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due to some family emergency, i didnt go for the sentosa outing.. it's my grandma.. okie.. so i was kept busy at the hospital the whole weekend.. even now..

it's CASH day.. so yeah.. boring.. lols.. for lecture, i sat wif pheiyani.. den for lab, one hour we spent at the Reuters lab.. seriously, it's very dry.. i dunno why la.. i feel sleepy... den we went to the main lab.. we did nothing much..

after tat, i went to meet phei... we waited for johannes.. den go home!

tuesday aka today!
CMSK4 was okie.. den got 1 hr break only! after tat we have 6 hours of BIS and COTS lab... but i think quite slack.. just heavy for the first hour coz of ttl.. den OTOT.. im slightly worried for my BIS.. coz i scared i choose wrong company den die liao.. so now, im reading on 2 case study... im still deciding whether i wanna do Disneyland Resort Paris or IBM... haiz.. first time im so worried for my assignment.. lols.. den for COTS, we juz read the case study earlier.. den i think it's almost like SAS la.. the cover page, the group project.. haiz.. lols.. den this time, the group must be in 5566.. so i tot my group will take 5 lor.. coz, my first impression was like, who wans to be in our group.. im surprised that valerie and ailan volunteered to be wif us..

but i overheard some few ppl words la.. i dunno.. is my clique or group tat bad? it's like.. someone said, y u wanna be in tat grp and so on.. tat bad meh? till the point tat we have to be 4 all the time.. frankly, the sentence does hurt mii.. but i juz cant believe it la.. haiz.. just hope nothing will happen la.. i really dun mind who do wif mii.. i juz dun wan any internal conflicts.. tat's all.. i mean tat's wat i fear.. this kind of things are bound to happen.. but then again, watever... really unbelievable.. i didnt expect some ppl to say until like tat.. SIGH SIGH SIGH!

den went to meet my freshie! they did SAS.. and while they doing, i do my things.. although we tok and laugh alot.. i feel guilty.. and im so scared i give them wrong info for the projects.. the things is we doing diff case study wat.. hahas.. but i think they r more hardworking than us.. lols.. and i cant believe tat BORIS is in super band.. lols.. drummer some more.. ROCKER la u! lols

waited and still waiting for pheiyani right now.. i think she will take damn long la.. latest till 8.30.. hahas.. den go home! lols.. im super hungry.. but yeah.. go home den eat.. i wanna eat KIMCHI noodle.. wanna cook spaghetti but i didnt buy any chicken.. i have my spag, sauces and mushroom waiting for mii.. no meat only.. lols.. one day must really cook.. i miss my cooking... lols..

oh ya.. gloria likes LIXING! lalala.. and yiren?? really meh?? or izit EUGENE? lols.. scandal everywhere! almmost everyone say yi ren is cute.. not bad ar.. but i think some1 else cute lei.. lols.. dun wan to say who.. hehes..

and ya! i got a call from KBCC again.. for netball competition.. lols.. i gain weight liao lei.. hahas.. i join coz of pei shan! hahas.. my good fren.. and got someone from my block, live above mii, older than mii name Faradilla? lols.. who sia.. i noe got fara in my block but she younger than mii ma.. tat's faizalulla's sister btw.. lol.. i dun like her lei.. and oh shit.. their name is alike lei.. i think it's her! OMG!!! this is not good.. but this is so interesting.. i got new fren(maybe) from my own block! lols.. the lady even gave mii her unit number.. lols.. im not stalker lei! lols..

tat's all for now.. got time, i'll update again..


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walau.. i overslept! hahas.. i woke up at 9am and which is my first lecture.. so i missed BIS.. den reach skool about 10.30, which is halfway through CASH lecture.. so decided to skip too.. den straight go have breakfast wif my C210.. wow! i was so amazed... the whole class was there.. hahas! so cool! so we ate at design coz they dun like IITAS... hahas.. i sat wif jin feng and eugene.. den wee you join the last seat.. hahas.. i seriously like eugene shoes.. hahas.. i wouldnt realise it till he spilled his ice tea.. hahas.. chaat chat chat.. den still got extra time, i tot of showign them the library but BAD timing.. time left like 10 mins.. hahas.. so i went to accompany some gals to printing shop.. while the others pangsey us.. hahas.. den i rush for CASH tut.. hahas.. some IDIOT go and tell chinchai i didnt attend lecture.. u wait ar! revenge is SWEET!! hahas.. timetable sux, we got one hr break after tat... and then go for FOI lecture.. hahas.. my brain cells gone liao.. so many things to absorb.. time was short.. she was like trying to finish 12 page of lecture in 2 hrs.. NAH!!! some more i was pissed off bout the make up lesson... but now, i think she put in lots of effort to help us.. hahas... den yeah.. CASH tut again! y split the TUT? dumb lei! hahas.. den go tuition.. my brain cells dry out la.. i sleep early also.. i fall asleep while having mass convo.. lols.. so sorrie.. hehe

I GOT GO CASH LECTURE OKIE! hahas.. but yeah late.. sianx.. den i tot got APEL so i didnt bring lappie.. skali no APEL! so we go lab and slack... den NICK scares mii halfway wen i met him at levell 5.. they say got APEL.. i went into the room, i saw chinchai and the class.. wah.. i shock till wanna die liao la.. hahas.. den chinchai said no apel.. juz tat they got no place to go so he open the room for them.. hahas.. den went to lab again and print notes.. print notes, not enuf.. dumb la.. den go for combine CASH lab at LT 3 after tt FOI tut.. cool Reuters lab! hahas.. i love it la.. one monitor play youtube and the other see REUTERs stuff.. hahas.. seriously, damn fun.. hahas..

Friday aka TODAY!
went for ECONS tut.. 9am.. i came in.. i saw Jonathan.. so i sat beside him.. the tutor crap & crap & crap.. 9.25am - class dismissed den my classmates enter.. hahas.. so we stayed there for another 5 mins.. den go liao! so i had like 2 and half hour to slack.. hahas... so i went library to do my FOI tut.. den meet huanyi.. meet my C210.. hahas.. den slack at the locker there till 12.45pm.. den go for FOI tut.. rush like hell, 2.10 manage to escape juz to go ECONS lecture.. den ECONS lecture ends at 2.45pm.. wen back home and sleep.. woke up at 5pm just to meet chronosians.. but i went to pay bills first.. den take bus.. interesting thing happen in the bus.. the ahma left her grandsons in the bus.. hahas.. i even went to wake the boy up la.. den he like dun care... so i also cant be bothered... den reach tamp intc at 7.30 sharp! hahas.. den run to KFC and they cant be spotted... in the end they at mac, waiting for seat.. lols.. IN THE END, we ate KFC together wif some ITO freshie.. hahas.. new frens, sebastian, nicholas, harold, emmeline, alicia and samantha! hahas.. remember them clearly.. hahas..

got lots of time to slack, we went to soem place, sit at the stage and tok cock.. it was sian at first.. slowly, things r fun.. hahas.. LIVE mass CONVO.. lols.. den go home.. kena scolded by my mum for gg home late.. haiz.. it was only 12.03am la! sian.. my mum threatened to tell my dad liao.. tmr got sentosa outing some more.. dunno whether can escape anot.. lols.. coz tmr sure go home late again.. somemore, my C210 not gg sentosa la.. i damn sad la.. walau.. but i really hope they could join us for dinner.. den marcus spoiler.. say bout tmr soccer match.. i also noe la.. especially wen it's manu.. hahas.. but yeah.. dun pangsey mii lei.. i damn sad lei.. haiz..

den heard there's komez ice skating tmr.. really ar? y i dunno one? juz not lunch also... how come i dunno.. i close one eye coz i got lecture tat time.. but ice skating lei? walau.. den tmr i got sentosa trip.. i pangsey u ppl liao la.. haiz.. y things always last minute one? i damn sian liao la.. damn sad.. haiz..

dun care liao la.. i go sleep.. nitez!

print notes!

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lols.. it's like i spend lots of my time today printing notes.. hahas.. it's like there's so many notes.. i fear i wun have time to priint - which is always the case.. hahas.. so mii and my gals keep printing and printing.. and chow was nice enuf to bind for mii.. hahas.. we finish up all papers and yet still not enuf.. so we end up buying the expensive paper at the printing shop.. hahas..

so how's the day huh? well..
CMSK4 - we got the same teach as last sem.. the teacher taught us for few weeks den change to sandra wong.. yeah.. tat one.. hahas.. she's fun to begin wif.. but she can get super serious wen i gets to work.. hahas.. afterall, i think i had a fun lesson wif her today..

lunch - i share tom yam wif chow.. hahas... im not suppose to eat spicy at the first place.. hahas.. and waffle! yummy! had my fav chocolate waffle.. hehes..

BIS - super dry! our tutor went on and on and on bout the subject.. till i got bore.. and yeah.. im a bad senior.. i went to watch video.. hahas.. after tat, at the second hour, she asked us to do research.. haiz.. so boring.. den the third hour, i went printing.. hehes..

COTS - the tutor looks okie lei.. yeah.. hahas.. i did my ttl! hahas.. first time.. lols not.. so yeah.. wasted some time.. den went printing again! haiz.. while waiting for my freshie.. i tot im meeting gloria only.. suddenly, huazhen, xiaoyue, yvonne, priscilla, cindy, stacy, elson, lixing and EUGENE was there.. i dunno who else la.. sorrie if i didnt mention.. hahas.. i had lots of fun wif them.. i stress again! i love c210! hahas.. they r great and funny freshies.. and tat eugene keeps saying im a bad senior.. haiz.. im so heartbroken.. lols.. someone dun get jealous ar.. hahas..
but seriously.. am i really tat bad senior? it makes mii wonder.. lols..

so i went on talking to them till they finish printing.. den now im slacking at lib(cant believe it) till 7pm den go for komez dinner.. hahas.. first time entering library(this sem).. i dunno la..

and yeah! my dear c210, please eat together wif mii at 11am lei! dun eat at 10am coz i got COTS lecture! hahas.. wait for mii! and please.. i really hope u guys could go for the sentosa outing.. i wanna show u guys to my chronosians.. hahas.. if not, i very sad lei.. hahas..

shall we have a c210 dinner some time? hahs.. i really love to see u guys.. hahas.. arent i a nice senior? lols..

Day 1!

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it's like the first day of school.. it was slightly lame to go skool for 2 hrs of lecture.. oh well.. but wah.. COTS was damn fast.. i was slightly pissed but yeah.. who cares.. it's the first day of lesson.. den CASH.. y am i still thinking of CORE? hahas.. okok.. CASH is like CORE.. haiz.. i guess, i'll always be haunted by this subjects.. hahas..

so went to print notes after tat.. i saw mardiana and quraisha was lost to look for grace yap SAS lesson.. so i bring them there and saw my C210! hahas.. so decided to mass convo wif them.. my first attempt failed coz not many online.. den, another mass convo came about.. was slightly better wif the aid of wee you and ran.. coz they tok bout games! hahas..

den right after C210 mass convo, i had chronos mass convo.. i think everyone damn tired.. so didnt tok much.. can we have chronos dinner?! hahas.. tat rings the bell.. tmr i got komez dinner.. hahas..
im so loving mass convo.. hahas..

tmr got lesson.. wah.. im so dun understand the timetable.. y put derv wen it starts at week 11? den lots of push and pull lesson.. i dunno wen is wen and wat is wat liao.. haiz.. irritating.. i'll just be a blur queen for this week.. hahas..

will meet some c210 peeps tmr at 5pm to teach them few things like printing notes.. i guess they need to learn this part.. coz if not, they will be wasting money..

oh ya.. after printing ntoes, i went to eat wif phei.. hahas.. arnold.. yumyum! im like coughing and still eat this kind of things.. yeah., yeah.. it got worst.. den wen to parkway wif her.. our main objective was to buy the FBT shirt.. at last.. didnt buy... wasted effort.. at last, we waste time.. hahas.. reach home.. tok to my mummy.. hahas.. den ntohing much lor.. i was on msn all the time.. hahas.. so fun! i cant wait for Jason to send mii the picts at Vivo.. i took lots of picts la.. hahas.. but his camera.. hehes..

so i'll be sleeping now.. muacks.. sweet dreams..

