Dont be good to me..

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Been badly sick.. stomach flu.. from tuesday.. and it turns severe yesterday..
how severe can it be? hmmm.. today i went to see doctor again and the doctor ask mii to drip for few hours since im unable to eat and got no energy.. good thing i had my sister in law as nurse.. she help mii out in that at home.. hahahs. few hours on it.. and i feel so much energetic now.. RAWR!

as i was badly sick, im especially thankful to those who care for mii..
sikai, valerie, nicole and zhiyuan had constantly sms-ed mii to ask mii how am i..
at work, alvin lim, ronald, joanne, sharleen, nez, vincent, auntie irene asks how i feel.. thanks!
feel especially blessed this time round.. thank you!
not forgetting amirah and syakira - sad that syakira kena stomach flu like mii also! pls recoveer soon u! hahas

just sharing something that had been troubling mii..
sometimes, it's especially easy to misunderstood someones good gesture as something else..
but it's good gesture afterall, so it's supposed to be a good thing. but if im not confident of myself to accept it, i might just get hurt if i had fallen for it.. and once i had fallen for it, it's hard to find the way back.. matters of the heart, it's hard to decipher.. haiz..
he started being close to mii and since tat, i cant stop thinking about it.. den at one point of time, he told mii to stop being too close to him.. leaving mii speechless and stunned.. when i finally restrained myself from him, he's the one coming over to mii again.. making mii all confused.. i dunno what he trying to do.. dunno what he wants.. but i'm not going to take the risk.. im going to treat him as a fren.. and just a fren..
but despite saying all this, deep down in my heart, i always anticipate what he does to mii.. anticipate his calls and his sms.. his this and his that.. haiz.. it's like there's something that makes mii keep going over to him despite mii having to avoid him and restrain myself... no matter how much i wan it, i have to tell him, dont be good to me.. i'm scared of getting hurt again..

and that's how my feelings are now.. linked to the below video.. 90% similar..

I'll end this post with this song - Don't Be Good to Me - Kim Jong Kook