blur cock

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hahas... i really think that im a blur cock la.. during the latin perf on the 27th, there was a hole on my shirt and i didnt realise it at all.. everyone was like saw it liao and i think they were kind enuf by not telling mii, coz i seriously think it's embarassing.. but yeah.. i really blur...

den today.. i had a cut on my middle finger.. about 1cm long.. again i didnt realise it until i saw a blood stain on a paper.. i was writing the indemnity form for OLTC.. hahas.. i saw a blood there.. den i was thinking, haiz, must be my pimple (coz i alway unknowingly scratch my pimple.. and sometimes it would bleed..) wen i watch my hand den i realise tat i got the cut.. coz it hurt wen kena water.. damn ass rite... right now, wanna type wif middle finger feels painful.. hahas..

i manage to finish snow flower.. haiz.. no impact.. i wish to see more of kibum.. but the drama makes mii think of my late grandma.. it was around 2 years ago, november 10.. the time wen she passed away... the whole incident happen damn fast..

tat morning, around 7am.. my aunt went back to her house after sleeping over.. the night before, we aunt feels tat she got no hope already.. her words makes us scared.. so i called my 1st bro to come back from overseas.. in case.. so she went back and my mum decided to sweep the floor in my grandma room.. as she was sweeping, she glanced at my grandma and she felt that her face had changed.. she wake us all up..

woken up wif a shock, i was half awake.. i sat on the bed with nothing in my mind.. it was all blank.. my mum started crying.. all of us saw she gave out the last breath.. my 1st bro den take her pulse to check... in just a moment, she was gone.. she looks like she was sleeping except for the fact that her heart is no longer breathing.. i was stunned... it was happening too fast.. my mum told mi to call my cousins and my aunt back.. the make it there in less than 5 mins.. wen they came, her body is still warm.. but it is turning cold.. slowly turning cold.. my cousins all came in crying.. especially my 2nd cousin.. he was being loud.. but my mum and my aunt keep calming him down.. the most sad person would definitely be my mum and aunt.. my mum had been taking care of her.. my aunt, who couldnt be by her side at the last moment.. if only she stay longer.. she would be able to see it.. my 2nd brother, who was working night shift, came back at 8am.. only being able to see her dead... i saw him holding her hands.. it was such a pity..

i had my regrets now.. at tat time, i was afraid of corpse.. so i didnt dare to go near her.. im always a distance away.. if only.. if only i dared myself up and stayed by her side.. i didnt even dare to bath her.. i just kissed her goodbye for the last time... den they covered her face...

i still remember.. one month later, my b'day... i cried.. coz she didnt get thhe chance to celebrate it wif mii.. at tat point, i feel that, she manage to spend everyone's birthday... except for mii.. i felt real sad.. the first Hari Raya without her.. all of us cried.. it felt different.. the house felt different.. and on tat year, we spend it at my aunt house.. not at my house..

time passes.. this year would be the 3rd year.. slowly, we felt tat she's someone near us.. i've said this before.. but i once experience hearing her cough in her room.. i got up to the room, it's empty.. tat feeling of dissappointment.. every Hari Raya, she would make the most troublesome kuih.. and im always the one helping her out.. now, i didnt get to eat it any longer.. coz the way she makes it, it very traditional.. maybe, im the only one in the house who knew how to make it.. i cut my hair after she left us.. i knew she love my long hair.. and i've always kept it for her to see.. but now, i dun think i'll ever keep a long hair..

tat's the story... experiencing death right in front of my eyes.. at time like this.. i just feel tat i wan to play wif her.. again..

I hate bus 13

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last wed, while going for tuition, i waited for the bus for 30 minutes!!! den today, the same thing happen again! wat's worst, 2 bus come at the same time!!! im so pissed.. haiz..

well.. went back to sbff recenly coz of Son Ho Young b'day!
생일 주가 함니다 오빠! hahas! 요외헤, 사랑해요!
i anyhow spelt tat.. hehes.. niwaes, i really miss u MISCH! hahas.. miss u, chihiro, keyle, lin, suni and yaps! hahas... u guys had been great since 2 years ago! hahas... time flies so fast that it's been more than 2 years that i knew u guys! hahas! let's keep in grooving together! hears my love from Singapore! hahas..

