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well.. happie new year.. hahahas..
oh well.. nothing much is done during this long weekends..
but i think i spent most of the time sleeeeping.. and sleeeping and sleeeping.. lols

hahahs... really enjoyed the days at home.. lols
my family were are in shocked wen i tell them that i shall be at home during new year.. LOLS
they r like expecting mii to go out and hang out with frens.. but oh well.. decided to stay home.. weee (: had lots of fun with my crazy brother telling mii all sorts of joke~ hahahas

one the 3rd Jan.. i went out with sayhaow, cheemeng and eugene.. lols.. wat a GAY day.. hahahas.
spent the whole day at Bugis.. all start off with say haow needed to buy some clothes.. met the guys at 2pm(yes im late SORRIE. lols) at bugis junction.. den went to bugis street first to walk walk.. den met up with eugene... eugene was hungry.. so decided to go bugis junction to eat pastamania.. after tat, walk around the place for awhile.. where we took NEOPRINTS! yes.. GAY.. den, we went over to bencoolen for dessert.. LOLS.. after dessert, went over to OG.. after OG, we went over to bugis street again.. den go to SIM LIM for dinner.. den went to ILUMA to watch movie.. imagine walking back and fro bugis.. we got sianed and tired big time.. hahahas.. the movie~ lols! the fourth kind.. my real intention is to watch some horror movie but in the end we watch the fourth kind which is like alien movie... it's like.. if u r mentally prepared that u going to be watching a horror movie, the movie wouldnt turn out tat scary... but if it's the opposite, i guess the impact is huge.. hahahas.. tat's wat happen to mii.. how scary can an alien movie be? LOLS.. cant blame anyone but myself.. i got shocked in one of the scene and i started regretting since then.. hahahas.. dun ask how's the movie.. after the movie, the 3 of us turned speechless.. we got no comment about the movie however we r left with lots of question in the head.. hahahs.. oh well~

den nothing much.. i spend most of the time catching up with my dramas and variety shows.. got addicted to 2PM tired of waiting.. see below...

here's sth to reflect sth tat i spend some time thinking..
please just look at me for one last time..i couldnt say anything...
i'm the one who's crying like a fool..why can't you understand my heart..my heart tightens as time passes.. my eyes squeezing tears out... i am scared that this is the end....
i have lots to say so please listen.. do you know how i feel and i've confessed countless times... with or without you i have worry syndrome...don't neglect mii.. i want you by my side...
shivering lips and my heart won't last much..i am scared that it might stop..
did you get my sign? weeee (: