5 dec

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IT's MY BIRTHDAY today! hahas! tell u few things.. at first i tot there's no celebration due to 3 reasons.. lesson starts at 9am, no APEL and lastly, got OOPG lecture... no time to celebrate at all.. but thx again C183! u guys are the best class ever! no matter wat, i'll always love u guys.. and smile more often k? hahas...

firstly, thx C183.. here's my comments to u guys!
thx for the gigantic birthday card.. it's really my first ever big bday card... and the photos are cool! u all took it yest wen i left early! hahas.. shudnt have left! hahas! thx! thx for the cake.. the cake is cute and nice.. thx! my fav cake is mango cake.. and it's one of the nicest mango cake i've ever eaten.. thx! individual msgs!
sharon - thx for the card(it's seriously nice) and thx for cutting the cake too.. thx ya!
val - yup! there's a celebration.. it was a pleassant surprise.. thx ya!
kaixin - 사랑해요 to u too.. it was unreadable at first.. but finally manage to figure it out! thx ya!
jolene - u can write 사랑해요 too! hahas! i love it alot.. and yeah.. work hard together! thx ya!
ronald - thx for wat u've done too.. thx ya!
sebast - i will try to be more feminine.. but dun box mii like juz now la! hahas! thx ya!
huanyi - thx for the fish & everything! hwaiting! thx ya!
jasmine lim - i'll be more serious & mature in front of ur eyes.. thx for the hp pouch... really cute! thx ya!
jasmine chow - thx for the cookie! it's the sweetest present of the year(literally!) & thx for the spraying water all of mii in the bus! revenge is sweet.. ur time is near! thx ya!
wei choy - cute huge drawing on the card! thx ya!
to denver, nick, ivan, junhao, jay, alvin, chuhui, xinni, ailan, nicole & clement... thx for the birthday wishes! ailan's fren and yixiang for being there and celebrate together...

ms jo, thx for the sweet! hahas.. u r so sweet!
Benny, shawn, shen yang, ardy & fren and others.. thx for the b'day wish! love u guys!
syak, amirah, sayhaow, eugene and other TK peeps, thx for remembering my bday! hugs and kisses to u all!

here's pict time.. i dun have much.. but i'll juz upload! hahas! in sequence...
C183, my b'day cake(SO CUTE LA!), say haow's cute gift, classmate's presents, b'day card, picts & b'day wishes! later i'll upload my family gifts.. im so happie..