27 March
latin perf! hahas! i think i misunderstand Raodah's sms.. it's shirt.. and i wore a polo shirt there.. secondly, my shirt got hole.. on the hand.. lols.. i didnt know how i got tat! it was perfectly fine wen i iron it lei.. haiz.. the perf was okie.. i just hate the fact tat it sound super weird wen i roll on the konga.. i really feel like quiting music totally.. haiz..

den fun part was after tat, of course.. hahas.. cynthia bought ice cream for mii.. den we r supposed to send the trolley tat we use at SAA.. so, on the way to the SDC, i sat on the trolley and Pheiyani had to push mii... hahas.. den we switch places.. i was eating ice cream at tat time, so i had no choice but to push the trolley on one hand.. hahas.. i keep on banging on the wall... hahas.. den at the lift, i met hakim there.. hahas.. he knew mii? lols.. we got stuck at the lift coz the trolley cant go in.. so hakim help us by pressing the lift button first.. hahas.. den wen we reach the SAA office, haiz, the office door can open one side only! so we had to carry it in.. the embarassing part was we make someone wait for us.. lols.. den phei, blur blur, push the trolley to the right and hit my leg! if course pain but yeah, it wasnt so bad.. after tat, while on the way back to the band room, we saw our pictures at the alumni column! hahas.. my face got 2! one was the alumni nite and the other was the Hady Mirza concert.. hahas..

den wen gg back home, i realise tat i didnt bring my ez link and i had only 60 coins and a $5o note.. tot of taking cab but luckily Phei brother is fetching her so i asked for help to drop mii off nearby... hahas.. i really envy phei.. her brother is always willing to fetch her.. haiz.. all my life, i've always went back alone (well at least not wif my family member).. apart from wif my bf, it's either mii alone or along wif my frens.. haiz...

den at night, i went out wif Hafizah.. hahas.. waited for her for at least 40 mins.. haiz.. tat's always happen.. if it were to be other ppl, i would have been super pissed.. lols.. while waiting for the movie, i ate the milo McFlurry.. hahas... i think it's damn nice lor.. hahas.. den we went to watch STEP UP 2.. hahs.. i dun wan to watch la.. but she insisted.. so i watch lor.. hahas.. no bad la.. i really like Moose (Adam G. Sevani).. he's super cute and funny... hahas.. he's born in 1992??! tat's young rite! hahas.. after, we simply headed home.. hahas..

28 March
i went to MOE building to take the 'O' level certificate.. hahas.. not mine.. but my bro.. hahas.. i was so lost la..the MRT area was under construction.. so i had no idea where is the place at all.. i guess i was lucky... i simply walk and walk and walk den POP! the place is beside mii! hahas.. not bad rite.. hahas.. was slightly lost at the MOE building.. didnt noe it was so strict.. just to take the cert, i need to queue to scan my IC.. hahas.. den at the cust serv, the guy tat i approach was so funny.. hahas.. mayb it's the way he converse wif mii.. lols..

29 March
went out! hahas.. i went to orchard to buy present for Say Haow.. hahas.. den met him at the Paya Lebar platform.. opps.. i was slightly late.. hehes.. den we went to buy movie tickets.. hahas.. we were cursing the woman where we bought the ticket coz we got row A.. we were like thinking, wouldnt she be confirming it wif us first? hahas.. den say haow tot row A was at the most front.. den i was having doubts coz it's not GV wat! hahas.. den i also got scared.. while waiting for cheemeng, we went to NTUC and bought sushi! hahas.. cheemeng came 30 mins later den we went to buy snacks... while we were there, costllan reached.. hahas.. we decide to prank him.. hahas.. since he dunno say haow, i asked say haow to approach costllan instead.. hahas.. costllan face was so shocked la! it was so funny.. i wish i record it! hahas..

den wen we entering rite, i was fighting wif costllan.. coz he said, y go in so early.. den i said, we sit and tok lor.. costllan give way but the place was still being cleaned up so we have to wait.. the funny thing was, the guy who tore the ticket didnt even see the ticket but knew we going to watch shutter.. hahas! den costllan blamed mii for toking so loud.. lols.. but i was thinking, the guy actually listen to our conversation lor!!! hahas.. yet he look so blur... lols..

den we decide to go in 5 mins before the movie.. hahas.. just happen tat i make eye contact wif the guy who tore the ticket... den he was pointing to the entrance indicating tat we can enter liao.. den the guys(say haow, cheemeng and costllan) laughed at mii! saying it's embarassing.. hahas.. truthfully, it's more embarassing for mii la! coz im the one who make eye contact wif him! lols.. hahas.. funny funny..

den cheemeng sat first.. hahas.. purposely.. lols.. followed by costllan.. den mii and say haow.. cheemeng den say, "costllan, u r dead!" hahas.. cheemeng knew im scared to watch horror movie... lols.. so the person tat i could attack is costllan and say haow.. costllan was like so confident tat it would not be scary.. hahas.. but then, at last, HAHAHAS, he got close his eyes!!! hahas.. i was disturbing him all along la! i keep on pulling his hand so tat will see the ghost.. hahas.. in the end, i scream the most!!! hahas.. the guys was laughing at mii all along coz i close my eyes wif my shirt.. lalalas.. in the end, the movie event became a laughing matter.. since i've watched the thai version before, i roughly noe the story line.. so i was scaring costllan all along.. hehes.. after tat i stop la.. coz i tot i was being a spoiler.. den he start bugging mii again and again and ask wat happen next.. lols.. funy funny...

after the movie.... again, mii and costllan were arguing on where to eat... lols.. i said Bedok.. den costllan accidentally said, "it would be too convenient for mii" hahas.. den i quickly change it to paya lebar.. by then, i was really determine to go there and eat!! say haow and chee meng also agrees wif mii! hahas.. but den, costllan is the only one who disagrees.. haiz.. so we were arguing till we boarded the train.. den i give way lor.. no choice.. if not later, he will go out at bedok alone.. lols.. so we ate Long John Silver.. even wen we sitting down ar, must argue.. it's like say haow and costllan sat down liao.. den cheemeng dun wan to sit beside mii and i dun wan to sit beside him (jokingly).. den i told costllan to move and sit wif cheemeng.. hahas.. at last, i end up sitting facing costllan.. isnt it a call for an argument.. lols.. so we first argue on who go order.. hahas.. i win, i didnt go and order.. say haow order for mii.. den costllan lucky lucky got the food first.. hahas.. i told him to wait for others.. hahas.. coz he ate the fries liao! hahas.. den while eating.. we keep on laughing and laughing.. few reason was costllan said 999 in malay funnily, say haow burp and cheemeng's diluted milo.. lols.. i guess we were the noisy ones there..

so we decide to walk costllan back.. coz he's rushing.. lols.. again, we keep laughing all the way.. hahas.. too high liao.. den we sat under his void deck and relax...

den all of us parted at the bedok station.. hahas.. reach home.. i realise tat i didnt log out my msn den got 5 conversation.. in the end, i tok to Ernest till quite late..

Dramas I'm currently watching
They Kiss Again (TWDrama)
Fated to Love You (TWDrama)
Magic Ring (TWDrama
Snow Flower (KDrama)
Who Are You 두구새요 (KDrama)

I've just watched the longest 24 months (장근석 Jang Geun Seok (the cutie hottie), Danny Ahn(g.o.d)).. i watch it coz of danny.. it's his debut movie.. hahas.. it was a great movie!!!

I started to watch who are you coz of Yoon Kye Sang.. hahas.. from this movie, i personally felt tat he had improved in his acting skills tremendously since he became an actor.. i supported him wen he was a singer.. now he's a actor, must continue to support him..

Snow Flower.. hahas.. i hope to finish watching it by today.. i watch this show coz of Kim Kibum.. he was the main actor there.. i felt tat he didnt come out much la.. but his name is leading actor.. it's more about the female lead.. in fact, it's all about the female lead.. hahas.. so u guys may consider watching it! hahas.. the female lead is Go Ah Ra.. the female lead for who are you also.. hahas.. i dun really like her but okie la.. she's not bad.. she used to have scandal wif Kang In? really? lols.. must find out liao.. lols..

Tat's all for today! need to watch They Kiss Again 2 and Fated to Love You today.. hahas..

sleepy head

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hahas.. i didnt update.. it's not tat i didnt want to update.. speaking truthfully, i've been on the blogger site since 21st of march.. but then, i didnt update.. hahas.. tat always remind mii tat i didnt shut down the com for more than 5 days! hahas..