Week 0

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wah.. seriously.. i love C210! hahas.. i think becoz i really put in lots of effort.. tat's y.. i dun regret anything.. i like one guy from this class... hahas.. consider him my eye candy la.. hahas.. he damn cute in this pict also.. hehes.. i noe all of their names.. but too long to list down.. there's 22 students! so lucky... 11 guys and 11 gals.. too fair.. hahas..

Day 1
super dry! all the time we sat at LT except for lunch, dinner and mass dance.. hahas.. during the mass dance, i partner wif boris.. tat's how i got to noe him closer.. hahas.. nightwalk was the best ar.. 9 ppl only and im the only OL following them.. hehes.. i had lots of fun scaring them man.. especially the gals.. hahas.. damn rocking.. and seriously, i was dead tired on tat day.. den still got briefing.. haiz.. i doze off 3 times.. and was caught by Darren on the second time.. hahas.. it was embarassing.. but even after tat, i still doze off.. i seriously cant control myself.. hahas..

Day 2
i was so glad coz C210 was hyper than day 1.. and a lil more bonded.. hahas.. it was great la.. hahas.. had lots of fun.. had dinner wif other freshies.. hahas.. i think ITO.. dunno la.. my CHRONOS mate freshies.. hehe.. they r fun too! hahas..i got WET! at astro turf.. i was so proud wen i say let us all get wet.. hahas.. and they really willign to get wet.. great job to C210! love them.. den showering.. hahas! i shower alone! i was damn scared tat on MUSIC loud loud.. hahas.. the moment i step out, den ppl start entering the cubicle.. so sway.. haiz.. den i slept at 2am coz i went to do the letter to freshies.. hahas.. had lot of trouble at first.. but it turn out alrite.. hahas..

Day 3
wah.. i couldnt sleep.. so I emo early in the morning.. den saw jiabao.. he said he was having bad sore throat.. hahas.. so i gave him my pei pa kao syrup and strepsils.. hahas.. CHRONOSians must take care of each other.. hahas.. den, yvonne was early.. so i tok to her.. hahas.. there's some who are really older than mii.. hehes.. so cool rite.. olympiad - same tots as last year... so i shall not say.. regatta.. damn sad - gals senior fot last! but the guys make us proud! they got 2nd! WHO SAY WE NEVER WIN ANYTHING?! i think i shud recommend eugene.. coz i saw him introducing himself to someone he dunno.. good job! he did well in dressing up also.. as in the mr/ms universe.. hahas.. late at night, had long chat wif the chronosians.. hahas.. i owe ivan 5 buck on cab fare! hahas.. thank god he lives near mii.. if not, i no money take cab.. hahas...

got sentosa outing.. but im sick.. so i went to see doctor.. hahas.. doctor told mii go hospital check up further... haiz.. hate this kind of thing.. lols.. den at nite, i join my komez peeps at vivo.. was fun.. but sad, my voice.. haiz.. i really love komez! of course, chronos too!

go hospital.. check up.. result not out.. so dun care.. den wen to visit my ah ma at hospital.. den do tuition.. den home! hahas..

tmr skool.. cant believe it tat im year 2 now.. time fly really fast.. haiz.. new chapter liao.. so must jia you! and yeah.. i got econs for CDS.. and same class as alvin.. thanked god got someone same class as mii.. i was like damn sian wen i see almost no one same class as mii.. and yeah.. pheiyani got econs too and same class as nicholas..

now having mass convo wif chronos.. so see u!


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im still recovering from FOWC.. hahas.. the word recovering make it sounds like wat sia.. hahas..
im still resting.. hahas.

it was really great to be a GL.. im lucky to get really enthu freshies regardless of FOW or FOC.. i think they were really great.. as a GL im really proud of them..

although i was demoralise being a GL in day 5... im glad it doesnt make any bad impact on mii much on the last day.. in fact i really chiong on the last day... i dun care if o lost my voice or anything.. haiz.. but yeah freshies.. positions does not matter.. wat really matters is tat we make the best out of FO and make it the most memorable FO in our lives.. just like how i really enjoyed my FO wen i was a freshies... being a GL is really an unforgettable memory to mii..

