Xmas~ SiKai Bday~ Movies~

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well.. i wouldnt say my xmas had been a busy one.. but i had lots of fun~ hahas.

now on movie craze.. hahahas.. im like watching lots and lots of movie laa... hahahas.
i tink the first movie i watch after a long hiatus was AVATAR. hahhas.
i watched it with Shaun Pel Panha (LOLS) and Mr Sulaiman.
again, it's like the reunion of the CEOs... hahas.. mii being the first CEO and followed by Panha.
Mr Sulaiman forever being the president of Cuckoo Club.. LOLS.. i love CUCKOO CLUB! lols.. miss those times!!! meeting them was a great pleasure.. LOLS.. we discuss about lots of things.. from computers to lappies to IT stuff to cameras to games to life.. hahahas. the movie was great!! hahas..
except for some part.. which i had a long argument with LEE SI KAI. lols.. oh well.. hahas.

following it was Sherlock Holmes.. hahas.. this one is super random. on facebook chat sobir was asking mii bout xmas etc etc. den by random he told mii tat he wanna watch movie alone.. LOLS. and mii randomly too said that i can accompany him if he wants.. LOLS. the point that i misunderstood was the day to watch.. i tot it was another day but then it was the day itself - 25 dec. but it's a goood thing coz i finally realised that i can book ticket using my UOB TX card that i got 3 yrs ago.. lols.. although the seat location was bad.. the movie was awesome.. hahas.. 10.50pm show and of course cabbed back.. hahhas.

den the next day, i got plans with syakira and amirah from like weeks ago.. hahs. coz i promised syak to watch new moon but drag and drag and drag.. hahhas. just to be scolded by them for watching sherlock holmes without them! LOLS. so yes.. watch sherlock holmes for the second time..hahahas... same movie twice in less than 24 hrs.. hahhas. but the outing was awesome as well.. though i got scolded, like again, for sleeping during the movie.. RAWR! but seriously, we need to stop twitting over every little things la!!! hahahas.

after that, amirah need to go off first leaving mii and syak at raffles city.. we spend some time at paper market - where my inspiration to be creative but CMI came about... hahas.. thanks syak for all the influencing.. i bought stuff to make sikai's bday card.. hahas.. was super excited wen we browse the shop. lots of things to buy.. lots of idea.. but the shop DAMN EX! lols.. after spending, mii and her went to ben and jerry for ice cream.. and then here come the random conversation to go L4D2. lols.. mad mad mad.. thanks syak for teaching.. i think i had lots of fun rawring.. however, it's stressful for a first timer.. LOLS.. went to dhoby ghaut to play..

sikai bday.. hahas. super interesting... wen mii and vale first plan it, we decided to do DIY cake.. however, we didnt noe 313 got the cake shop... the shop that we wanted to go to is like at JURONG. lols.. however, the tot of DIY-ing the cake makes us excited. thanks sharleen for telling us that 313 have the DIY cake shop.. we become more firm of getting him the DIY cake.. LOLS. and somehow, mii and nicole went over to make it and we r like small kids sia.. super excited to make the cake.. hahas.. at the same time, i feel sorrie for sikai.. hahas. coz the cake doesnt look as good as we tot. somehow it turn out tat way.. it looks nice initially.. i regret buying the additional small stars tat coz ex to mii.. LOLS.. den things got worst wen it was kept overnight.. coz some of the big stars like melt.. SORRIE sikai.. lols..