20th March!
went for Says Haow's and Jackie birthday bbq.. it was so great coz it's like class reunion.. hahas.. i saw roshan, ken, jan, CR, phei, Jokhie, xx, hen, sh, liying, lisa, meina, julian and many more! hahas.. but den, im the only malay there la! which means tat none of the malays except mii came.. hahas.. i definitely cant missed out on Say Haow's b'day celebration.. he my best fren afterall.. although im super tired from chalet..

we den tok, play and laugh.. oh ya.. chee meng was there too.. coz he is say haow's fren mah.. so, tat day, there's 3 FBIans.. hahas.. phei, mii and him.. meet pei shan too.. hahas.. everyone tot pei shan is my fren instead of Say Khong's gf..hahas.. im glad we r still close as ever.. hehes..

i left early coz im super tired.. and early is like 11 plus la.. hahas.. i took cab wif julian and meina.. lols.. the rest of the guys went overnight cycling.. ken (im too used to calling u tat) aka kenny said tat they cycled from ECP to Tampines to Kovan to Paya Lebar den back to ECP.. hahas.. if i was there, i think i would be the most noisy person.. hahas.. i would keep on complaining.. hahas.. i still remember wen we went for overnight cycling on new year.. they wanted to go there (kovan) but i heard someone said down there is creepy.. so i dun want to go.. hahas..

niwaes, Happie Birthday Say Haow and Jackie! hahas..

23rd March
I went for a picnic with my family.. hahas.. it's super far la.. and im like one of the young adults there.. so i was teaching my niece how to cycle.. the funny thing is tat.. i ask my niece (her name is isha(in short)... she's primary one..
yani : do u noe how to cycle?
isha : i know! i know!
yani : 4 wheels or 2 wheels?
isha : 2 wheels..
yani : u sure? u go call ur mummy and ask her...
isha : (talking to her mum) mummy! i can ride 2 wheels rite?! i can rite??
yani : (almost believed she could, i went to grab my hp) she really can? lols

in the end, her mum told mii tat she cant!hahas! primary one can cheat to mii so convincingly.. hahas..

so i went to teach her using my nephews bike.. hahas.. after tat i could tuition.. i tot it was near... damn la.. i walk for 1 hr! by the time i reach there, i was sweating badly liao.. hahas.. after tat, i go home!

24 March
got OTC refresh 2! hahas.. seriously.. i was dragging my feet there coz i heard got final clash.. i seriously dun like final clash.. secondly, the shirt code was white! so if i kena water bombs, it would be obvious... hahas.. i ran alot on tat day too.. hahas.. the treasure hunt was okie la.. hahas.. final clash, KOMEZ won.. hahas.. i was the defenders all along till the last part.. i became attacker.. seriously, i cant attack at all.. but i killed 2 ppl.. and bash the lollipop.. hahas..

went for latin band.. hahas.. i go there 45 mins den go OTC again..

Mass GL cheer..i think it's okie lor.. i mean seriously.. i can memorise 6 pages in one day.. adding another 2 page, okie la.. but haiz.. the ppl dun like.. wat can i say.. haiz..

went to FBI chalet.. walau.. tell mii last minute.. also, the place so ULU and dark.. so far.. haiz.. but i like it alot.. the lecturers tat always there for mii.. ms grace, ms lina and mr sahlan, ms jo, ms sarah, mr ang, mr chew and mr toh.. hahas.. my seniors and all were there too.. hahas.. shen yang, chee seeng, beeny, jun kiat and all.. hahas.. 2 ppl per class! mii and sharon, joyce and wang yi, shitty aka zhi yuan and louise.. hahas.. no C186.. hahas.. had lots of laughter la..

den mr toh send sharon, wang yi and mii back.. hahas..

25 march
went for latin band practice yesterday.. i was 1hr late... hehes.. den went to parkway to eat ice cream.. hahas.. wif phei and say haow.. den meet ivan at SP... after tat go home! so i did nothing much yesterday..

i've been falling asleep early nowadays... im seriously tired... hahas..

26 march
have been joking around wif my bro.. hahas.. watched videos.. new idol drama - fated to love you.. hahas.. i think i will like ethan again.. hahas.. inthe drama, he is super funny... hahas.. at the same time, im still watching they kiss again.. the latest episode, is okiela.. cant wait for next episode though! 4 more days to go!!! walau.. such a long wait.. and i've decided not to sub single dad in love coz i dun think i got the time.. hahas.. so sorrie..

going for tuition later.. den go jogging wif my bro.. haiz.. jogging wif my bro is like going through 3XNapfa test.. hahas..

