Week 0

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wah.. seriously.. i love C210! hahas.. i think becoz i really put in lots of effort.. tat's y.. i dun regret anything.. i like one guy from this class... hahas.. consider him my eye candy la.. hahas.. he damn cute in this pict also.. hehes.. i noe all of their names.. but too long to list down.. there's 22 students! so lucky... 11 guys and 11 gals.. too fair.. hahas..

Day 1
super dry! all the time we sat at LT except for lunch, dinner and mass dance.. hahas.. during the mass dance, i partner wif boris.. tat's how i got to noe him closer.. hahas.. nightwalk was the best ar.. 9 ppl only and im the only OL following them.. hehes.. i had lots of fun scaring them man.. especially the gals.. hahas.. damn rocking.. and seriously, i was dead tired on tat day.. den still got briefing.. haiz.. i doze off 3 times.. and was caught by Darren on the second time.. hahas.. it was embarassing.. but even after tat, i still doze off.. i seriously cant control myself.. hahas..

Day 2
i was so glad coz C210 was hyper than day 1.. and a lil more bonded.. hahas.. it was great la.. hahas.. had lots of fun.. had dinner wif other freshies.. hahas.. i think ITO.. dunno la.. my CHRONOS mate freshies.. hehe.. they r fun too! hahas..i got WET! at astro turf.. i was so proud wen i say let us all get wet.. hahas.. and they really willign to get wet.. great job to C210! love them.. den showering.. hahas! i shower alone! i was damn scared tat on MUSIC loud loud.. hahas.. the moment i step out, den ppl start entering the cubicle.. so sway.. haiz.. den i slept at 2am coz i went to do the letter to freshies.. hahas.. had lot of trouble at first.. but it turn out alrite.. hahas..

Day 3
wah.. i couldnt sleep.. so I emo early in the morning.. den saw jiabao.. he said he was having bad sore throat.. hahas.. so i gave him my pei pa kao syrup and strepsils.. hahas.. CHRONOSians must take care of each other.. hahas.. den, yvonne was early.. so i tok to her.. hahas.. there's some who are really older than mii.. hehes.. so cool rite.. olympiad - same tots as last year... so i shall not say.. regatta.. damn sad - gals senior fot last! but the guys make us proud! they got 2nd! WHO SAY WE NEVER WIN ANYTHING?! i think i shud recommend eugene.. coz i saw him introducing himself to someone he dunno.. good job! he did well in dressing up also.. as in the mr/ms universe.. hahas.. late at night, had long chat wif the chronosians.. hahas.. i owe ivan 5 buck on cab fare! hahas.. thank god he lives near mii.. if not, i no money take cab.. hahas...

got sentosa outing.. but im sick.. so i went to see doctor.. hahas.. doctor told mii go hospital check up further... haiz.. hate this kind of thing.. lols.. den at nite, i join my komez peeps at vivo.. was fun.. but sad, my voice.. haiz.. i really love komez! of course, chronos too!

go hospital.. check up.. result not out.. so dun care.. den wen to visit my ah ma at hospital.. den do tuition.. den home! hahas..

tmr skool.. cant believe it tat im year 2 now.. time fly really fast.. haiz.. new chapter liao.. so must jia you! and yeah.. i got econs for CDS.. and same class as alvin.. thanked god got someone same class as mii.. i was like damn sian wen i see almost no one same class as mii.. and yeah.. pheiyani got econs too and same class as nicholas..

now having mass convo wif chronos.. so see u!