and as for his bday card.. hahas.. the CMI mii with ZERO creativity stare at the board for the whole sunday thinking wat to do with it.. LOLS.. the idea that i had at the shop somehow turn haywire wen i put it into actions! HAHAS. so i decided to call my bro for help and both of us sit down and tot of how to do it.. LOLS.. and my mum says that mii and my bro doing my SKOOL project.. hahahas. but by tuesday, i somehow feels that im doing a senseless thing.. hahas. coz initially i wanted to give it to him under my name and only my name.. coz buying those stuff at paper market is quite ex liao.. i felt might as well get a better present.. lols... k fine.. im selfish.. but i think it's fated la.. i somehow tot of how to make it more meaningful and decided to make it like RBS TP intern bday card. hahahs.. and im really glad that i did tat.. coz it became really really more meaningful tat way.. hahas. weee(:

and in the end, i bought him a dog-tag tat i found at 77th street.. hahas.. im like super happie wherever he wore it - FRIDAY... hahas.. i felt that i bought something that he appreciate! woohoo! (:

going to watch alvin and the chipmunks tmr.. YAY!

for sikai's sake.. here's all the links to the pictures. (:
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Brown Eyed Girls - Sign - i prefer the orchestra version more actually.. hahas

I love Aydan part 2~

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lols.. okie.. i got his name spelling wrongly! LOLS..
his name is spelled A-Y-D-A-N! lols..
managed to get his photos.. can't blame him for looking at mii.. coz as i said last time..
i jumped in last minute.. lols.. well.. at least i got his pict! that's leeflyn and jasmine..
apart from tat.. LAST week, i was called xmas tree early morning.. hahas.. THIS week, i was called SANTA CLAUSE!! and his reasonings crack mii up.. as always.. hahahas.. (:

this week has been a lonely one.. sad.. but then... there are enjoyable ones as well..
especially love yesterday.. coz it's half day.. and yet i achieved many things..
finally gave him the tie.. hahas.. his supposed bday present bcum xmas present.. hahahas.
it's a relief actually.. at least, now i dun have to think wen to give it to him.. lols..

Asian Bellz was good.. hahas.. it's a different experience altogether.. being the performer and the audience.. wen i watch, lots of the songs reminds mii of the past.. omens of love reminds mii of secondary school life.. It's time for sayang sayang reminds mii of the times i work with Main Wayang Company.. great performance by Axil with the Electone.. cool sia.. makes mii wanna learn it.. LOLS!

xmas eve.. i made an imprompt outing.. hahas.. sorrie for being demanding! hahahas..
but cool la... went out with vale for sushi buffet at first.. den we went for swensens with sikai and zhiyuan for dinner/dessert.. hahahas.. it was quite fun actually.. i finally have a group of ppl to hang out with in attachment.. love them for being sporting! hahahas.. reallie fun and i had lots of fun.. hope others have fun too.. hahas.. and LEE SI KAI! im still demanding xmas present from u! hahahas. went arcade.. hahas.. it's been ages since i play arcade laaaa.. lols.. fun fun fun.. weee (: thanks for making mii laugh.. coz i really needed one.. hahahs..

ur sms on monday and ur sms last night.. makes my day.. im afraid of being greedy..
but somehow.. i feel that im giving up on u.. giving up and changing lane.. maybe it's time..
that i'm finally ready to give up.. and remember it as one of the good memories i had..
hopefully.. well.. at least i hope.. i dun hesitate.. or doubt my decision..

here is Omens of Love that is popularise by T-Square.


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hahas.. the reason to update the blog this time round is becoz.... AIDEN..
hahahas.. sad! i didnt take pict of him... lols.. aiden is a really cute kid...

i took part in AOC Christmas Kid Party as elves and took care of the kids from aged 3-10..
hahas.. we planned out lots of activity for them and of course lots of SWEETS and PRESENTS! here's a picture of the elves... Melanie, Jade, Leeflyn, Rebecca, Jasmine, Mii and Wayne..

aiden was the first kid that came in. He came in with his grandpa and mum. and since he came early (not tat early - just that other kids are late), we keep bringing him to the pantry to eat and drink.. it took mii hours later to realise that he's an active kid and colouring is just not his thing.. he was super quiet wen i was doing colouring with him.. so the other elves decided to take him to other activities and i continue sitting at the cards side and do colouring with other kids such as Tom, Lily, Alexia and Audi.. Samantha, a beautiful and cute lil gal (youngest) joined in later.. hahahs.. i enjoyed audi company coz he speaks malay with mii.. well, at least he interacted with mii wen we doing colouring.. unlike aiden.. lols.. but.. hahahahas..

