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i juz came back from the airport.. hahas.. my bf went for an studies exchange programme to Japan organised by TP.. envy him.. hehes.. went out with him this afternoon den back to his home to take his luggage... we went together with his family except for his brother.. just nice in the car.. hahas..

went to buy last minute things with him.. the weather is cold so must make sure he got enuf warm clothings.. hahas.. he will be there for one week till monday.. haahss.. im gonna miss him.. we went to parkway.. eat our favourite ice cream at scoopz.. had our lunch cum dinner at pastamania.. walk walk, shopping shopping etc.. it's been some time since i had so much fun with him..

saw some few lecturers at the airport.. hahas.. i saw mr kubo.. den he was like "why are you here? u also going for the trip?" hahas.. den he tot my bf parent is my parent.. so funny.. hahas.. den i introduce my bf to him.. of course he dun recognise him coz he dun teach him in skool.. hahas.. just hope that he would have a safe journey there.. and wun get sick..

after sending him off.. i went off with his parent for dinner den his dad drop mii home.. hahas.. it's so awkward without him around...

so now at home.. subbing single dad in love ep 2... hope to finish it by tmr morning before i went to chalet.. coz once i go chalet, i probably got no time to subbed for the whole week...

3 days away.. i was thinking if i shud bring my lappie along.. probably got no time to play just like wat sean said.. hmmm.. i finally settled the food stuff earlier.. thanked god they could deliver them coz if not i have to buy the stuff.. hahas.. im slightly lazy to do so though.. haha..

today i started watching 1% of anything.. and it seems fun to mii.. but i dun think i would be able to finish watching it.. so i will just have to wait till friday to watch it.. lalalala..

tat's all for today.. will update again on friday.. haahs..
PS Happie Birthdae Nicholas Lim and belated birthdae to ChuHui.. i forgot to post it tat time..