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hahas.. i didnt update.. it's not tat i didnt want to update.. speaking truthfully, i've been on the blogger site since 21st of march.. but then, i didnt update.. hahas.. tat always remind mii tat i didnt shut down the com for more than 5 days! hahas..

20th March!
went for Says Haow's and Jackie birthday bbq.. it was so great coz it's like class reunion.. hahas.. i saw roshan, ken, jan, CR, phei, Jokhie, xx, hen, sh, liying, lisa, meina, julian and many more! hahas.. but den, im the only malay there la! which means tat none of the malays except mii came.. hahas.. i definitely cant missed out on Say Haow's b'day celebration.. he my best fren afterall.. although im super tired from chalet..

we den tok, play and laugh.. oh ya.. chee meng was there too.. coz he is say haow's fren mah.. so, tat day, there's 3 FBIans.. hahas.. phei, mii and him.. meet pei shan too.. hahas.. everyone tot pei shan is my fren instead of Say Khong's gf..hahas.. im glad we r still close as ever.. hehes..

i left early coz im super tired.. and early is like 11 plus la.. hahas.. i took cab wif julian and meina.. lols.. the rest of the guys went overnight cycling.. ken (im too used to calling u tat) aka kenny said tat they cycled from ECP to Tampines to Kovan to Paya Lebar den back to ECP.. hahas.. if i was there, i think i would be the most noisy person.. hahas.. i would keep on complaining.. hahas.. i still remember wen we went for overnight cycling on new year.. they wanted to go there (kovan) but i heard someone said down there is creepy.. so i dun want to go.. hahas..

niwaes, Happie Birthday Say Haow and Jackie! hahas..

23rd March
I went for a picnic with my family.. hahas.. it's super far la.. and im like one of the young adults there.. so i was teaching my niece how to cycle.. the funny thing is tat.. i ask my niece (her name is isha(in short)... she's primary one..
yani : do u noe how to cycle?
isha : i know! i know!
yani : 4 wheels or 2 wheels?
isha : 2 wheels..
yani : u sure? u go call ur mummy and ask her...
isha : (talking to her mum) mummy! i can ride 2 wheels rite?! i can rite??
yani : (almost believed she could, i went to grab my hp) she really can? lols

in the end, her mum told mii tat she cant!hahas! primary one can cheat to mii so convincingly.. hahas..

so i went to teach her using my nephews bike.. hahas.. after tat i could tuition.. i tot it was near... damn la.. i walk for 1 hr! by the time i reach there, i was sweating badly liao.. hahas.. after tat, i go home!

24 March
got OTC refresh 2! hahas.. seriously.. i was dragging my feet there coz i heard got final clash.. i seriously dun like final clash.. secondly, the shirt code was white! so if i kena water bombs, it would be obvious... hahas.. i ran alot on tat day too.. hahas.. the treasure hunt was okie la.. hahas.. final clash, KOMEZ won.. hahas.. i was the defenders all along till the last part.. i became attacker.. seriously, i cant attack at all.. but i killed 2 ppl.. and bash the lollipop.. hahas..

went for latin band.. hahas.. i go there 45 mins den go OTC again..

Mass GL cheer..i think it's okie lor.. i mean seriously.. i can memorise 6 pages in one day.. adding another 2 page, okie la.. but haiz.. the ppl dun like.. wat can i say.. haiz..

went to FBI chalet.. walau.. tell mii last minute.. also, the place so ULU and dark.. so far.. haiz.. but i like it alot.. the lecturers tat always there for mii.. ms grace, ms lina and mr sahlan, ms jo, ms sarah, mr ang, mr chew and mr toh.. hahas.. my seniors and all were there too.. hahas.. shen yang, chee seeng, beeny, jun kiat and all.. hahas.. 2 ppl per class! mii and sharon, joyce and wang yi, shitty aka zhi yuan and louise.. hahas.. no C186.. hahas.. had lots of laughter la..

den mr toh send sharon, wang yi and mii back.. hahas..

25 march
went for latin band practice yesterday.. i was 1hr late... hehes.. den went to parkway to eat ice cream.. hahas.. wif phei and say haow.. den meet ivan at SP... after tat go home! so i did nothing much yesterday..

i've been falling asleep early nowadays... im seriously tired... hahas..

26 march
have been joking around wif my bro.. hahas.. watched videos.. new idol drama - fated to love you.. hahas.. i think i will like ethan again.. hahas.. inthe drama, he is super funny... hahas.. at the same time, im still watching they kiss again.. the latest episode, is okiela.. cant wait for next episode though! 4 more days to go!!! walau.. such a long wait.. and i've decided not to sub single dad in love coz i dun think i got the time.. hahas.. so sorrie..

going for tuition later.. den go jogging wif my bro.. haiz.. jogging wif my bro is like going through 3XNapfa test.. hahas..

Coming event
27 March - Latin Perf and D&D
29 March - going out wif cheemeng, costllan, jonathan, zhi yuan, say haow, say yang..
2-4 April - OLTC
5 April - KOMEZ day
7-12 April - FOs
16-18 April - Week 0
18 April - FBI Semester Briefing

tat's all for now.. hehes..