9 dec

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didnt update much after my bday.. hahas.. been busy.. every night, for sure got ppl come to my house.. coz my mum going to haj on fri.. okie.. skip the details...

thursday, Quan lab test.. i was deaad worried coz i didnt study.. but i think i did okie for it.. den.. went back home coz got no CORE.. so i went to Singhealth polyclinic there to settle the CIP thingy.. thank god.. it was fine.. den went home and rush on my jap report...

friday.. went to skool early in the morning for JAP presentation.. and damn! i wasted 20 mins at the library printing shop! i hate it... waited for 10 juz queuing coz got some uncivilised ppl practically block another com and use the other.. both com cant use but dunno to say.. i went to try my lluck and the com juz lag on mii.. i tried and tried until i gave up.. den quickly went to queue for IT skool one.. after i print, i met BENNY juz to find out tat the com got virus.. i dunno whether my com got infected anot.. i scared to check... hahas.. den went for the JAP presentation.. haiz.. 3minutes is juz not enuf.. so i did not make a ny script for the presentation and juz impromptu the speech.. haiz.. den... went off home.. juz to see johann waited for mii at the bus stop.. it was random.. hahas.. but yeah.. he sent mii home... got lots of things to tok about.. hahas...

den reach.. i see the time, i left likke less than 30 mins to get ready and go airport.. my sis in law boought mii a black shirt while hers is white.. we wore the same clothes and went to airport juz to noe tat flight was delay for 2 hours.. and den, after waiting for nearly 1 hrs, we realise tat flight delay again.. and now, the flight was delay to 0045! hahas! so i wasted long 8 hours there.. ate BK triple whopper which is super big.. i ate half only and felt full liao.. den stuff myself wif coffee to keep mii awake.. walk around here and there, play PSP wif my nieces and nephews.. hahas.. super childish la.. i fought wif my niece due to puzzle bobble.. hahas.. kids fight... hahas.. i was wearing tudung tat day.. so i saw few frens here and there and they couldnt recognise mii.. i was like.. YO! and they slow loading.. hahas.. mayb, wen u wear tudung, u shudnt say YO! hahas!

my mum dun wan us to wait till she fly so she decide to go in earlier.. and wen i went to fid farewell to her, obviously i cried.. and she was too.. and den she say.. dun be naughty at home.. den i was thinking, i naughty meh? hahas!

received call from her yesterday.. she landed safely at Jeddah.. thank god.. we were kind of worried y she never call ar.. hope she stays healthy there.. on the mean time, im here feeling super sick.. hahas.. coughin non stop.. but getting better today!

TERM TEST next week.. and i juz cant study.. no sense of urgency at all.. wait la.. til lnow i still wanna sleep hahaS!

YESTERDAY, went to singhealth polyclinic and do CIP.. it was god damn boring at first.. but den i met this malay worker.. who is taking care of 3 dementia lady.. one wasnt there though.. hahas.. got 2 lady then.. this 2 lady always stick to her.. wen she sits, the ladies sit.. wen she walk, the 2 ladies walk.. and these 2 ladies got 2 speed.. one of the them walks super fast and the other one is super slow.. hahas.. the fast one, i saw it la.. really fast.. faster than mii.. hahas.. the contrast is there la.. im like the normal speed.. hahas.. den, the fast lady, mdm ong.. she's active and love to take things.. so cute la.. wen i follow her all the time, she always try to run away from mii.. den she would like laugh at mii if im far behind.. den slower lady dun like mii.. she beat mii la.. the beating is not pain.. the scratching is pain.. she scratch my palm.. hahas.. coz i disturb her la.. hahas.. nice experience.. hahas..

now.. im gonna like get the mood to study.. i tot of 단 again yesterday... 카이웬 also... i need to tok him.. haiz. where is he missing to..