Last Day of Internship...

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oh well.. 26 Feb marks the last day of my internship... including others as well..
for those who extend as contractors, we'll be meeting each other next week for abt 2-3 months..
for those who is not extending, especially the guys, hope to meet up with you ppl very soon.. i noe u all going NS and all, but we can still MEET rite! hahas!

personally, i'm actually very sad that slowly the number of interns left is getting lesser and lesser.. it was kinda expected however i still feel very sad about it.. haiz.. how i wish i have the power to keep the people i like to be around mii all the time.. but life doesnt go around mii.. and i cant force ppl or anything..

the interns in RBS was super bonded... i feel so.. we gets closer day by day.. no more awkwardness.. no more shyness.. although at times, we may felt unhappiness towards somebody, but i'm sure we forget about it soon after.. wen we sit down and chit chat and chill, we definitely got lots of jokes and laughter to share.. even silence are appreciated at times.. drinking session? every friday? why not? although i cant drink and dun drink, i felt that it's fun... felt bad though.. but i have my own principle to follow and i need to be discipline with myself.. frankly, i do CONSIDER drinking.. after seeing many ppl - my kind - drinks.. i wish i was like them.. i wish i was daring enuf to go against my conscience.. however, there's a corner in mii that says, "ONCE YOU START, YOU WILL CONTINUE DOING THE SAME" - this kind of fear keeps mii from not drinking..

i still havent share the GOOD news of mii extendign to my family.. havent share the pay amount.. havent share the period of extension.. nothing.. i wanna keep it a surprise.. coz i think they would be proud of mii.. lols! in any case, the extension is just a few months.. i'm sure i'll only be able to reach my goals once i graduate from university.. like how i had promised myself and my family... and now i tot - 'so this is how im growing up to be an adult'

my team.. as said earlier.. my team had been wonderful! especially with nez, zion and sharleen in the team.. but sad to say.. i'll be alone during march period.. since each of them going overseas trip.. sad rite~ but it's okie! i'll do the cover up in SINGAPORE! ((:

about love life.. i had decided to be cool about it.. im not going to take any initiative.. to like someone or to know the someone or whatever... im just gonna be cool about it and not look for it..
if it's meant to come, it will come.. if im meant to be single all my life, let it be.. i noe it's pathetic to say these but this is seriously what i feel.. coz i realised that wherever i look for it, i fall for him and then.. i will be the one getting hurt.. and once u get hurt, u still have to recover from the hurt and pain.. and all these will just make mii mentally tired.. i shud be manipulative and use my mental power for other things such as studying or gaining some good knowledge.. seriously, being RBS i realised my strength and my weakness... what's worst is that.. the weakness is so intimidating and demorallisign to mii and my strength is not that wonderful either.. haiz.. time to wake up~~~

Trying to blog from my itouch..

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Hahas.. This is interesting.. I can only input words from the HTML part n not the compose column.. Lols
actually I got many things to post up.. But I keep thinking whether it's good to share in a blog which many ppl can see... Haiz
so I had decided not to post anything about those that I was soooo happie about.. Lols

I'd told myself that I'm not going to look for it and wait for it to come.. But then.. Somehow.. Same thing happens again n again... Haiz.. But I guess the way I handle my feelings is slightly different this time.. . One thing for sure.. I keep denying that I like him.. Even to myself.. I myself wants him as a good fren and nothing more.. Coz this will lead to nowhere n in the end of the day... The one gettin hurt is mii n not him.. So let mii myself set the barrier and hold myself together before i fall into the bottomless pit...

I know I'm getting more and more attracted to him.. But whatever I do, I'll tell myself that being his frens is better than confessing and then become awkward with each other becoz of some confessions... Haiz.. I'll just wait an wait n will not take the initiative.. (: