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walau.. i overslept! hahas.. i woke up at 9am and which is my first lecture.. so i missed BIS.. den reach skool about 10.30, which is halfway through CASH lecture.. so decided to skip too.. den straight go have breakfast wif my C210.. wow! i was so amazed... the whole class was there.. hahas! so cool! so we ate at design coz they dun like IITAS... hahas.. i sat wif jin feng and eugene.. den wee you join the last seat.. hahas.. i seriously like eugene shoes.. hahas.. i wouldnt realise it till he spilled his ice tea.. hahas.. chaat chat chat.. den still got extra time, i tot of showign them the library but BAD timing.. time left like 10 mins.. hahas.. so i went to accompany some gals to printing shop.. while the others pangsey us.. hahas.. den i rush for CASH tut.. hahas.. some IDIOT go and tell chinchai i didnt attend lecture.. u wait ar! revenge is SWEET!! hahas.. timetable sux, we got one hr break after tat... and then go for FOI lecture.. hahas.. my brain cells gone liao.. so many things to absorb.. time was short.. she was like trying to finish 12 page of lecture in 2 hrs.. NAH!!! some more i was pissed off bout the make up lesson... but now, i think she put in lots of effort to help us.. hahas... den yeah.. CASH tut again! y split the TUT? dumb lei! hahas.. den go tuition.. my brain cells dry out la.. i sleep early also.. i fall asleep while having mass convo.. lols.. so sorrie.. hehe

I GOT GO CASH LECTURE OKIE! hahas.. but yeah late.. sianx.. den i tot got APEL so i didnt bring lappie.. skali no APEL! so we go lab and slack... den NICK scares mii halfway wen i met him at levell 5.. they say got APEL.. i went into the room, i saw chinchai and the class.. wah.. i shock till wanna die liao la.. hahas.. den chinchai said no apel.. juz tat they got no place to go so he open the room for them.. hahas.. den went to lab again and print notes.. print notes, not enuf.. dumb la.. den go for combine CASH lab at LT 3 after tt FOI tut.. cool Reuters lab! hahas.. i love it la.. one monitor play youtube and the other see REUTERs stuff.. hahas.. seriously, damn fun.. hahas..

Friday aka TODAY!
went for ECONS tut.. 9am.. i came in.. i saw Jonathan.. so i sat beside him.. the tutor crap & crap & crap.. 9.25am - class dismissed den my classmates enter.. hahas.. so we stayed there for another 5 mins.. den go liao! so i had like 2 and half hour to slack.. hahas... so i went library to do my FOI tut.. den meet huanyi.. meet my C210.. hahas.. den slack at the locker there till 12.45pm.. den go for FOI tut.. rush like hell, 2.10 manage to escape juz to go ECONS lecture.. den ECONS lecture ends at 2.45pm.. wen back home and sleep.. woke up at 5pm just to meet chronosians.. but i went to pay bills first.. den take bus.. interesting thing happen in the bus.. the ahma left her grandsons in the bus.. hahas.. i even went to wake the boy up la.. den he like dun care... so i also cant be bothered... den reach tamp intc at 7.30 sharp! hahas.. den run to KFC and they cant be spotted... in the end they at mac, waiting for seat.. lols.. IN THE END, we ate KFC together wif some ITO freshie.. hahas.. new frens, sebastian, nicholas, harold, emmeline, alicia and samantha! hahas.. remember them clearly.. hahas..

got lots of time to slack, we went to soem place, sit at the stage and tok cock.. it was sian at first.. slowly, things r fun.. hahas.. LIVE mass CONVO.. lols.. den go home.. kena scolded by my mum for gg home late.. haiz.. it was only 12.03am la! sian.. my mum threatened to tell my dad liao.. tmr got sentosa outing some more.. dunno whether can escape anot.. lols.. coz tmr sure go home late again.. somemore, my C210 not gg sentosa la.. i damn sad la.. walau.. but i really hope they could join us for dinner.. den marcus spoiler.. say bout tmr soccer match.. i also noe la.. especially wen it's manu.. hahas.. but yeah.. dun pangsey mii lei.. i damn sad lei.. haiz..

den heard there's komez ice skating tmr.. really ar? y i dunno one? juz not lunch also... how come i dunno.. i close one eye coz i got lecture tat time.. but ice skating lei? walau.. den tmr i got sentosa trip.. i pangsey u ppl liao la.. haiz.. y things always last minute one? i damn sian liao la.. damn sad.. haiz..

dun care liao la.. i go sleep.. nitez!