it really hurts..

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It hurts.. when I can’t tell my honest feelings and just keep it to myself. I rather that I had lied. At least I know that I’m a bad person..

It hurts.. when I can’t cry and yet I keep smiling to everyone and myself… I rather that I had cried out loud. At least I know that I’m a crybaby..

It hurts.. when I have to act ignorant when deep down I really care and curious.. I rather be a busybody.. At least I know that I’m not a good person..

It hurts.. that I had to think hard to look for a proper place to cry out my feelings.. a place where there’s no one but the four walls..

It just hurts to be me…

EXCITING outing!! hahahas

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wahahahhaas.. sometimes it's reallie true.. wherever you plan.. it just doesnt go ur way...

blue + green + pink is MY font.. and the rest is cheemeng's... hahahahas..

so what actually happen on the actually day? LOLS
1) Parking Lot!
instead of parking at OGS.. the boys actually park at market street carpark (freaking far from OGS and walk over for dinner... lols.. smart to the max... ) and they were late.. (kinda expected.. HEHEHEHEHE!!)

2) Dinner!
luckily our dinner location wasnt crowded.. (since we keep contemplating whether to call for reservation.. ahahahas) and we managed to eat our dinner! (PS with free soup... LOLS... ) will never forget the rice BOWL story~~ and the BFF story (LAW CHEE MENG!!!!~)

3) Let's go WATCH movie..
and so.. we are supposed to watch movie.. we parked the vehicle at certain shopping mall (hahahas. forgot again!) and we're dead worried that our vehicle cant come out since the carpark closes at 11pm.. so there's no wayyy we could watch late movie.. so in the end.. we changed the plan to go shopping for say haow's stuff to Japan and also shop for out mini outing/picnic at marina barrage.. hahahas picnic at night.. interesting anot?!

@313 say haow wanted to buy some pant at cotton on.. and we realised that it's not worth it.. so we try to look for other things there.. so we went to uniqlo - tat had super lots of variety of pants! - and yet say haow didnt buy any!! and cheemeng end up spending instead!! hahahahas.. tat's always the case.. and then we realised tat 313 is just not the mall to shop for say haow.. so in the end~ we went back to our carpark shopping mall, went to robinson and bought his jeans.. and the shop tat we choose to buy was choosen on impulse coz of kim hyun joong! hahahahas damn funnie.. i was like.. "ehh! it's my SS501 leader~~" and then we went over to tat shop.. HAHAHHAS.. by the time we reached there, it was kinda late and the shop are mostly packing to close shop.. so imagine we rush like mad.. hahahas...

NEXT! we rushed to cold storage to buy stuff for out mini outing! hahahas. due to time constraint, we simply take and throw the stuff in the trolley! hahahahs.. it's reallie like picnic as we bought stuff like apple n banana (lols! thanks to mii!), chips and chips and chips, bread, lots of drinks (sorrie!), ice cream and etc!! hahahahas.. we are like mentally prepared to stay overnight! hahahahahahahas.

5) let's GO to MARINA BARRAGE!
it was a tough thing to decide between ecp or marina barrage.. hahahas. so since we're in the city area, we decide on marina barrage.. hahahas... and we reached there at ard 11.30 pm! hahahas.. wrong choice.. super wrong choice.. hahahas.. coz one, place kinda pack - we cldnt get the scenic view (say haow makes lots of noise from it!!!).. and two, it was super dark.. seriously lack of lights ard there.. but the nice thing abt there is of course the KITE!!~ hahahahas .. damn cool la..

and wen we finally settled down.. starts eating our melting ice cream first (which cheemeng drop all the time.. say haow complain not nice and mii eating super slow and noisy.. hahahas), we open up our drinks (different ppl open different drink!! hahahas.. cheemeng opened his nutritea, mii open up my orange juice and say haow open up his carrot juice.. lols..funnie to the max!) and start eating our heaty chips! hahahas.. as we getting deeper to conversation (yes.. deep talks...) the stupid water have to spoil it alll~ RAWR! the place was watering the grass with the auto water.. and damn!!~ we got wet.. and i got wet the most! oh well.. slow reaction.. hahahahas..
chee meng was like the water is coming and i reacted slow to it.. and serve mii rite.. super wet on my back.. and we tot it's just a one time thing.. it keeps spraying and we keep running and complaining! hahahas.. so we decided to get out of the place!!! hahahahas.. we sat tat for like and hr only la! wasted trip! shud have gone to other places..

so now.. we actually heading to ecp.. (in our mind~) COZ the random mii (actually not random la.. just tat i remembered how much say haow complain abt mii being his BFF and yet had never visited his new house(not so new la.. 3 yrs liao) at woodlands.. so i suggested to go to say haow house.. and everyone agreees.. and here we go~~~

6) WOODLANDS aka SAY HAOW house.. here we come!!~ lols!
and so we had decided to settle down at say haow house.. by the time we reached there was like 1am.. and after washing up and all, we finally sat down to play games.. we play monopoly chia version.. LOLS! the game was fairly fun!~ hahahahahas.. with say haow's suayness.. cheemeng's luckiness.. and my.. ahem.. 50 50 suay and luck... we played till 4am!! hahahahas.. by 4am.. we start feeling sleepy.. especially tan say haow.. hahahas.. he keeps laying down wanting to sleep! while mii adn cheemeng tot tat we cld never wake up once we sleep.. hahahas! so to distract ourselves, we start watching some videos.. hahahahas.. time flies kinda fast.. hate the guys though.. heavy heads!!! lols! almost suffocate there!!~

7) cannot take it anymore!! let's go!!~
wen the clock strike 5am.. we start getting out of say haow house.. and heads towards 24hr mac! ahahas.. at woodlands mart.. it was quite a distant from his house.. and the police even tot say haow was a lost kid.. hehehe.. reached mac.. had breakfast.. hahahas.. i didnt noe they had the deluxe bf.. i think it's a good deal though! hahahas.. as usual.. we had sooo many things to complain.. such as the ppl there gave us super lots of margarine and 5 box of maple syrup.. and we were like.. i think we'll use 2 only la.... and then complain abt salt and pepper.. hahahahas.. every little things.. seriously~ hahahahas.. and then we start realising our different eating styles.. for bf only la.. hahahhas.. the most cmi one is chee meng! i dun even wan to remember it!! rawr! hahahahas.. and then we realised it's 6am already wen we heard the national anthem! hahahas.

8) finally home sweet home..
and sooo.. we head home... hahahahahas.. dead tired.. the moment i open the door, my 1st and 3rd brother with my mum were looking at mii.. they tot im in my room sleeping.. hehehehe.. i reach home ard 6.30am! and so.. i had decided to sleep in my brother room instead..more like to disturb my 2nd brother..hehehe... half asleep 2nd bro saw mii and asked 'why you wake up soo early!" and so i said that i just reached home adn it's only 2am! he noobly believed mii and went back to sleep.. he had no clue abt it till abt noon~~ hahahas.. wen my mum was making noise abt mii gg home late! hahahahs~ NOOB ttm! lols..

overall! the trip is super interesting and awesome! hahahas.. we did sooo many things tat we never did before.. yes! realllie many!! and we realised the picture of mii and cheemeng is displayed at say haow house.. AWWWW!~ so sweeet!~ cheemeng keep saying im super high all the time.. hahahas.. we realised say haow true colour.. hahahahas.. he cannot tahan torning la.. hehehehe.. and many other things as well! fun fun fun!!! the trip was super memorable tat i had decided to blog abt it!~

and so... hari is signing off!!~ ((: