29 dec

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soooo many things had happen past few days.. hahas..

i cant remember much.. but juz gonna highlights important dates.. hahas..

after my OTC camp.. i had been busy going back and fro to studio.. lots of things to settle due to Baba 'H'andBells show.. since iim the Stage Manager.. for example.. damien had been calling mii back to pack things up.. create my mic plan.. and things to bring plan.. den my christmas.. tat doesnt seems like christmas.. hahas. i spend the whole day in studio.. packing things.. at first by myself.. den jokhie and phei was forced to help out.. hahas. really grateful to them.. coz im scared to be in studio alone.. hahas.

26 dec.. the show itself.. i slept super late la.. and only had like few hours of sleep.. den was rushing to Arts House aka the Old Parliament House.. this year, our concert is there.. hmmm.. okok la.. the place is cool.. the price is cool too.. hahas. i was busy the whole day.. and only manage to eat at 4pm.. BUT! wen i went to take my food.. i realise tat ppl HAD EATEN my food.. i got pissed.. coz i really wanted to eat my Fillet O Fish.. haiz.. so i juz went out of the backstage and sit in the toilet.. for like 5 mins.. den go and have fresh air.. come back... do my wiring work again.. tat seems to be so messy! den damien ask mii whether i had taken my lunch.. the time is like so late how to take.. den say haow told him tat i hd not eaten.. he was aasking mii y.. and den he told mii to go and eat.. i juz make the excuse tat i had no mood to eat lor.. den he say.. "Yep! u r right.. wen u r doing work, u wudnt have the mood or appetite to eat" truthfully.. i was god damn HUNGRY! but i was juz to pissed tat i dun care how hungry i was.. coz the day before i had McSpicy Meal and tat's all!

so continue do work.. den MIC-ing again.. while being super busy, i was seriously like mechanic la.. i was lying down doing my wire.. den simon approach mii.. he ask mii to eat.. i told him later.. den he was like.. u will get injured in empty stomach... den i told him my fav sentence.. "law of inertia.. once u start, u cant stop!" hahas.. so i continue doing my work.. den he continue asking mii.. till the point where he asked mii, "Mee Goreng or Chicken Rice?" i answered chicken rice.. less than 5 mins later.. he came wif my food.. hahas.. den no choice, faster finish up my marking and go eat..

how's the show.. the perf was okie.. BUT! i had a tough time! the sound system is not there.. ppl cant hear a thing.. i was like.. HEY! im on my max! the higher i go, feedback! or crack on the speaker... and i wasted alot of time! TX to the spoiled 24 channel mixer! really.. the fault doesnt lies on mii.. DI box.. i brought the DI box on my own accord.. no1 instruct mii to do so.. arent u suppose to be thankful instead or angry wif mi for not bringing enuf.. OMG! at tat point of time.. my regrets is there.. everyone was asking mii, y i didnt play.. instead im stuck at the mixer.. it's not tat i dun like.. haiz.. how shud i say.. im nt gd enuf man.. to be handling this alone.. haiz.. forget it.. Overall, i was happie.. coz i had ppl like jokhie, cheemeng, say haow, biingyih, simin, chuanrui to make my day.. we had lots of laughter together.. and tat's unforgettable.. definitely.. den i wen out.. go home in the morning.. hahas.. i went to CR house.. plan to stay there ovrnight.. but better not la.. den moment i went to take a cab, my bf called and ask where i was.. den we end up walking late at night.. till morning.. den reach home at 7am.. sleep.. woke up at 12 which is late la.. den go to skool to do PBL 2.. hahas..

den i continue rotting at home.. sleep all the time.. hahas.. im restoring my energy.. my phone had been in silent mode for 3 days now.. i tend to either dun reply sms or reply late.. had lots of missed call also.. most from my bf.. i think he was wondering how come i didnt reply his calls and smses.. hahas.. he called my house but no use la.. i pulled the wire line out.. it's been some time since i actually shut myself down.. my msn may be on but im not there.. im seriously rotting myself.. hahas.. but yeah.. weekend is not the time to rot! coz im finishing my report.. everything.. tat i didnt do.. including PBL 1! im seriously behind time! the funny thing is tat.. wherever my mum called my phone, i wil definitely realise it.. hahas.. dunno y la.. TIME FLIES! she's coming back in 2 weeks.. luckily it falls on the weekend.. hahas..

one concert down. i tot it's over.. i juz an email tat says SingBells Fest 08.. wah.. more coming in i think.. since we had invested in HandBells.. he being promoting it alot.. i feel like playign handbells too! hahas.. but again.. in the proposal.. Im the STAGE MANAGER! can i be the musician instead.. coz.. during the show.. i was thinking, if im a musician, if im there playing, my worriesis tat will i play a good show.. but wen im the stage manager, ui had too many worries the whole day.. afterall.. since i've experienced both side.. both had it's pros and cons.. den again, i ask myself, y do i even learn music at the first place.. im not gd at it.. i realise it recently wen i play the drumset after so long.. my rhythm arent there any longer.. i guess... percussion is the only thing left for mii.. haiz..

tat's it for now.. i need to go cook! mum! faster come back.. im sick of worrying for the household.. makes mii dun wan to get married. haiz!