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okies... im blogging again..

so far, this holiday, i've been spending my time on the net...
hahas.. no wonder i always got scolded by my parents...

Whenever I'm at home, I would either watch tv or surf the net..
Wat's up on TV?
Few shows that I'm watching.. Kawin muda, Rahasia Hati, Manjalara etc... all these are not to be missed malay dramas.. If I have the vid source, i would sub it..
Den... What's up on the net?
Well.. again.. dramas.. hahas.. my kdramas, jdramas and twdramas are all waiting for mii to watch.. hahas.. recently watched the time between dog and wolf by lee jun ki.. it rocks! i really love it... and love lee jun ki in short hair.. hahas..

My current craze now is kpop songs.. Eru, Super Junior, DBSK, Lee Seung Gi.. these are the current.. hahas.. okie la.. Indo songs too.. thanks to my bro that psycho mii.. hahas.. Joe Cheng also.. I think he's super handsome.. =P

I'm intending to sub Single Dad In Love because of Shin Dong.. hahas.. im still considering.. It's seriously not easy to sub.. for example, i took more than an hour to sub a 4 mins videos(which is TKA cut scene)...

Aparts from net.. i had lots of gathering.. like recently, i had KOMEZ outing.. hahas.. it is the first outing that i had participated since OTC.. lots of things clashing.. in fact, it did clashes but i was lucky enuf to get morning flight to Sg.. hahas.. I went overseas.. I went to Korea and M'sia.. I really love Korea.. I don't mind going there alot of time.. Maybe i should just migrate there.. hahas.. And m'sia.. yup! to visit some of my relatives.. hahas..

Exam results.. okie.. no need to tok la.. hahas.. im glad i passed CORE.. even though i got C+, my overall GPA is not affected.. i got above 3 of course.. hahas.. and again, im jealous of Ernest Quek results.. he did alot better than previously la! i just dun seem to be able to win him! I wanna go to Engineering Course!!! hahas..

Coming events, 3 chalet clashes!!! Komez, C183 and LYP.. damn.. den on the 20th, got Say Haow's BBQ.. it would tiring.. For Komez Chalet, I'm one of the organiser.. hahas.. as usual, FOOD! hahas.. For C183 chalet, im so sorrie guys.. just happen to clash and i cant help out.. So i will drop by for you bbq ks? For LYP, sorrie.. out of my reach.. cant attend..

waiting for OLTC.. the dates are not confirm.. if it just happen to fall on the week after next week, im dead.. coz i got OTC meeting on mon and tues and performance on thurs..

FOs coming out.. im looking forward to it.. and again, i was thinking, i might be dead by 6 days.. hahas..

tat's all for now.. =p