Xmas~ SiKai Bday~ Movies~

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well.. i wouldnt say my xmas had been a busy one.. but i had lots of fun~ hahas.

now on movie craze.. hahahas.. im like watching lots and lots of movie laa... hahahas.
i tink the first movie i watch after a long hiatus was AVATAR. hahhas.
i watched it with Shaun Pel Panha (LOLS) and Mr Sulaiman.
again, it's like the reunion of the CEOs... hahas.. mii being the first CEO and followed by Panha.
Mr Sulaiman forever being the president of Cuckoo Club.. LOLS.. i love CUCKOO CLUB! lols.. miss those times!!! meeting them was a great pleasure.. LOLS.. we discuss about lots of things.. from computers to lappies to IT stuff to cameras to games to life.. hahahas. the movie was great!! hahas..
except for some part.. which i had a long argument with LEE SI KAI. lols.. oh well.. hahas.

following it was Sherlock Holmes.. hahas.. this one is super random. on facebook chat sobir was asking mii bout xmas etc etc. den by random he told mii tat he wanna watch movie alone.. LOLS. and mii randomly too said that i can accompany him if he wants.. LOLS. the point that i misunderstood was the day to watch.. i tot it was another day but then it was the day itself - 25 dec. but it's a goood thing coz i finally realised that i can book ticket using my UOB TX card that i got 3 yrs ago.. lols.. although the seat location was bad.. the movie was awesome.. hahas.. 10.50pm show and of course cabbed back.. hahhas.

den the next day, i got plans with syakira and amirah from like weeks ago.. hahs. coz i promised syak to watch new moon but drag and drag and drag.. hahhas. just to be scolded by them for watching sherlock holmes without them! LOLS. so yes.. watch sherlock holmes for the second time..hahahas... same movie twice in less than 24 hrs.. hahhas. but the outing was awesome as well.. though i got scolded, like again, for sleeping during the movie.. RAWR! but seriously, we need to stop twitting over every little things la!!! hahahas.

after that, amirah need to go off first leaving mii and syak at raffles city.. we spend some time at paper market - where my inspiration to be creative but CMI came about... hahas.. thanks syak for all the influencing.. i bought stuff to make sikai's bday card.. hahas.. was super excited wen we browse the shop. lots of things to buy.. lots of idea.. but the shop DAMN EX! lols.. after spending, mii and her went to ben and jerry for ice cream.. and then here come the random conversation to go L4D2. lols.. mad mad mad.. thanks syak for teaching.. i think i had lots of fun rawring.. however, it's stressful for a first timer.. LOLS.. went to dhoby ghaut to play..

sikai bday.. hahas. super interesting... wen mii and vale first plan it, we decided to do DIY cake.. however, we didnt noe 313 got the cake shop... the shop that we wanted to go to is like at JURONG. lols.. however, the tot of DIY-ing the cake makes us excited. thanks sharleen for telling us that 313 have the DIY cake shop.. we become more firm of getting him the DIY cake.. LOLS. and somehow, mii and nicole went over to make it and we r like small kids sia.. super excited to make the cake.. hahas.. at the same time, i feel sorrie for sikai.. hahas. coz the cake doesnt look as good as we tot. somehow it turn out tat way.. it looks nice initially.. i regret buying the additional small stars tat coz ex to mii.. LOLS.. den things got worst wen it was kept overnight.. coz some of the big stars like melt.. SORRIE sikai.. lols..

and as for his bday card.. hahas.. the CMI mii with ZERO creativity stare at the board for the whole sunday thinking wat to do with it.. LOLS.. the idea that i had at the shop somehow turn haywire wen i put it into actions! HAHAS. so i decided to call my bro for help and both of us sit down and tot of how to do it.. LOLS.. and my mum says that mii and my bro doing my SKOOL project.. hahahas. but by tuesday, i somehow feels that im doing a senseless thing.. hahas. coz initially i wanted to give it to him under my name and only my name.. coz buying those stuff at paper market is quite ex liao.. i felt might as well get a better present.. lols... k fine.. im selfish.. but i think it's fated la.. i somehow tot of how to make it more meaningful and decided to make it like RBS TP intern bday card. hahahs.. and im really glad that i did tat.. coz it became really really more meaningful tat way.. hahas. weee(:

and in the end, i bought him a dog-tag tat i found at 77th street.. hahas.. im like super happie wherever he wore it - FRIDAY... hahas.. i felt that i bought something that he appreciate! woohoo! (:

going to watch alvin and the chipmunks tmr.. YAY!

for sikai's sake.. here's all the links to the pictures. (:
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Brown Eyed Girls - Sign - i prefer the orchestra version more actually.. hahas