on the first day as a GL.. i was looking at places where i used to sit wen i was a freshie.. the sports complex [at venos area], the sports gallery [the place i always sit and eat] and see my GLs.. i told them.. i was once there... and it was a great feeling.. i make really good fren from FO.. i make lots of frens from GL.. in fact, thanks to FO, i got closer with other fellow GL from other empire.. hahas..

this is also the first time i lost my voice due to shouting.. hahas.. seriously.. i also go for 3 days camp.. so my voice limit is till there.. wen i need to survive for 6 days.. hahas.. by the 4th day.. my voice is MAN liao and i really start coughing..

i understand there are always internal conflicts here and there.. but from the bottom of my heart, i would like apologise if i hurt anyone in a way or another..

my last word for FO is.. I LOVE KOMEZ!

i really got lots of things to say.. but squeezing 6 days here seems a bit too diff for mii.. but let's recap special moments in FO...

Day 1
I got to know my sub-empire and heads.. seriously, in a point of view of a GL, it wasnt tat good.. coz seriously, i keep getting confused.. and wen i got confused and it's prolonged, i would get agitated.. but yeah.. the freshies having fun and making mii laugh really help things better.. as others had said, FOW is more difficult than FOC.. yup! tat's right.. coz we have the responsibility to make them stay.. i make new frens from my sub empire such as Jed, Joey, John, Jasmine, Elizabeth, Carson aka charles, Farah and more..

Day 2
here is wen i got to know who is enthu who is not.. those ppl who came back really make my day.. coz at least i know tat my effort or other GLs effort in day 1 makes them come back.. even if there's other reasons.. day 2 is the most fun day for mii and the freshies.. we play and chiong all the time.. hahas.. 3 cheers for komix!

good job in ur night performance.. u guys makes us proud.. and the hand sign song and all, i know it's a lil rush.. but if u r interested, we can still teach u.. hahas.. im so addictive.. coz this is the first time i got all the hand sign for the song.. and tp school song, after 2 days of memorising, it got paid off.. although i forget here and there.. hahas..

soem of the GLs gathered to make FO better.. so we all put in effort and thx to JY, we created a cute cheer.. hahas.. from there, im slowing bonding wif my empire.. i really like tat.. but guys, in life, we really got to learn to give and take.. coz, out of millions, billions, trillions of ppl out there, wat makes u think tat they will always listen to u? and sometimes, to bottle things up is better than speaking it out.. coz no matter wat.. u've created a gap between 2 ppl.. only time knows wen it will close.. but it's definitely not in 7 or 10 days time..

Day 3
huntgry.. i think u guys did great!!! moving as an empire is not an easy task.. i know lots of shouting and all.. but yeah.. we are a team! and those who got injured, rest well k.. so sorrie tat we GLs didnt take care of u well enuf.. thanks to this whole bunch group of ppl, tat i keep on stressing on safety.. it's really important.. coz if there's alot of injured ppl in an empire, it affects the empire as a whole...

time was rushing.. we were forced to ask the freshies to go off.. didnt get to say proper goodbye.. we GLs had a heart to heart tok.. im glad... but not all can speak up just like tat.. seriously.. sorrie freshies tat waited for us at CPF.. even i didnt go CPF.. coz really, there's a need to wash things..

Day 4
a new beginning for FOC.. a really bonded Komez GL come in to welcome the freshmens.. we meet at 9 am for breakfast.. hahas.. tat day, i was in charge of crowd control.. i saw afif, edwin and ivan.. hahas.. my TKians... afif is in my empire.. but den i think they were not in a very luckily situation, they didnt get to go for the camp.. wasted effort for packing, coming and queueing.. sorrie guys..

ice breaking was more organised.. less confusing.. more fun.. seriously, got lots of cute guys.. but yeah.. not meant for mii.. boohoo.. i tend to be toking more wen eating.. this is one of the habit tat i hate to change.. everyone tat knows mii knew tat I DUN TOK WEN I EAT.. but yeah.. must try and make an effort.. so yeah.. for the first time, i took so long to eat.. which really, i dun like.. and moving places wen im eating is another habit tat i dun like.. if the gap is like 1 seat away, okie la.. i will give and take.. but if it's from one corner to another, wah, im speechless.. there i had internal conflict wif someone.. coz seriously, tat's not the right way to tok! but then wen i try to think of myself, sometimes wen i tok, i always give a not happy face tat may causes other ppl to be unhappy.. so yeah.. i held myself back.. in life, we really need to learn how to control ourselves..

Day 5
got to know peng chen, keith, gary, shi hao, eugenes, douglas, kelvin, kelwin, faris, jasons and many more.. hahas.. i put lots of guys name.. gals got cosina, rachel, joanna, nicollete and many many more.. im not really good in memorising names.. but i will make an effort k!!! hahas.. a lil cock up at the teaching hand sign and school song but it was okie afterall.. great job to komez for chiong-ing so hard...

at night, i was demoralise as a GL.. i was crying since the Komix briefing.. no1 saw mii crying.. until selina came to mii.. u noe how it feels.. it's like.. i've been using myself to the max.. my voice, my strength, my energy and yet i still hear some of the GLs not doing anything.. i really wan to know who tat person is.. seriously.. coz i got hurt bcoz of tat.. it's like, i cant run long distance, but in FO, i really make an effort to run at every station.. try not to sit at the station.. try not to look tired in front of the freshies.. try to keep on cheering.. but it's really beyond my strength... but i keep pumping myself.. keep telling myself.. 6 days in a year is all i have.. this 6 days is wat i need to keep on sacrificing for myself, freshies and Komez.. but i hear there's ppl keep on not doing anything wen my energy is finishing, not cheering wen i already losing my voice and coughing.. i really understand how yunru and kandis and bumble bee felt.. they r great GLs.. of course, i think bumble bee better... i think she really make an effort to help mii out wherever i cant make it.. as for yunru and kandis, although we r not tat close... but yeah.. i think u guys r great.. seriously.. thx for all the effort in creating cheers and making mii laugh..

night performance.. was great too.. hahas.. GLs performance was too funny.. i cant stop laughing.. hahas.. really great... we did the CLASSIC CHEER! yeah!!! hahas.. great job to the cheering team.. hahas.. seriously.. wen i see Daniel using the mic to cheer, it looks like he's singing.. hahas.. im very bad.. btw, he's kandis bf.. they make a great couple..

Day 6
in life, MUST GIVE AND TAKE!!! wah... cant take it.. i bottle things up.. but if ppl mess it up, i'll definitely blow off.. tat's how I works.. just forget la.. in the end, i apologise for ANY unhappiness.. cant believe tat i GIVE IN in the end.. i really hates to do give in all the time.. but from the bottom of my heart, im willing to forget wat had happen.. if i can accept it, so can u..

really tired.. but i chiong all the way.. the lin between being a GL and participant is really thin.. coz i really wan to help them in huntgry.. but great job to Komix.. u guys learn fast!!

boohoo to yvonne for announcing the result in tat manner.. I TOT IT WAS A TRIAL!!! some more, it was too suddenly and NO DDRUMROLL? wah.. i was stun wen the result was out.. it's really unbelievable.. first time in FO i cried so much.. i noe my position tat i cant show it.. so i keep holding it.. but it just burst out wen i see others cry.. the slideshows, i cried too recalling tat times in FO.. i cried wen the year 3 tok and cried.. it was even more touching wen the freshies keep saying we love GLs.. seriously.. i keep bursting to tears.. i dun cry easily but tat day.. it was too sad.. it's not the result guys.. i swear.. the result does not matter to mii at all.. but these tears are becoz I personally think tat i didnt do much for u guys and it's already the end.. i cant turn back time.. this experience make mii realise do not take things for granted..

u freshies are great!!! whether in FOW or FOC, u guys r too good.. we GLs r proud of u guys.. bcoz of u guys, we GLs r more bonded than ever.. wen i see some of the freshies cry as we were crying, i was touched too.. not tat im sadistic.. but it's a sign tat they care.. wen we were having GL briefing, the ppl keep cheering at the gallery.. waited for us to go CPF.. hahas.. on day 3, i told Selina, i die die dun wan to go CPF.. at last i went.. and i was like the last batch to go off la.. hahas. it was too painful to leave things like tat.. so i went.. played games and tok to them.. hahas.. it was really great..