i cant believe a simple paper aeroplane could bond mii and aiden well.. hehehe.. aiden dun take part in group activities at all.. hahahas.. During pass the parcel game, he keep asking his mum why are we laughing.. LOLS.. so cute.. during musical chairs, he got scared when the kids are all running around and keep himself to his mum.. hahahas.. den wen i decided to play with him - paper aeroplane, he really enjoyed it to the max.. but it also drain out my energy running around.. hahahas.. we played that for hours and both of us really got tired.. the funny thing is.. he pulled my hand and told mii he wanted to sit down.. den he taught mii how to exit the social space using the glass door.. after he sat down.. he told mii he wants some drink... i dunno what drink to give him and he taught mii to take his drink from his bag.. hahahas.. so cute la he.. i really love it wherever he pulled my hands.. ahahas..

the kids did the last activity and again aiden is in his own world and dun wanna join the rest.. he keeps playing with his green aeroplane and keep looking for mii.. hahas.. there was a point of time where i went to the toilet and took drinks, he actually found mii in the wet pantry.. he was asking mii, where i go.. hahahas... so cute la.. he's my new son already la.. hahahas.. when it's finally 5pm, all of us started to pack up slowly while waiting for their parents to pick them up.. sadly, aiden mum was the last.. so in order to distract him, i pulled him to the corner and played with him.. hahahas.. and the best things about him is that, he likes to give things to other ppl.. hahahs.. he gave everyone one oreo and wen i passed one back to him, he replied mii, i dun wan.. lols.. hi-5! i dun like oreo also! hahahas.. aiden also like to hug ppl.. wherever i stop playing, he would look for mii and hug my leg.. so lovely rite~ he also adores wayne.. hu always play with him.. hahahaha.

den wen his mum came back, he was really happie.. and pulled his mum to play with mii.. but when his mum said let's go back.. he started crying, lay down on the floor and say i wan to play.. lols.. wat's funnie is tat.. he went to grab mii and cry.. hahahs.. so in order to make him stop crying, decided to play again with him.. LOLS.. when he finally happie again.. his mum managed to make him wanna go home.. hahahas.. this time round, im the one hu feels like crying.. hahahas. sad... he pulled my hand and give mii a hug.. hahas.. and that's not it.. he even gave mii a kiss.. weeee.... lols.. his mum told him to do the same for the rest.. hahahas.. and he did tat to wayne.. and not the others... LOLS! im in cloud 9!~ hahahahhas.. cute him..

i regret the most tat i didnt take pict with him.. i think there's only one pict of him and mii and the rest.. i was drinkig and i last min jumped in.. tat's the only pict.. and im like so gonna search high and low for it..hahahahas..

on the day itself, most of them finally realised tat im an intern.. hahhas.. almost faint wen the kids call mii auntie.. hahahas.. call mii sister!! hahahas.. aiden call mii jie jie/auntie.. hahahas.. and i also crack up wherever auntie brings milo in.. i keep saying i wan milo.. and auntie totally ignores mii.. hehehehe

okie.. enuf of aiden.. hahahas.. i hope to see him again.. but still.. enuf.. hahahs
happy moments in.. ever since nez is back.. the team is more lively! hahas..
i laughed at least once a day - nez totally cracked mii up everyday..
seeing how she and chris always argue and play and joke around everyday.. hahahas..
there would be at least ONE TEAM chatting session per day - rocking ones.. hahahas..
fun fun fun! but again.. SAD! it's end of the year season and all going back to celebrate xmas! hahahas... team dinner was fun! the place was noisy.. so we tend to shout out.. hahahs.. i think it was super fun laughing to the max.. hahahahs.. we are bonded now! hahahas.. hype hype!

and im getting closer to NP interns.. enjoyed chatting with edwin and shawn!~ woohoo..
terry.. maybe some other time when there are chances.. hahahas.. there are some that really CMI la.. like super dao.. but some are really nice and down to earth and nice to talk to.. weee..

zion will be sitting beside mii from jan 4 onwards.. den after tat, opp nez.. hahahas.. the team getting more and more happening.. woohoo!~ i still havent got the full team pict! hahahas.. I DUN CARE.. once my internship ends, we must have one full team pict! hahahas. which reminds mii... 2 more months... 3 months has been gone.. time will fly very fast this point onwards..

RAWR! someone call mii christmas tree on friday morning! YOU WORE GREEN ALSO! zzzzzzzzz...

You're Beautiful OST - Without a Words - Park Shin Hye Version.
There's like 9th Street version and Jang Geun Seok Version. And I'm lovin all the version.. and the whole OST, still rocking in my head despite the drama had ended for quite some time now..

xmas bazaar

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okie.. quick update on my bday celebration.. LOLS
on my bday itself, yes, spent the whole day with syakira and amirah.. hahahas
i dunno y.. but we never got bored with each other..
everytime we meet each time, time always run out on us! hahahas.

den at night, decided to rest at home and chat chat.. notably with panha.. LOLS.
thanks ar.. chat wif u but then u forget my bday.. hahas.

i purposely keep myself awake till 2359 coz im waiting for someone's wish..
but well, wat to do, although i had zero expectation, i still hoping for it..
but im still thankful for whatever i have..

on the 6th dec... i went out to see my dearie niece over at my sis in law house - JURONG!
hahas.. before going there, i had a little fall before entering the car.. hahahas..
my 2nd brother reaction - "anyone heard the sound of someone fell?"
my 3rd brother reaction - "i only saw u standing up.. DID U EVEN FALL?"
my mum reaction - "EHHHHH! young ppl fall down can stand up easily.. UNLIKE mii, i would sit there and cannot stand up anymore."
walau.. coz of my mum's scream, the whole world like noe i fall la! EMBARRASSING can! RAWR

den reached there liao.. i held my niece again.. I TOTALLY dun understand guys at all.. wat's wrong with carrying a little baby.. it's like damn light wat.. hahahas.. my niece like getting cuter la! HAHAHAS. and the thing i can never understand.. wherever i hold her, she would fall ASLEEP full force.. hahas.. im now called dullop pillow for her.. hahahas..
den during evening, my bro send mii over to PP to meet nicole.. thanks la.. save mii the trouble of travelling so far.. hahahas...

today.. RAWR..
this morning.. already rushing to work.. i wanted to meet nicole at mrt.. FAIL la..
den at the lobby lift, i nearly trip.. den i tore my pants - the bottom part.. LOLS.. damn embarrassing la.. hahahas.. something is totally wrong with mii today..
after that, go pantry, wanying accidentally spill soap on mii. but still NOT so bad.. hahhas. wen i sit down at my desk, I SPILL my TEA! rawr! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MII TODAY! RAWR! nth goes right.. nth goes okie.. RAWR! my bro ask mii to go for flower bath.. TSK! dun curse la!~

xmas bazaar.. wah damn shag la.. i totally no creativity.. ZERO! ZERO! thanked god got nicole.. she helped miii most of the time.. thankful to my dept for being understanding and supportive... TOTALLY NOOB! thanks sikai, zhiyuan and nicole for helping the setting up.. hahas.. i had more fun setting up la!~ funnie sia..

and just minutes ago.. huanyi come back singapore liao! WAT THE HECK! i tot next mon! hahaha.. sadded.. didnt fetch her la.. i also feel so damn shag today.. haiz.. sad sad sad.. nvm.. let's meet for lunch soooon!~

tat's all for mii to say? hahahahas.
and for HL - great that things went back to normal.. though im sad.. im still glad.. and FYI, i think we got closer wherever we quarrel.. but pls, i dun wanna quarrel with u alreadi!~ time is running out.. and i just wanna treasure the time together..

my adv bday celebration

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this year bday celebration was definitely wonderful with many ppl celebrating with mii~ woohoo..

