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im still recovering from FOWC.. hahas.. the word recovering make it sounds like wat sia.. hahas..
im still resting.. hahas.

it was really great to be a GL.. im lucky to get really enthu freshies regardless of FOW or FOC.. i think they were really great.. as a GL im really proud of them..

although i was demoralise being a GL in day 5... im glad it doesnt make any bad impact on mii much on the last day.. in fact i really chiong on the last day... i dun care if o lost my voice or anything.. haiz.. but yeah freshies.. positions does not matter.. wat really matters is tat we make the best out of FO and make it the most memorable FO in our lives.. just like how i really enjoyed my FO wen i was a freshies... being a GL is really an unforgettable memory to mii..

on the first day as a GL.. i was looking at places where i used to sit wen i was a freshie.. the sports complex [at venos area], the sports gallery [the place i always sit and eat] and see my GLs.. i told them.. i was once there... and it was a great feeling.. i make really good fren from FO.. i make lots of frens from GL.. in fact, thanks to FO, i got closer with other fellow GL from other empire.. hahas..

this is also the first time i lost my voice due to shouting.. hahas.. seriously.. i also go for 3 days camp.. so my voice limit is till there.. wen i need to survive for 6 days.. hahas.. by the 4th day.. my voice is MAN liao and i really start coughing..

i understand there are always internal conflicts here and there.. but from the bottom of my heart, i would like apologise if i hurt anyone in a way or another..

my last word for FO is.. I LOVE KOMEZ!

i really got lots of things to say.. but squeezing 6 days here seems a bit too diff for mii.. but let's recap special moments in FO...

Day 1
I got to know my sub-empire and heads.. seriously, in a point of view of a GL, it wasnt tat good.. coz seriously, i keep getting confused.. and wen i got confused and it's prolonged, i would get agitated.. but yeah.. the freshies having fun and making mii laugh really help things better.. as others had said, FOW is more difficult than FOC.. yup! tat's right.. coz we have the responsibility to make them stay.. i make new frens from my sub empire such as Jed, Joey, John, Jasmine, Elizabeth, Carson aka charles, Farah and more..

Day 2
here is wen i got to know who is enthu who is not.. those ppl who came back really make my day.. coz at least i know tat my effort or other GLs effort in day 1 makes them come back.. even if there's other reasons.. day 2 is the most fun day for mii and the freshies.. we play and chiong all the time.. hahas.. 3 cheers for komix!

good job in ur night performance.. u guys makes us proud.. and the hand sign song and all, i know it's a lil rush.. but if u r interested, we can still teach u.. hahas.. im so addictive.. coz this is the first time i got all the hand sign for the song.. and tp school song, after 2 days of memorising, it got paid off.. although i forget here and there.. hahas..

soem of the GLs gathered to make FO better.. so we all put in effort and thx to JY, we created a cute cheer.. hahas.. from there, im slowing bonding wif my empire.. i really like tat.. but guys, in life, we really got to learn to give and take.. coz, out of millions, billions, trillions of ppl out there, wat makes u think tat they will always listen to u? and sometimes, to bottle things up is better than speaking it out.. coz no matter wat.. u've created a gap between 2 ppl.. only time knows wen it will close.. but it's definitely not in 7 or 10 days time..

Day 3
huntgry.. i think u guys did great!!! moving as an empire is not an easy task.. i know lots of shouting and all.. but yeah.. we are a team! and those who got injured, rest well k.. so sorrie tat we GLs didnt take care of u well enuf.. thanks to this whole bunch group of ppl, tat i keep on stressing on safety.. it's really important.. coz if there's alot of injured ppl in an empire, it affects the empire as a whole...

time was rushing.. we were forced to ask the freshies to go off.. didnt get to say proper goodbye.. we GLs had a heart to heart tok.. im glad... but not all can speak up just like tat.. seriously.. sorrie freshies tat waited for us at CPF.. even i didnt go CPF.. coz really, there's a need to wash things..

Day 4
a new beginning for FOC.. a really bonded Komez GL come in to welcome the freshmens.. we meet at 9 am for breakfast.. hahas.. tat day, i was in charge of crowd control.. i saw afif, edwin and ivan.. hahas.. my TKians... afif is in my empire.. but den i think they were not in a very luckily situation, they didnt get to go for the camp.. wasted effort for packing, coming and queueing.. sorrie guys..

ice breaking was more organised.. less confusing.. more fun.. seriously, got lots of cute guys.. but yeah.. not meant for mii.. boohoo.. i tend to be toking more wen eating.. this is one of the habit tat i hate to change.. everyone tat knows mii knew tat I DUN TOK WEN I EAT.. but yeah.. must try and make an effort.. so yeah.. for the first time, i took so long to eat.. which really, i dun like.. and moving places wen im eating is another habit tat i dun like.. if the gap is like 1 seat away, okie la.. i will give and take.. but if it's from one corner to another, wah, im speechless.. there i had internal conflict wif someone.. coz seriously, tat's not the right way to tok! but then wen i try to think of myself, sometimes wen i tok, i always give a not happy face tat may causes other ppl to be unhappy.. so yeah.. i held myself back.. in life, we really need to learn how to control ourselves..