1am +++ selina waited for so long to go back wif mii.. hahas.. den keith live at simei.. so i decided to drop him off despite the not in the way thingy.. hahas.. he's my freshies.. i got the responsibility to send him off.. yea yeah.. i think he's really cute.. peng also la.. opps! someone dun get jealous or angry hor!!! =P i wan to cause trouble at times too.. lols.. im really sadistic..

another same last word... KOMEZ! u rocking rocks my socks!

went for tuition wif heavy eyes and sore throat.. den went out wif say haow.. met wif tat yi, shep, ben, john and many more at parkway.. hahas.. it was a surprise.. hahas..

now is Week 0.. need to prepare lots of things.. hahas...
i really really really hope tat I got into FBI classes.. 2ndly, i wish i could be a good OL.. and lastly, i wish i will be more bonded wif my chronos peeps.. it's not tat we r not bonded.. but i wan to be more bonded.. coz we r small u see.. so it's easier..

today, had OLTC refresh 1.. basically, pack things, tok to my mates again.. it was fun! cchronos rox! hahas.. love them.. they always take care of mii.. hahas.. meeting them again later.. hahas.. although i have a small urge to be LT head which i think i wont.. hahas.. but still i wan to be a great OL! a lil disappointed tat im not able to scared the freshmens.. hahas.. i want empire shirt.. hehes..

the FOs peeps all go crazy.. we all keep cheering FO stuff.. A C C, K-O-K-O-K-O-M-E-Z, P is for powerful, JUDO, AIKIDO, VEVEVEVEVEVENOS..

but im definitely looking forward for regatta and jam n hop! and sat outing!!! hahas... it's gonna be fun i hope..

okie.. i need to get busy... as in.. sleep.. hahas..

camp mood!

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yesterday, i just came back from OLTC.. seriously.. im still tired.. the moment i reach home, i went to create my empire contact list den sleep.. i was so tired to the point tat i anyhow type the email.. hahas..

2nd April
report at 12pm.. i came 20 mins late but i wasnt the latest k! i was considered the earliest.. hahas.. as per normal.. ice breaking session.. my FAs are Melvin and Berlinda.. hahas.. i think they are good la.. it's my first time working with them.. hahas..

there's 5 empires.. hahas! mine is CHRONOS! the theme is age of mythology.. the other empire are ares, hemes, zephyrous and poseidon.. hahas.. im the god of time!

My group members are.. i try to remember all of them kays.. but seriously can remember those that stayed for the 3rd days.. hahas.. okie.. they are... jian hua, wee you, jia bao, dave, andy, amzhar, jeremy, cheryl, lynnete, amanda, zhi cong, christopher, bao lin, fang lu, katherine, jonathan, benjamin & ivan.. tat's the MAX i can remember! hahas.. i played lots of game! 2nd time doing flag.. hahas.. i love to disturb yuan hua (in between) and chris (topper, si niu nai)... hahas.. JIan Hua is bcoz he dun get the game.. last day den he knew.. ahas.. den christopher.. hahas.. he damn tall lor! some more, tat time he wanna say higher but he say top-per.. so funny.. and si niu nai game.. i was playing wif him la.. den his action is the ohm ohm chukky chukky action! hahas.. den chukky chukky at the nene there.. hahas.. imagine la... hahas.. everyone laugh lor.. we re-match twice also! hahas.. too funny... amzhar, zhi cong, cheryl and jeremy is my flag makers team.. while finishing them, we keep playing games.. hahas.. so im sooo much closer wif them.. lynette is my FO fellow GLs.. so of course i noe them.. benjamin is a nice guy.. andy, after this camp, my impression of him changes.. seriously, i've never like him.. coz of some reason.. but this camp changes my tots.. dave, i like the way he laugh! wen he laugh, his right shoulder will shake more vigorous den his left should stay put.. damn cute lor..

at night, night-walk.. hahas. my team is wee you, jian hua and zhi cong.. im the only gal.. hahas.. zhi cong likes to bully mii la.. hahas.. but then.. it was fun.. coz i got to noe them better.. especially jian hua.. coz i bonded wif wee you at TBC - bumble bee and zhi cong while making flag.. Darren is irritating la.. he scared mii lots of time.. and i scream like hell la.. hahas.. the eng 1 was the best station i visit..

