29 dec

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soooo many things had happen past few days.. hahas..

i cant remember much.. but juz gonna highlights important dates.. hahas..

after my OTC camp.. i had been busy going back and fro to studio.. lots of things to settle due to Baba 'H'andBells show.. since iim the Stage Manager.. for example.. damien had been calling mii back to pack things up.. create my mic plan.. and things to bring plan.. den my christmas.. tat doesnt seems like christmas.. hahas. i spend the whole day in studio.. packing things.. at first by myself.. den jokhie and phei was forced to help out.. hahas. really grateful to them.. coz im scared to be in studio alone.. hahas.

26 dec.. the show itself.. i slept super late la.. and only had like few hours of sleep.. den was rushing to Arts House aka the Old Parliament House.. this year, our concert is there.. hmmm.. okok la.. the place is cool.. the price is cool too.. hahas. i was busy the whole day.. and only manage to eat at 4pm.. BUT! wen i went to take my food.. i realise tat ppl HAD EATEN my food.. i got pissed.. coz i really wanted to eat my Fillet O Fish.. haiz.. so i juz went out of the backstage and sit in the toilet.. for like 5 mins.. den go and have fresh air.. come back... do my wiring work again.. tat seems to be so messy! den damien ask mii whether i had taken my lunch.. the time is like so late how to take.. den say haow told him tat i hd not eaten.. he was aasking mii y.. and den he told mii to go and eat.. i juz make the excuse tat i had no mood to eat lor.. den he say.. "Yep! u r right.. wen u r doing work, u wudnt have the mood or appetite to eat" truthfully.. i was god damn HUNGRY! but i was juz to pissed tat i dun care how hungry i was.. coz the day before i had McSpicy Meal and tat's all!

so continue do work.. den MIC-ing again.. while being super busy, i was seriously like mechanic la.. i was lying down doing my wire.. den simon approach mii.. he ask mii to eat.. i told him later.. den he was like.. u will get injured in empty stomach... den i told him my fav sentence.. "law of inertia.. once u start, u cant stop!" hahas.. so i continue doing my work.. den he continue asking mii.. till the point where he asked mii, "Mee Goreng or Chicken Rice?" i answered chicken rice.. less than 5 mins later.. he came wif my food.. hahas.. den no choice, faster finish up my marking and go eat..

how's the show.. the perf was okie.. BUT! i had a tough time! the sound system is not there.. ppl cant hear a thing.. i was like.. HEY! im on my max! the higher i go, feedback! or crack on the speaker... and i wasted alot of time! TX to the spoiled 24 channel mixer! really.. the fault doesnt lies on mii.. DI box.. i brought the DI box on my own accord.. no1 instruct mii to do so.. arent u suppose to be thankful instead or angry wif mi for not bringing enuf.. OMG! at tat point of time.. my regrets is there.. everyone was asking mii, y i didnt play.. instead im stuck at the mixer.. it's not tat i dun like.. haiz.. how shud i say.. im nt gd enuf man.. to be handling this alone.. haiz.. forget it.. Overall, i was happie.. coz i had ppl like jokhie, cheemeng, say haow, biingyih, simin, chuanrui to make my day.. we had lots of laughter together.. and tat's unforgettable.. definitely.. den i wen out.. go home in the morning.. hahas.. i went to CR house.. plan to stay there ovrnight.. but better not la.. den moment i went to take a cab, my bf called and ask where i was.. den we end up walking late at night.. till morning.. den reach home at 7am.. sleep.. woke up at 12 which is late la.. den go to skool to do PBL 2.. hahas..

den i continue rotting at home.. sleep all the time.. hahas.. im restoring my energy.. my phone had been in silent mode for 3 days now.. i tend to either dun reply sms or reply late.. had lots of missed call also.. most from my bf.. i think he was wondering how come i didnt reply his calls and smses.. hahas.. he called my house but no use la.. i pulled the wire line out.. it's been some time since i actually shut myself down.. my msn may be on but im not there.. im seriously rotting myself.. hahas.. but yeah.. weekend is not the time to rot! coz im finishing my report.. everything.. tat i didnt do.. including PBL 1! im seriously behind time! the funny thing is tat.. wherever my mum called my phone, i wil definitely realise it.. hahas.. dunno y la.. TIME FLIES! she's coming back in 2 weeks.. luckily it falls on the weekend.. hahas..

one concert down. i tot it's over.. i juz an email tat says SingBells Fest 08.. wah.. more coming in i think.. since we had invested in HandBells.. he being promoting it alot.. i feel like playign handbells too! hahas.. but again.. in the proposal.. Im the STAGE MANAGER! can i be the musician instead.. coz.. during the show.. i was thinking, if im a musician, if im there playing, my worriesis tat will i play a good show.. but wen im the stage manager, ui had too many worries the whole day.. afterall.. since i've experienced both side.. both had it's pros and cons.. den again, i ask myself, y do i even learn music at the first place.. im not gd at it.. i realise it recently wen i play the drumset after so long.. my rhythm arent there any longer.. i guess... percussion is the only thing left for mii.. haiz..

tat's it for now.. i need to go cook! mum! faster come back.. im sick of worrying for the household.. makes mii dun wan to get married. haiz!

20 dec

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heys! today is Hari Ray Haji! yeah.. my mum called this morning and ask... in Singapore Hari Raya already arh? hahas! i guess she had lost track of time.. hahas..

nothing special about this year raya.. my mum not around so no cooking! y i didnt cook? coz i just came back from CAMP! hahas! im so excited to share things from my camp!

Orientation Training Camp 07/08!
the theme of the camp is movies! and my group name is Komez which means Comedy!
other groups are Phantos(fantasies), Venos(Romance), Fyrtho(Horror) and Accion(action) if im not wrong la.. hahas.. this camp is the most unforgetable camp coz THIS IS THE FIRST TIME my GRP got 2nd! hahas! KOKOKO-M-KOKO-MEZ! woohoo! im super happie.. and the scary thing is.. there's 6 FBIs in the camp.. mii, jolene, alex, ernie, shawn and zhihao... i think ar.. and all of us r in each grp except for Phantos.. and Phantos got 1st.. izit the suay of FBI.. i dunno.. u can think bout it.. hahas... zhihao, shawn and alex in fyrtho, jolene in venos and ernie in accion.. hahas..

there's 50 over ppl there.. and so sorrie.. i couldnt remember all the names.. actually, i didnt make the effort to do so also.. y? i dunno.. i juz cant remember.. hahas.. this time, most are experienced GLs.. im considered freshies there.. hahas.. got ppl like bumblebee, selina, jiayu, xiang, rachel, lynette, denise, nigel, justin, sean, eugene, ronald(bestGL), shah, show, ella and trust mii many more! hahas.. the one tat i said r those tat close to mii.. hehes! and of course some others.. wat are we? *CAULI* cai.. i dunno how to spell but it supposed to be a white veg.. OOOOOOOoooo! caulicai! caulicai! OOOOO00000! hahas! our FAs are... woohoo.. best FAs i ever had.. Tat Yi and Farhan.. hmm.. i knew them since FO and seriously, they dun look frenly at all.. especially TAT YI! hahas.. he said it himself tat he looks scary but he's very friendly! hahas! yup! tatyi is nice! FARHAN! woohoo! he's super cool la.. he's super duper nice and funny! hahas.. he drank our sweat! hahas! i drank other's sweat too.. it sux but i dun regret it! hahas!!

hmmm.. day 1.. we had ice breaking even before we were asked to do so.. we had frenship games and lots of games too.. den eat den station games! wet weather games tat turn out to be the TP places la.. hahas.. we were very bad.. haiz.. we dun like to cheer so much.. we arent united at all.. and we had a long scolding from our FAs.. BUT!

day 2!
WE WERE SUPER DUPER HIGH! we cheer and cheer non stop.. we shout and shout non stop.. and the FAs loves us NON STOP! hahas! we took their scoldings CONSTRUCTIVELY! and we changed immediately the next day.. we sleep quite late also.. hahas.. we had the not-so scary nightwalk.. mayb, it's my scene tat wasnt scary! hahas! and it was SHAWN's b'day! hahas.. Shawn Ng.. i didnt noe he was the programmer for this year OTC.. hahas.. worst still! i didnt expect him to be there at all la.. and it's definitely a pleasant surprise.. the sad thingwas tat.. early tat morning, i saw SHAWN, i wanted to say happie birthday.. i manage to say HI only... coz my other ZILRA mates tat im not so close wif suddenly JUMP from behind and i was left alone.. the feeling was so sad.. but thx god.. i manage to meet him in one of the station games and my bday present to him is tat, my whole team sang HAPPIE BIRTHDAY to him.. i hope he like it.. he was shock i guess.. coz first, he didnt noe i knew and secondly, he didnt expect the whole komez to sing happie birthday to him! of course we dun play games all day.. we did the school songs too! hahas.. we had to memorize the school song.. hahas.. and also remember the TP song Sign Language.. FINALLY! i've mastered all! hahas.. woohoo! Nightwalk.. i got the IT skool.. hahas.. imagine.. so scary eh! hahas.. but the scene was okok la.. it was SHAWN ng.. AGAIN! hahas.. and him alone! hahas.. we had lots of ghost stories.. and this ghost stories make mii scared.. the most is the FARID's story.. now i know 2 TP place tat's scary.. the track and squash court.. some other stories is quite interesting also.. we had a long series of ghost stories tat was really interesting to the point tat i neglect my duty to do solve the murder case.. i didnt expect the story to be TAT complicated.. coz the first vid, the main was TOM! but in the end vid, which is the answer of who is the murderer, the MAIN is SHAWN! hahas.. and i saw lizhen act as the news broadcaster.. hahas.. den we had a late night debrief.. a debrief tat ends at 1am like tat.. i was sleepign halfway.. sorrie..i didnt mean to sleep but i was freaking tired tat day...i ran alot... ran in the rain and many more. haha.. lols..

day 3.. we had station games.. err.. carnival games.. hahas.. this is wen Farhan drank our sweat.. i drank first.. den some too.. den farhan drank the rest.. hahas.. den first time i jump into the skool fountain.. it's super dirty! opps.. got lots of slimy things.. and i step on painful things too.. but i didnt get hurt.. i was surprised tat non of the peeps in my grp got painted.. oh.. u get painted if u drop the cup and need to roll on the dirty stuff if the cup go below certain point.. the fountain is wen u enter the expected zone la.. which i did.. and practically swam the who fountain.. hahas.. den being all wet at every station, we went back and do HUNTgry.. hmm.. okok la.. i didnt get stress like i did last time.. i wasnt the leader.. i was the time keeper and i lead the IIT skool stuff.. hahas.. slap myself for not being able to name the skools in IIT.. hahas.. thx mingshen! hahas.. den dun have FINAL CLASH! hahas! so we had longer huntgry and finish earlier.. hahas.. i was holding my tears wen we had the final debrief.. wen i see farhan.. he was holding his tears and i was oh no oh no.. dun dun! BAD Farhan.. i didnt go for the dinner at CPF building coz today is Hari Raya.. i had my duty as the only female at home! hahas! lots of things to do and clear.. hahas..

the moment i reach home.. i eat.. hahas.. i eat alot.. my bro ask.. WAH! HOW MANY DAYS U DIDNT EAT?! i said, 3 DAYS! den i went to clear the house and wash up.. after tat i went to SLEEP! my bro wake mii up to ask for PSP.. den he saw mii sleeping liao.. he ask again! U KNOCK OUT ALREADY? HOW MANY DAYS U DIDNT SLEEP?! i said 2DAYS! hahas.. U GO TO CAMP TO TORN AND DIET ARH?! said my bro... hahas.. i cant be bothered and sleep again.. lols.. and irritatingly, he woke mii up early in the morning for breakfast.. hahas! purposely.. he doesnt do tt la often la.. usually, he make for mii or i make for him.. but it's suppose to be him to make today coz he work morning shift.. my OLD but cute bro.. hahas..

here some photos from the camp tat i secretly took!
act pirate.. hahas..

cross pose.. eugene act cute there!

mii and farhan.. hahas.. he rox!

no chance to take wif tat yi.. but he rox too.. he give lots of good quotes tat i LIKE! an example is:
dun strike wen the iron is HOT but strike until it gets HOT!

tat's all for now!

16 dec

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another sunday comes! hahas...

it was term test week.. hahas.. let's go thru each paper...
OOPG - okie la.. i have to say i didnt study... i wanted to study.. frankly... but den, tat day, i went to sim lim to buy memory card for my PSP... den put lots of new games inside tat i got caught in the game.. i started to study lecture 2 at 11+pm, on my bed... den i fall asleep... juz to realise tat i woke up at 6am! so u can imagine how rushing i was.. hahas.. so if i flung tat paper, it's my fault...
CORE!!! - hahas.. sorrie ms jo.. i had disappoint u.. i study.. this time i really study.. but my mind went blank... this is the second time in my life tat i went blank.. i still remember the first time i went blank was during sec 4 wen i flung my A maths paper, badly! i remembered i score below 20.. hahas... so CORE will be a repeat history... i think i will score below 10.. and yes, i noe, some ppl saw mii write ALOT.. but trust mii, im juz bull-shitting and repeating.. so now im preparing myself for the worst.. im super disappointed also.. coz alot i dun understand the question.. haiz.. if only my eng is good.. haiz haiz haiz haiz.. but i dun hate core.. at least... not yet... hahas...
QUAN - ARGH! mii being super confident! i deserve it.. THE VENN DIAGRAM! hahas.. i was super confident tat i wun make any mistake.. WAH! at last, i think i lost quite alot.. at least, alot of QUAN.. it's suppose to be an easy paper! AARG! and the last question.. i forgot to square root it.. walau! i hate myself! hahas! but QUAN i definitely didnt study.. i did.. i studied normal distribution.. which is not tested..wasted!
DBIS - one of the subj tat i really study other than core.. i can answer la.. juz tat im not good at reasoning.. i think i wun do badly for dbis.. but i made lots silly mistake at the last question.. haiz...

after last paper, im supposed to meet ernest in skool.. but yeah.. something happen.. den i waited for jasmine lim who came out super late! hahas.. hardworking gal.. den went to SUSHI shop.. and bought a unagi bento.. hahas.. 5.20 bucks.. shud be reasonable.. and it's nice! of course got unagi(grilled eel) den got some veg.. the uncle so nice as he gave mii seasoned jelly fish and minced baby octupus in my bento.. after, thumbs up! hahas.. i love the unagi big time! hahas!
den i was thinking of going to studio on tat nite.. but got call from my auntie tat some neighbour passsed away.. it was my fren's grandma.. i still remember tat grandma.. she suffered from amnesia.. and yeah.. they cant sit tight at home.. so the ahma loves to walk at the playground there.. and she always forget how to go back to her home.. the amazing thing is, she always come to my house! haha.. wherever she got lost, she come to my house and ask mii to sent her back... and tat is the case tat im at home la.. if not, my bro would... hahas.. and tat was years ago.. she den was bedridden for quite some time.. her children got tell my mum bout her condition(indicating tat she may passsed away anytime) but she survived long enuf.. to this point.. so yeah.. i decided to give their house a visit.. replacing my mum.. hahas... yeah.. wear tudung again.. and discover new way of wearing it.. haha! end up, i didnt go to studio.. and i got 10 bucks from my bro for tat! hahas!

sat, i didnt do much but sit at home and watch drama.. i was watching a korean drama call i am sam(i am your teacher).. cool and interesting story! although the main male character doesnt look tat good, but it's a definitely a funny show to watch.. T.O.P was so cool in the show! he's from boy bang called Big Bang.. hahas.. he looks cool wif his short hair.. now he looks like kang in! hahas...