Coming event
27 March - Latin Perf and D&D
29 March - going out wif cheemeng, costllan, jonathan, zhi yuan, say haow, say yang..
2-4 April - OLTC
5 April - KOMEZ day
7-12 April - FOs
16-18 April - Week 0
18 April - FBI Semester Briefing

tat's all for now.. hehes..


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hahas.. im back! had 3 days 2 nights chalet at Costa Sand Resort Pasir Ris.

The first day, that idiotic Dion pangsey mii and Selena at White Sands... we r suppose to meet each other at 3pm.. Call him like hell never pick.. we wasted 1 hr there.. and at last, he called mii back at 7pm.. i was super pissed wif him.. den reach at the chalet at 4pm.. hahas.. only sean and kc is inside.. hahas.. kc waas sleeping wen i reach there.. here is how he looks..

we den watch movie from KC's laptop.. hahas.. slowly, other ppl come.. den we went for dinner at BK.. hahas.. go pasir park to play playground after tat went arcade.. there, i saw some poster tat seems very familiar.. hahas.. the dance group consist of aizad, hamizan and etc.. he it is..

then... halfway during the arcade period, i went to my class chalet.. hahas.. it was nice to see all of them there.. selina accompanied mii.. i bought them some cake.. hope they like it ar.. hahas.. after sitting there and talk and eat their corn.. hahas... mii and selina head back coz she need to go back home... back at Komez chalet, we played games.. one of it is the drinking game where if u failed the mission, u have to drink.. since there's malay, they didnt drink alcohol.. we end up drinking tap water.. but seriously, it was puking.. wen u drink too much.. i had 5 full cups.. i wasnt the worst though.. hahas..

den we play Polar Bear till 7.40 am.. it was a long game.. hahas.. but we had fun!!! hahas.. i really love the game.. i den went to bath while the rest went for breakfast.. after that, i sleep till 11am.. i was sleeping on the first floor together wif bao.. hahas.. the way he sleeps is so cute..

then, i was woken up by ronald who wanted to go swimming together wif the rest.. i taupok DION!! my revenge.. hahas..

after swimming, we went for lunch at Kopitiam.. hahas.. not bad ar.. we talked talked and talked! so fun! after tat raining, so had no choice but to kill time at arcade again.. hahas.. halfway thru, i went to collect our bbq food.. i confidently tot 2 person is enuf.. so mii and din went to the carpark to collect the food.. den it was too heavy that i had to call YC.. hahas.. so guilty for disrupting his sleep.. hahas.. after tat, i went to help YC who is still learning how to blade.. basically, i have to blade together wif him.. he was using sean's blade tat do not have any breaks at the back.. hahas.. imagine, he cant blade well den having problem stopping.. so he always almost fall.. i think the most painful fall he had was wen he was trying to reach my hands but couldnt.. he then fell BOM on the floor.. hahas.. really pain sia... hahas.. he glide in between both my legs.. i cud have fall too! hahas..

fire was set up at 6pm.. the charcoal sux.. give lots of harmful smoke.. hahas.. and it was so BIG la.. so we had a hard time wif the charcoal.. but yeah.. things was fine! the food is nice.. it's still okay.. i love the satay and stingray.. hahas.. the chicken is nice too la.. but the seasoning, cant really taste.. YC volunteered to cook! since i helped him in blading.. hahas..

halfway thru, we had a KOMEZ talk.. all bout komez.. new cheer, settle the t-shirt design and identity.. wah.. so rowdy.. at tat point of time, i just felt tat i cant be bothered to talk.. hahas.. den, after eating Tat's satay (he bbq it only), we all clear up and play polar bear AGAIN!!! hahas.. this time round, i spot the POLAR BEAR EASILY.. i love the part where im the HUNTER together wif KC... hahas.. i damn TAIKO.. hehes.. i was laughing badly at tat point of time.. hehes.. and the last game was sooo irritating... YC is damn good la.. hahas.. Bao also! i think he very good in this game.. hahas.. but yar! thanks to him la! he's the hunter and he killed mii... im innocent! im a VILLAGER! hahas..

after tat, they went to play the drinking game(this time round wif alcohol)... so mii, din, emm and ella go to sleep.. hahas.. at tat point of time it was like 3.45am la.. hahas.. den was woken up 3 hours later by cedric.. i stoned all the way till they say, let's pack! hahas.. i had 6 HOURS of sleepp in TOTAL!

we took the shuttle bus and went to have breakfast wif ella and emm.. hahas.. we down there tok and tok till 12noon.. hahas.. 3 hours non stop sia.. hahas.. den go home! hahas..

so now.. i want to sleep.. den go fot Say Haow's bbq!!! hahas..