3rd April
i hate the wet games.. especially the station outside audi.. ketchup+water is damn disgusting.. and the flour+water tat kena my eyes is damn pain... im not gonna say who did tat to mii.. but i hope tat wun happen to anyone else.. it's really pain.. i was tearing (not cry arh)! hahas.. performance nite.. i spend lots of time practicing the dance.. first time.. hahas.. it's really interesting.. hahas.. overall, the perf night was damn funny!!!

4th April
treasure hunt and final clash was fun! final clash.. haiz... i got slap on my face... WHICH STUPID ASS DUNNO HOW TO AIM AR? hahas... the water bomb went straight on my right face! damn pain.. btw, i was the lollipop holder.. so can say, im the most wet especially my leg.. the dick guy damn funny also.. hahas.. he like in front of mii like so many time... to burst my lollipop.. hahas..

my empire won the best cheer! of course la! i really like all the cheers! especially...

lastly.. chronos and zephyrus combine empire to be zenos! hahas.. damn cute! here's their cheer... Ghostbuster Tune
There's sth strange.. in the neighbourhood... who do u call? ZENOS!
god of GOD... we gonna shit ur pants.. who do u call? ZENOS!
we gonna blow you, blow you, blow you tenene! 4 times

5th April
komez day aka OTC refresh 3.. hahas... i didnt noe there's so many refresh.. hahas.. FOs is in 2 day time.. im super excited.. i hope i could be a good and caring GL... i really work hard to be one.. and i really wanted to be one since im a freshmen.. this is my turn to be GL! hahas..

had station games.. and then, mass GL cheer practice.. i REALLY REALLY REALLY like the classic cheer la! dun scrap it la!!! i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go all out to defend the creator of the classic cheer.. seriously.. he did a great job! woohoo!

i have to rest!!! coz 6 days of FO coming up! so yeah! tat's all for now..

Spring Waltz

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it's sad tat Singapore doesnt get to experience the 4 season.. if there's winter, we could learn how to ski.. hahas.. niwaes.. i just completed Spring Waltz.. as this is the last and final season of work by Director Yoon Suk Ho (he directed autumn tale, winter sonata, summer scent and spring waltz), i tot it would be a sad ending.. hahas.. he must be genuis to direct the drama of 4 seasons.. and all the drama were hits! lols.. okie... enuf of the director.. lols.. Cast is Seo Do Young (i was interested to know his drama coz of unstoppable marriage) and Daniel Henny.. lols.. it's always the male cast..

niwaes.. got to say bye bye to holiday and welcome camps and school! i'll be going for OLTC later.. freak.. i havent pack my bag.. hahas.. hope it will be a good one.. i dun have good feeling bout it.. but yeah, let's make the best out of it.. hahas..

i was browsing my workpad yesterday, saw my stuff and was looking for some other stuff.. and i end seeing photos.. i think it shud be wen i was sec 3.. i'll post it here..

this pict is big sia.. niwaes.. this was the period where I like kenny.. hahas.. long hair.. freaks..

this one also.. it was early in the morning.. i think we all just bath.. hahas.. i guess at tat time I was truly obsessed with kenny.. if only i was stronger.. hahas..

this is my classroom.. cant see much though.. i think we were celebrating lisa b'day.. so i took the chance to take photo wif piggy and inspirational bear twins.. hahas.. those were the happie times..

and last.. the unexpected picture.. i was always wondering how would Kaiwen look like now.. so here is the latest picture i could get.. this shud be in the late January this year.. i guess he lose weight.. hahas.. and more handsome now.. i noe tat almost none of my classmates had met him since graduation nite... so here u go guys.. if u miss him, go CALL him la.. hahas..

i think he is doing real well in his golf now.. hahas.. it's his interest.. im sure he will do his best.. study well too ya! FIGHTING! =P

tat's all for now.. im rushing actually hahas! just tot of updating before going for OLTC.. so i'll see u guys soon wen im back.. hehes..