sun.. went to studio.. finally.. hahas.. SM become paper cutter and photocopy gal! hahas.. i was in te office most of the time.. coz i didnt get the chance to play.. hahas.. i was told to photocopy 15 sets of my concert brochure.. den i need to cut it into 2... it was okie la.. im the only one who is doing the cutting and it was so sian.. hahas.. den, i helped biingyih print his chord notes.. which was so INVISIBLE.. hahas.. cant see the printing.. so i need to re-print.. i wasted 5 mins or so looking for the contrast button! hahas.. den help damien wrote the song sequence big big.. i mislook the sequence and printed 7 copies.. i wasted tat 7 copies! and of course the ink.. i volunteered to use marker to cover the mistake.. but i think damien got pissed and told mii to rewrite and reprint.. i feel so bad now.. den went to settle my SM stuff.. FINALLY.. and head back home... otw to the bus stop.. jokhie pangsey his sis, mii and CR! basket jokhie! biingyih is diff coz he took 62.. hahas.. so long never meet biing.. last tim eused to disturb him alot! hahas.. now, wen i see him after a long time, so awkward to tok.. like juz now, we were walking in pairs to bus stop except for pheiyani.. which means, mii and biing, jokhie wif CR and pheiyani behind.. den while walking, the other 3 walk like old man and woman.. den mii and biing was on the same speed.. so we awkwardly walk side by side.. I WAS TRYING to create a conversation wif him.. which end up like.."oh.. so u're in Temasek JC... in TJC band? izit cool? how's skool? fun?" lame rite! to change to awkwardness, i turn back and ask the guys to hurry up.. hahas.. MET the rapsody choir today.. was super surprise to see young ones there.. THERE, i was introduced to them.. to some, again.. hahas.. some ladies there recognise mii as percussionist.. damien always introduced mii in a nice way.. hahas.. like juz now.. he said "let mii introduce u guys to the ppl here.. the lady sitting there, some of u may have recognise her(den some lady says YA YA!), her name is Hariyani. U may call her Hari. H-A-R-I it is.. not hurry.. hahaha!(damien laughter) she's the stage manager for this show.. actually, she's a percussionist.. in 2Four percussion and also Anak Baba Band.. she had perform wif the Main Wayang Company a couple of time.. but for this show, she's choosen to be the stage manager to widen her length..(alvin came in - "to widen her knowledge la! not her length! if er length, she becomes bigger u know!" ALL LAUGH!) (den this lady, the estee lauder lady.. hahas.. she say "smart gal! so smart!") hahaha!" i was over the moon of course.. dunno how to react and juz say, thx and smile to her.. hahas.. den teach jokhie to play rebana.. hahas.. so FUN! jokhie juz kept forgeting the beat.. hahas.. den nth much! hahas..

okok.. i wrote alot.. im packing my bag tmr for my Orientation Training Camp! hahas.. see u again!

9 dec

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didnt update much after my bday.. hahas.. been busy.. every night, for sure got ppl come to my house.. coz my mum going to haj on fri.. okie.. skip the details...

thursday, Quan lab test.. i was deaad worried coz i didnt study.. but i think i did okie for it.. den.. went back home coz got no CORE.. so i went to Singhealth polyclinic there to settle the CIP thingy.. thank god.. it was fine.. den went home and rush on my jap report...

friday.. went to skool early in the morning for JAP presentation.. and damn! i wasted 20 mins at the library printing shop! i hate it... waited for 10 juz queuing coz got some uncivilised ppl practically block another com and use the other.. both com cant use but dunno to say.. i went to try my lluck and the com juz lag on mii.. i tried and tried until i gave up.. den quickly went to queue for IT skool one.. after i print, i met BENNY juz to find out tat the com got virus.. i dunno whether my com got infected anot.. i scared to check... hahas.. den went for the JAP presentation.. haiz.. 3minutes is juz not enuf.. so i did not make a ny script for the presentation and juz impromptu the speech.. haiz.. den... went off home.. juz to see johann waited for mii at the bus stop.. it was random.. hahas.. but yeah.. he sent mii home... got lots of things to tok about.. hahas...

den reach.. i see the time, i left likke less than 30 mins to get ready and go airport.. my sis in law boought mii a black shirt while hers is white.. we wore the same clothes and went to airport juz to noe tat flight was delay for 2 hours.. and den, after waiting for nearly 1 hrs, we realise tat flight delay again.. and now, the flight was delay to 0045! hahas! so i wasted long 8 hours there.. ate BK triple whopper which is super big.. i ate half only and felt full liao.. den stuff myself wif coffee to keep mii awake.. walk around here and there, play PSP wif my nieces and nephews.. hahas.. super childish la.. i fought wif my niece due to puzzle bobble.. hahas.. kids fight... hahas.. i was wearing tudung tat day.. so i saw few frens here and there and they couldnt recognise mii.. i was like.. YO! and they slow loading.. hahas.. mayb, wen u wear tudung, u shudnt say YO! hahas!

