20 dec

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heys! today is Hari Ray Haji! yeah.. my mum called this morning and ask... in Singapore Hari Raya already arh? hahas! i guess she had lost track of time.. hahas..

nothing special about this year raya.. my mum not around so no cooking! y i didnt cook? coz i just came back from CAMP! hahas! im so excited to share things from my camp!

Orientation Training Camp 07/08!
the theme of the camp is movies! and my group name is Komez which means Comedy!
other groups are Phantos(fantasies), Venos(Romance), Fyrtho(Horror) and Accion(action) if im not wrong la.. hahas.. this camp is the most unforgetable camp coz THIS IS THE FIRST TIME my GRP got 2nd! hahas! KOKOKO-M-KOKO-MEZ! woohoo! im super happie.. and the scary thing is.. there's 6 FBIs in the camp.. mii, jolene, alex, ernie, shawn and zhihao... i think ar.. and all of us r in each grp except for Phantos.. and Phantos got 1st.. izit the suay of FBI.. i dunno.. u can think bout it.. hahas... zhihao, shawn and alex in fyrtho, jolene in venos and ernie in accion.. hahas..

there's 50 over ppl there.. and so sorrie.. i couldnt remember all the names.. actually, i didnt make the effort to do so also.. y? i dunno.. i juz cant remember.. hahas.. this time, most are experienced GLs.. im considered freshies there.. hahas.. got ppl like bumblebee, selina, jiayu, xiang, rachel, lynette, denise, nigel, justin, sean, eugene, ronald(bestGL), shah, show, ella and trust mii many more! hahas.. the one tat i said r those tat close to mii.. hehes! and of course some others.. wat are we? *CAULI* cai.. i dunno how to spell but it supposed to be a white veg.. OOOOOOOoooo! caulicai! caulicai! OOOOO00000! hahas! our FAs are... woohoo.. best FAs i ever had.. Tat Yi and Farhan.. hmm.. i knew them since FO and seriously, they dun look frenly at all.. especially TAT YI! hahas.. he said it himself tat he looks scary but he's very friendly! hahas! yup! tatyi is nice! FARHAN! woohoo! he's super cool la.. he's super duper nice and funny! hahas.. he drank our sweat! hahas! i drank other's sweat too.. it sux but i dun regret it! hahas!!

hmmm.. day 1.. we had ice breaking even before we were asked to do so.. we had frenship games and lots of games too.. den eat den station games! wet weather games tat turn out to be the TP places la.. hahas.. we were very bad.. haiz.. we dun like to cheer so much.. we arent united at all.. and we had a long scolding from our FAs.. BUT!

day 2!
WE WERE SUPER DUPER HIGH! we cheer and cheer non stop.. we shout and shout non stop.. and the FAs loves us NON STOP! hahas! we took their scoldings CONSTRUCTIVELY! and we changed immediately the next day.. we sleep quite late also.. hahas.. we had the not-so scary nightwalk.. mayb, it's my scene tat wasnt scary! hahas! and it was SHAWN's b'day! hahas.. Shawn Ng.. i didnt noe he was the programmer for this year OTC.. hahas.. worst still! i didnt expect him to be there at all la.. and it's definitely a pleasant surprise.. the sad thingwas tat.. early tat morning, i saw SHAWN, i wanted to say happie birthday.. i manage to say HI only... coz my other ZILRA mates tat im not so close wif suddenly JUMP from behind and i was left alone.. the feeling was so sad.. but thx god.. i manage to meet him in one of the station games and my bday present to him is tat, my whole team sang HAPPIE BIRTHDAY to him.. i hope he like it.. he was shock i guess.. coz first, he didnt noe i knew and secondly, he didnt expect the whole komez to sing happie birthday to him! of course we dun play games all day.. we did the school songs too! hahas.. we had to memorize the school song.. hahas.. and also remember the TP song Sign Language.. FINALLY! i've mastered all! hahas.. woohoo! Nightwalk.. i got the IT skool.. hahas.. imagine.. so scary eh! hahas.. but the scene was okok la.. it was SHAWN ng.. AGAIN! hahas.. and him alone! hahas.. we had lots of ghost stories.. and this ghost stories make mii scared.. the most is the FARID's story.. now i know 2 TP place tat's scary.. the track and squash court.. some other stories is quite interesting also.. we had a long series of ghost stories tat was really interesting to the point tat i neglect my duty to do solve the murder case.. i didnt expect the story to be TAT complicated.. coz the first vid, the main was TOM! but in the end vid, which is the answer of who is the murderer, the MAIN is SHAWN! hahas.. and i saw lizhen act as the news broadcaster.. hahas.. den we had a late night debrief.. a debrief tat ends at 1am like tat.. i was sleepign halfway.. sorrie..i didnt mean to sleep but i was freaking tired tat day...i ran alot... ran in the rain and many more. haha.. lols..

day 3.. we had station games.. err.. carnival games.. hahas.. this is wen Farhan drank our sweat.. i drank first.. den some too.. den farhan drank the rest.. hahas.. den first time i jump into the skool fountain.. it's super dirty! opps.. got lots of slimy things.. and i step on painful things too.. but i didnt get hurt.. i was surprised tat non of the peeps in my grp got painted.. oh.. u get painted if u drop the cup and need to roll on the dirty stuff if the cup go below certain point.. the fountain is wen u enter the expected zone la.. which i did.. and practically swam the who fountain.. hahas.. den being all wet at every station, we went back and do HUNTgry.. hmm.. okok la.. i didnt get stress like i did last time.. i wasnt the leader.. i was the time keeper and i lead the IIT skool stuff.. hahas.. slap myself for not being able to name the skools in IIT.. hahas.. thx mingshen! hahas.. den dun have FINAL CLASH! hahas! so we had longer huntgry and finish earlier.. hahas.. i was holding my tears wen we had the final debrief.. wen i see farhan.. he was holding his tears and i was oh no oh no.. dun dun! BAD Farhan.. i didnt go for the dinner at CPF building coz today is Hari Raya.. i had my duty as the only female at home! hahas! lots of things to do and clear.. hahas..

the moment i reach home.. i eat.. hahas.. i eat alot.. my bro ask.. WAH! HOW MANY DAYS U DIDNT EAT?! i said, 3 DAYS! den i went to clear the house and wash up.. after tat i went to SLEEP! my bro wake mii up to ask for PSP.. den he saw mii sleeping liao.. he ask again! U KNOCK OUT ALREADY? HOW MANY DAYS U DIDNT SLEEP?! i said 2DAYS! hahas.. U GO TO CAMP TO TORN AND DIET ARH?! said my bro... hahas.. i cant be bothered and sleep again.. lols.. and irritatingly, he woke mii up early in the morning for breakfast.. hahas! purposely.. he doesnt do tt la often la.. usually, he make for mii or i make for him.. but it's suppose to be him to make today coz he work morning shift.. my OLD but cute bro.. hahas..

here some photos from the camp tat i secretly took!
act pirate.. hahas..

cross pose.. eugene act cute there!

mii and farhan.. hahas.. he rox!

no chance to take wif tat yi.. but he rox too.. he give lots of good quotes tat i LIKE! an example is:
dun strike wen the iron is HOT but strike until it gets HOT!

tat's all for now!