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i juz came back from the airport.. hahas.. my bf went for an studies exchange programme to Japan organised by TP.. envy him.. hehes.. went out with him this afternoon den back to his home to take his luggage... we went together with his family except for his brother.. just nice in the car.. hahas..

went to buy last minute things with him.. the weather is cold so must make sure he got enuf warm clothings.. hahas.. he will be there for one week till monday.. haahss.. im gonna miss him.. we went to parkway.. eat our favourite ice cream at scoopz.. had our lunch cum dinner at pastamania.. walk walk, shopping shopping etc.. it's been some time since i had so much fun with him..

saw some few lecturers at the airport.. hahas.. i saw mr kubo.. den he was like "why are you here? u also going for the trip?" hahas.. den he tot my bf parent is my parent.. so funny.. hahas.. den i introduce my bf to him.. of course he dun recognise him coz he dun teach him in skool.. hahas.. just hope that he would have a safe journey there.. and wun get sick..

after sending him off.. i went off with his parent for dinner den his dad drop mii home.. hahas.. it's so awkward without him around...

so now at home.. subbing single dad in love ep 2... hope to finish it by tmr morning before i went to chalet.. coz once i go chalet, i probably got no time to subbed for the whole week...

3 days away.. i was thinking if i shud bring my lappie along.. probably got no time to play just like wat sean said.. hmmm.. i finally settled the food stuff earlier.. thanked god they could deliver them coz if not i have to buy the stuff.. hahas.. im slightly lazy to do so though.. haha..

today i started watching 1% of anything.. and it seems fun to mii.. but i dun think i would be able to finish watching it.. so i will just have to wait till friday to watch it.. lalalala..

tat's all for today.. will update again on friday.. haahs..
PS Happie Birthdae Nicholas Lim and belated birthdae to ChuHui.. i forgot to post it tat time..


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had a late nite yesterday.. i end up waking up at 12.30.. had a bad scolding from my mum and decided to quickly go out to avoid her.. so i end going for my tuition early.. hahas..

lesson starts ar 2pm ad i had a tough time with my student today.. i dun think she was in the mood to study today.. so wat happen earlier was, she end up giving up on every question i gave her.. it happen again and again till i lost my temper.. of course i dun beat her or anything.. but my heart boils.. then things change when i told her to do her own work while i went to solve other questions.. haiz.. and tat's the start of my bad mood..

den i decide to walk home.. imagine, i walked from marine terrace den back home.. as i was dragging my feet without thinking the route home, i end up walking to the same route that i used to walk to wen going back home from TKSS.. slowly, all those memories came back.. memories of mii and 카이웬.. althought we are not together, but we always meet each other at one point.. i still remember, how badly i wanted to avoid him coz he pissed mii off during bio lesson.. hahas.. den suddenly he appeared in front of mii.. i broke the silence of the road.. i mean.. the place doesnt have many ppl walking by... it is eerrily quiet.. and thanks to him, i screamed out loud.. slowly, i enjoyed walking home with him.. one thing that i do not understand at all is, how can a person go missing just like that? he is the only classmate of mine that i had not been in contact with since the release of O level results.. i missed all the times i spend with him.. wherever i take bus home from parkway, i always make a wish, as the bus passed by the busstop we use to sit and talk, hoping that i would see him.. but then again, i was thinking.. even if i saw him again, what can i say? that i missed him? that will just make him laugh like hell.. he is a mischievious guy who jokes on everything.. but it is really a fact.. i really missed him.. my bf always talked bout him, wondering the same thing as mii bout how he missed toking to 카이웬.. but then... haiz.. i got nothing to say bout him man.. i just wished that, one day, along the road of my life, i would meet him again.. i wanna share my life story with him.. i got alot of things to say, alot of things to joke about, alot of things..

den, as i was passing by his house, i also passed by 단's house... he is the exact duplicate of 카이웬... although i dun tok much with him.. but he make a deep impression in mii.. but got to admit, i've stopped thinking of him for quite some time.. but 카이웬 is definitely someone i would tot of wherever i tot of TKSS, bus-stop and biology.. and the moments that i tot of him is almost 4 times a week.. i just hope that one day, i will be able to forget 카이웬... really..