my mum dun wan us to wait till she fly so she decide to go in earlier.. and wen i went to fid farewell to her, obviously i cried.. and she was too.. and den she say.. dun be naughty at home.. den i was thinking, i naughty meh? hahas!

received call from her yesterday.. she landed safely at Jeddah.. thank god.. we were kind of worried y she never call ar.. hope she stays healthy there.. on the mean time, im here feeling super sick.. hahas.. coughin non stop.. but getting better today!

TERM TEST next week.. and i juz cant study.. no sense of urgency at all.. wait la.. til lnow i still wanna sleep hahaS!

YESTERDAY, went to singhealth polyclinic and do CIP.. it was god damn boring at first.. but den i met this malay worker.. who is taking care of 3 dementia lady.. one wasnt there though.. hahas.. got 2 lady then.. this 2 lady always stick to her.. wen she sits, the ladies sit.. wen she walk, the 2 ladies walk.. and these 2 ladies got 2 speed.. one of the them walks super fast and the other one is super slow.. hahas.. the fast one, i saw it la.. really fast.. faster than mii.. hahas.. the contrast is there la.. im like the normal speed.. hahas.. den, the fast lady, mdm ong.. she's active and love to take things.. so cute la.. wen i follow her all the time, she always try to run away from mii.. den she would like laugh at mii if im far behind.. den slower lady dun like mii.. she beat mii la.. the beating is not pain.. the scratching is pain.. she scratch my palm.. hahas.. coz i disturb her la.. hahas.. nice experience.. hahas..

now.. im gonna like get the mood to study.. i tot of 단 again yesterday... 카이웬 also... i need to tok him.. haiz. where is he missing to..

5 dec

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IT's MY BIRTHDAY today! hahas! tell u few things.. at first i tot there's no celebration due to 3 reasons.. lesson starts at 9am, no APEL and lastly, got OOPG lecture... no time to celebrate at all.. but thx again C183! u guys are the best class ever! no matter wat, i'll always love u guys.. and smile more often k? hahas...

firstly, thx C183.. here's my comments to u guys!
thx for the gigantic birthday card.. it's really my first ever big bday card... and the photos are cool! u all took it yest wen i left early! hahas.. shudnt have left! hahas! thx! thx for the cake.. the cake is cute and nice.. thx! my fav cake is mango cake.. and it's one of the nicest mango cake i've ever eaten.. thx! individual msgs!
sharon - thx for the card(it's seriously nice) and thx for cutting the cake too.. thx ya!
val - yup! there's a celebration.. it was a pleassant surprise.. thx ya!
kaixin - 사랑해요 to u too.. it was unreadable at first.. but finally manage to figure it out! thx ya!
jolene - u can write 사랑해요 too! hahas! i love it alot.. and yeah.. work hard together! thx ya!
ronald - thx for wat u've done too.. thx ya!
sebast - i will try to be more feminine.. but dun box mii like juz now la! hahas! thx ya!
huanyi - thx for the fish & everything! hwaiting! thx ya!
jasmine lim - i'll be more serious & mature in front of ur eyes.. thx for the hp pouch... really cute! thx ya!
jasmine chow - thx for the cookie! it's the sweetest present of the year(literally!) & thx for the spraying water all of mii in the bus! revenge is sweet.. ur time is near! thx ya!
wei choy - cute huge drawing on the card! thx ya!
to denver, nick, ivan, junhao, jay, alvin, chuhui, xinni, ailan, nicole & clement... thx for the birthday wishes! ailan's fren and yixiang for being there and celebrate together...

ms jo, thx for the sweet! hahas.. u r so sweet!
Benny, shawn, shen yang, ardy & fren and others.. thx for the b'day wish! love u guys!
syak, amirah, sayhaow, eugene and other TK peeps, thx for remembering my bday! hugs and kisses to u all!

here's pict time.. i dun have much.. but i'll juz upload! hahas! in sequence...
C183, my b'day cake(SO CUTE LA!), say haow's cute gift, classmate's presents, b'day card, picts & b'day wishes! later i'll upload my family gifts.. im so happie..

