival of wei choy~
look at the pro expression..