hahas.. im going jogging later.. hahas.. i gain lots of weight sia.. the last time i checked my weight was during sec 4.. the moment i took my weight, during my weight management session, i was shocked like hell.. hahas.. i really really must lost weight.. must make an effort! T^T i wanna lose weight!!!!!

im meeting say haow later.. for dinner.. today is definitely not a day for mii to stay at home.. coz my mum at home.. i dun wan to get nag by her.. really got to avoid home..

im really really looking forward to komez chalet! hahas.. i wonder how would it be like.. hahas.. the last time i really enjoy my chalet was the ZILRA chalet.. hahas.. althought half of them got drunk till the point they bug us in the room, but it was fun wen we fraktisya them! hahas.. and i wonder how would C183 chalet be.. since i've never been to their chalets before.. hahas.. so exciting..

today is They Kiss Again 2 Episode 14!!! cant wait to watch.. i think it would be sad since ZS is going to server the army.. haiz... and exciting also as ZS is finally graduating!!! hahas.. wah.. i really cant wait to watch it.. i cant watch it from my laptop, coz it lag like hell.. so i need to wait tmr morning then can watch.. but then, it would be without sub.. i wanna share joe cheng picts here.. i got lots of his.. isnt he a hottie? hahas

that's all for now.. im signing off! `Hariyani


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okies... im blogging again..

so far, this holiday, i've been spending my time on the net...
hahas.. no wonder i always got scolded by my parents...

Whenever I'm at home, I would either watch tv or surf the net..
Wat's up on TV?
Few shows that I'm watching.. Kawin muda, Rahasia Hati, Manjalara etc... all these are not to be missed malay dramas.. If I have the vid source, i would sub it..
Den... What's up on the net?
Well.. again.. dramas.. hahas.. my kdramas, jdramas and twdramas are all waiting for mii to watch.. hahas.. recently watched the time between dog and wolf by lee jun ki.. it rocks! i really love it... and love lee jun ki in short hair.. hahas..

My current craze now is kpop songs.. Eru, Super Junior, DBSK, Lee Seung Gi.. these are the current.. hahas.. okie la.. Indo songs too.. thanks to my bro that psycho mii.. hahas.. Joe Cheng also.. I think he's super handsome.. =P

I'm intending to sub Single Dad In Love because of Shin Dong.. hahas.. im still considering.. It's seriously not easy to sub.. for example, i took more than an hour to sub a 4 mins videos(which is TKA cut scene)...

Aparts from net.. i had lots of gathering.. like recently, i had KOMEZ outing.. hahas.. it is the first outing that i had participated since OTC.. lots of things clashing.. in fact, it did clashes but i was lucky enuf to get morning flight to Sg.. hahas.. I went overseas.. I went to Korea and M'sia.. I really love Korea.. I don't mind going there alot of time.. Maybe i should just migrate there.. hahas.. And m'sia.. yup! to visit some of my relatives.. hahas..

Exam results.. okie.. no need to tok la.. hahas.. im glad i passed CORE.. even though i got C+, my overall GPA is not affected.. i got above 3 of course.. hahas.. and again, im jealous of Ernest Quek results.. he did alot better than previously la! i just dun seem to be able to win him! I wanna go to Engineering Course!!! hahas..

Coming events, 3 chalet clashes!!! Komez, C183 and LYP.. damn.. den on the 20th, got Say Haow's BBQ.. it would tiring.. For Komez Chalet, I'm one of the organiser.. hahas.. as usual, FOOD! hahas.. For C183 chalet, im so sorrie guys.. just happen to clash and i cant help out.. So i will drop by for you bbq ks? For LYP, sorrie.. out of my reach.. cant attend..

waiting for OLTC.. the dates are not confirm.. if it just happen to fall on the week after next week, im dead.. coz i got OTC meeting on mon and tues and performance on thurs..

FOs coming out.. im looking forward to it.. and again, i was thinking, i might be dead by 6 days.. hahas..

tat's all for now.. =p

New Layout

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Finally a new layout.. new cbox.. but i think the rest are mostly the same la..

hahas.. similarities between the first and second blog is it's both pink and black..
i personally like both colours...

and yeah.. i hope to update my blog often.. but not tat easy.. hahas..
but i will try.. hahas..
i'm managing lots of things la.. so cant really make it.. hahas..

see you guys around..