4 dec

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busy mii.. i skipped DBIS tut coz i went to collect my mum's bag at redhill.. the collecting time was 2-5 pm... and juz nice, i had all my lesson on tat time.. i was thinking, if in the morning, okie la.. i can skip it mah... but haiz.. COBAAN! hahas...

i wanna update my blog a few times few days back.. but wherever i wen to the blogger site, i either fall asleep or ppl bug mii.. hahas... now im coughing badly.. hahas..

on sat, i went out wif say haow.. thx say haow for the present.. i dunno wat it is coz i promised him that im gonna open it on my b'day.. but thx for it! hahas! less than 4 hrs and it's my b'day! hahas.. im super excited.. hahas.. weirdly enuf, daniel tok to mii.. he's the tiger beer guy whom i work wif wen im working at MP NTUC.. hahas.. it was a pleasant surprise..

on sunday, it was some gathering(prayer gathering) for my mum's sendoff.. basically, all the ladies in my house area come... hahas.. it was a tiring day, attending to them... usually, when have this kind of gathering, the guys do most of the job.. but this time, all the guest are ladies, so i have to communicate wif them no mattter wat.. hahas.. despite my age, i have to entertain them... wat to do.. im the host.. hahas..

been playing PSP all the time.. hahas... thx to my bro.. hahas.. den yest, met ardy lots of time.. hahas.. he said, im his best fren ever.. coz i help him in sth.. hahas.. secret.. hahas.. but yeah.. it was till the point that he came to my house and shake my hand... and say thx lots of times.. didnt help much.. hahas..

yesterday also.. during my one and only one hour break.. there was student feedback session wif ms grace yap.. ahahs.. and there goes my lunch.. hahas.. but goood thing is that, i dun feel like eating yesterday, mayb bcoz im not feeling well la.. hahas.. den continue wif lesson.. haahs.. OOPG lecture was alot better yest.. hahas.. mr mike is so funny la.. his analogy is funny... the whole day, i only had dinner and tat was 7pm.. my mum was wondering, how come i eat at home yesterday...

den today... this morning, CORE was slightly irritating.. i didnt get to copy one slide! hahas.. den QUAN was okie.. lifern was okie till the point where she blew off due to some guys at the back... den BREAK! wen to library to study for CMSK test.. hahas.. while on my way down to topup cashcard and bind notes, met mr mike again at lvl 8... he came out from the staircase wearing polo tee.. i saw him and act as if i didnt see him at all la.. afterall, wat's the probability tat he saw mii.. hahas.. den suddenly he approach mii.. and say.. 'hello there...' so i had no choice but to acknowledge him.. hahas.. so funny.. lols.. and CMSK test was okie.. i like tat indian lady.. pls change my tutor! i wan someone better.. grrr...

test ends early and i went off straight away to redhill.. a long journey.. but it's okie.. i feel better the moment i step into the mosque.. cool.. hahas.. den take cab home! the fare was woo hoo! nice! hahas..

and finally, i manage to contact the children's home person in charge.. and yeah.. children's home is OFF.. and im approaching the old folks home tmr.. it's tough wen things are really last minute.. im trying my best to get place.. hoping for more choices..

now, im gonna slack today.. hahas.. helping my mum to pack her bag.. need to send to airport terminal 1 at 10am tmr.. hmm.. i cant send.. actually, i was supposed to be the one.. but thx to CORE tut, i cant.. sometime, my heart really boil wen this kind of thing happen.. im super speechless now.. grrr...

and to 단, no worries.. if u give love to others, love will come to u naturally.. im sure of it..

Polaris, it doesnt move in the sky... if u got lost, look for the polaris and u can find ur way.. the same goes for u, 단.. i cant say that i will go wif u.. but i will always be there for u.. wherever u r lost.. just look back, im waiting.. but... can u see mii?

tat's all for now.. im turning 17 soon.. finally.. it's a long wait..