01 dec.
this was the first advance celebration.
mii, jasmine chow and lim with valerie went to marina square to eat pizza @ pizza hut.
hahas.. i already knew that the purpose of meeting is to celebrate my bday however i didnt expect it to be so grand.. ahahas.. thanks guys!
the first 2 happie birthdae song honestly dissappoint mii but u guys didnt dissappoint me at all since the 3rd song is for mii!! hehehe.

and the cam whoring and wishing ball thingy at esplanade was really wonderful!~ HAD lots of laughter.. thanks la.. ahahahas

03 dec...
thanks ar vale.. nicce surprise..
the interns celebrated my bday 2 days in advance.. Y? coz they wan to surprise mii.. LOL
sorrie to sikai for being the victim of being smacked! hahahas.. they sooo funnie la..
i tot they would celebrate my bday on fri instead of thurs.. LOLS.
nicole called miii over to their seat coz sikai keep bugging her.. so i went there la..
JUST TO SMACK sikai.. LOLS.. den wen i went over, smart ar guys, went to take my cam and lighter from my bag.. LOLS.. i was pulled to the toilet.. NICOLE, u damn good actress! DAMN GOOD.. den finally we decided to go pantry and slack.. i GOT shocked.. i saw a cake..
still in disbelief, they told mii they celebrating other ppl bday.. n I REALLY BELIEVE u guys.. LOLS.. and thanks hor... huever hu contributed the idea of mii pulling the candle holder!~ damn disgusting can.. but i hope u guys enjoy it..

04 dec..
here comes another surprise.. due to sharleen going Japan, wishful thinking mii tot tat they would celebrate on 3rd rather than 4th.. so on the 4th, i have ZERO expectation liao.. LOLS..
but well.. the team celebrated for mii as well!~ hahahahas.. was really shocked and happie la... LOLS... chris was asking mii to turn over in a hurried tone.. and i tot i did something wrong.. and then there they go singing bday song to mii.. never expect the team to noe my bday la.. hahahas.. almost cried.. coz my expectations all turn haywire..

one surprise after another.. start off with joanne bday present after lunch.. followed by bbt on my table and then my team giving mii present.. i was really caught by surprised... and the bday card makes mii cry can.. the whole team had signed it despite only 3 of them in Singapore. this shows that they knew it way in advance liao.. ahahahas..

den wen i go home.. embarrassing moment happen in the train.. thanks sikai for saving mii.. LOLS..

reach home, i see my mum only.. I TOT GOT FAMILY DINNER? lols..
just to be surprised by another bday cake in front of mii.. hahahs.
this time round, only my third brother is able to make it.. the other 2 elder brother got work... sadly.. however, they brought my cousin's kids home thus it's more merrier.. hahahas.

all these are advance lei.. the actually day has yet to come.. had blown candles 3 times.. eat cake 3 times.. and celebrated 4 times.. definitely a happening bday celebration for mii this year..

very thankful and grateful to those hu remembered my bday.. celebrated my bday.. A VERY BIG THANK YOU! im soo happie.. although there's no big celebration, these small events really touches my heart! (:

actually, im having depressing moments as well.. however, i shall not spoilt this post! hahahas!
now im looking forward to our double celebration tmr with my BFF - amirah and syakira! and sunday!!! will be meeting my dearie niece arrysa!~

god bless! (: take care! (:

PS thanks for forgiving mii but i still feels guilty.. cant forget ur stare.. but it's a lesson learnt.. and as adviced, it was a honest mistake.. i shall repent on my mistakes and be a better person..