Day 5
got to know peng chen, keith, gary, shi hao, eugenes, douglas, kelvin, kelwin, faris, jasons and many more.. hahas.. i put lots of guys name.. gals got cosina, rachel, joanna, nicollete and many many more.. im not really good in memorising names.. but i will make an effort k!!! hahas.. a lil cock up at the teaching hand sign and school song but it was okie afterall.. great job to komez for chiong-ing so hard...

at night, i was demoralise as a GL.. i was crying since the Komix briefing.. no1 saw mii crying.. until selina came to mii.. u noe how it feels.. it's like.. i've been using myself to the max.. my voice, my strength, my energy and yet i still hear some of the GLs not doing anything.. i really wan to know who tat person is.. seriously.. coz i got hurt bcoz of tat.. it's like, i cant run long distance, but in FO, i really make an effort to run at every station.. try not to sit at the station.. try not to look tired in front of the freshies.. try to keep on cheering.. but it's really beyond my strength... but i keep pumping myself.. keep telling myself.. 6 days in a year is all i have.. this 6 days is wat i need to keep on sacrificing for myself, freshies and Komez.. but i hear there's ppl keep on not doing anything wen my energy is finishing, not cheering wen i already losing my voice and coughing.. i really understand how yunru and kandis and bumble bee felt.. they r great GLs.. of course, i think bumble bee better... i think she really make an effort to help mii out wherever i cant make it.. as for yunru and kandis, although we r not tat close... but yeah.. i think u guys r great.. seriously.. thx for all the effort in creating cheers and making mii laugh..

night performance.. was great too.. hahas.. GLs performance was too funny.. i cant stop laughing.. hahas.. really great... we did the CLASSIC CHEER! yeah!!! hahas.. great job to the cheering team.. hahas.. seriously.. wen i see Daniel using the mic to cheer, it looks like he's singing.. hahas.. im very bad.. btw, he's kandis bf.. they make a great couple..

Day 6
in life, MUST GIVE AND TAKE!!! wah... cant take it.. i bottle things up.. but if ppl mess it up, i'll definitely blow off.. tat's how I works.. just forget la.. in the end, i apologise for ANY unhappiness.. cant believe tat i GIVE IN in the end.. i really hates to do give in all the time.. but from the bottom of my heart, im willing to forget wat had happen.. if i can accept it, so can u..

really tired.. but i chiong all the way.. the lin between being a GL and participant is really thin.. coz i really wan to help them in huntgry.. but great job to Komix.. u guys learn fast!!

boohoo to yvonne for announcing the result in tat manner.. I TOT IT WAS A TRIAL!!! some more, it was too suddenly and NO DDRUMROLL? wah.. i was stun wen the result was out.. it's really unbelievable.. first time in FO i cried so much.. i noe my position tat i cant show it.. so i keep holding it.. but it just burst out wen i see others cry.. the slideshows, i cried too recalling tat times in FO.. i cried wen the year 3 tok and cried.. it was even more touching wen the freshies keep saying we love GLs.. seriously.. i keep bursting to tears.. i dun cry easily but tat day.. it was too sad.. it's not the result guys.. i swear.. the result does not matter to mii at all.. but these tears are becoz I personally think tat i didnt do much for u guys and it's already the end.. i cant turn back time.. this experience make mii realise do not take things for granted..

u freshies are great!!! whether in FOW or FOC, u guys r too good.. we GLs r proud of u guys.. bcoz of u guys, we GLs r more bonded than ever.. wen i see some of the freshies cry as we were crying, i was touched too.. not tat im sadistic.. but it's a sign tat they care.. wen we were having GL briefing, the ppl keep cheering at the gallery.. waited for us to go CPF.. hahas.. on day 3, i told Selina, i die die dun wan to go CPF.. at last i went.. and i was like the last batch to go off la.. hahas. it was too painful to leave things like tat.. so i went.. played games and tok to them.. hahas.. it was really great..

1am +++ selina waited for so long to go back wif mii.. hahas.. den keith live at simei.. so i decided to drop him off despite the not in the way thingy.. hahas.. he's my freshies.. i got the responsibility to send him off.. yea yeah.. i think he's really cute.. peng also la.. opps! someone dun get jealous or angry hor!!! =P i wan to cause trouble at times too.. lols.. im really sadistic..

another same last word... KOMEZ! u rocking rocks my socks!

went for tuition wif heavy eyes and sore throat.. den went out wif say haow.. met wif tat yi, shep, ben, john and many more at parkway.. hahas.. it was a surprise.. hahas..

now is Week 0.. need to prepare lots of things.. hahas...
i really really really hope tat I got into FBI classes.. 2ndly, i wish i could be a good OL.. and lastly, i wish i will be more bonded wif my chronos peeps.. it's not tat we r not bonded.. but i wan to be more bonded.. coz we r small u see.. so it's easier..

today, had OLTC refresh 1.. basically, pack things, tok to my mates again.. it was fun! cchronos rox! hahas.. love them.. they always take care of mii.. hahas.. meeting them again later.. hahas.. although i have a small urge to be LT head which i think i wont.. hahas.. but still i wan to be a great OL! a lil disappointed tat im not able to scared the freshmens.. hahas.. i want empire shirt.. hehes..

the FOs peeps all go crazy.. we all keep cheering FO stuff.. A C C, K-O-K-O-K-O-M-E-Z, P is for powerful, JUDO, AIKIDO, VEVEVEVEVEVENOS..

but im definitely looking forward for regatta and jam n hop! and sat outing!!! hahas... it's gonna be fun i hope..

okie.. i need to get busy... as in.. sleep.. hahas..