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due to some family emergency, i didnt go for the sentosa outing.. it's my grandma.. okie.. so i was kept busy at the hospital the whole weekend.. even now..

it's CASH day.. so yeah.. boring.. lols.. for lecture, i sat wif pheiyani.. den for lab, one hour we spent at the Reuters lab.. seriously, it's very dry.. i dunno why la.. i feel sleepy... den we went to the main lab.. we did nothing much..

after tat, i went to meet phei... we waited for johannes.. den go home!

tuesday aka today!
CMSK4 was okie.. den got 1 hr break only! after tat we have 6 hours of BIS and COTS lab... but i think quite slack.. just heavy for the first hour coz of ttl.. den OTOT.. im slightly worried for my BIS.. coz i scared i choose wrong company den die liao.. so now, im reading on 2 case study... im still deciding whether i wanna do Disneyland Resort Paris or IBM... haiz.. first time im so worried for my assignment.. lols.. den for COTS, we juz read the case study earlier.. den i think it's almost like SAS la.. the cover page, the group project.. haiz.. lols.. den this time, the group must be in 5566.. so i tot my group will take 5 lor.. coz, my first impression was like, who wans to be in our group.. im surprised that valerie and ailan volunteered to be wif us..

but i overheard some few ppl words la.. i dunno.. is my clique or group tat bad? it's like.. someone said, y u wanna be in tat grp and so on.. tat bad meh? till the point tat we have to be 4 all the time.. frankly, the sentence does hurt mii.. but i juz cant believe it la.. haiz.. just hope nothing will happen la.. i really dun mind who do wif mii.. i juz dun wan any internal conflicts.. tat's all.. i mean tat's wat i fear.. this kind of things are bound to happen.. but then again, watever... really unbelievable.. i didnt expect some ppl to say until like tat.. SIGH SIGH SIGH!

den went to meet my freshie! they did SAS.. and while they doing, i do my things.. although we tok and laugh alot.. i feel guilty.. and im so scared i give them wrong info for the projects.. the things is we doing diff case study wat.. hahas.. but i think they r more hardworking than us.. lols.. and i cant believe tat BORIS is in super band.. lols.. drummer some more.. ROCKER la u! lols

waited and still waiting for pheiyani right now.. i think she will take damn long la.. latest till 8.30.. hahas.. den go home! lols.. im super hungry.. but yeah.. go home den eat.. i wanna eat KIMCHI noodle.. wanna cook spaghetti but i didnt buy any chicken.. i have my spag, sauces and mushroom waiting for mii.. no meat only.. lols.. one day must really cook.. i miss my cooking... lols..

oh ya.. gloria likes LIXING! lalala.. and yiren?? really meh?? or izit EUGENE? lols.. scandal everywhere! almmost everyone say yi ren is cute.. not bad ar.. but i think some1 else cute lei.. lols.. dun wan to say who.. hehes..

and ya! i got a call from KBCC again.. for netball competition.. lols.. i gain weight liao lei.. hahas.. i join coz of pei shan! hahas.. my good fren.. and got someone from my block, live above mii, older than mii name Faradilla? lols.. who sia.. i noe got fara in my block but she younger than mii ma.. tat's faizalulla's sister btw.. lol.. i dun like her lei.. and oh shit.. their name is alike lei.. i think it's her! OMG!!! this is not good.. but this is so interesting.. i got new fren(maybe) from my own block! lols.. the lady even gave mii her unit number.. lols.. im not stalker lei! lols..

tat's all for now.. got time, i'll update again..