RBS TP Interns BBQ 090110

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niwaes... i'm very very happie... coz 09 Jan was a GREAT day.. i'm super tired though.. hahahs..
early morning went to wet market to buy bbq foood.. LOLS.. went with my mum and brothers.. hahahas.. and we had breakfast outside as well.. LOLS.. den rushed home to go plaza singapura to collect Edwin's bodybuilding competition tickets.. after that rushed home to pack to go to SiKai's house for the bbq.. hahahas.. im so happie.. coz some ppl tat i didnt expect to come, came.. hahahs.. in the end, the attendees are mii, sikai, nicole, vale, yizhi, ronald, alvin tan and wei choy... hahas... although not much variety of food.. i think it's quite enjoyable..

we met at simei mrt.. to shop for stuff at ntuc.. den sikai's mum fetch us.. hahahas.. gosh.. i think sikai is lucky.. i think he got a nice family.. pretty and nice mum.. cool dad.. frenly siblings.. hahahs.. seriously.. i can't help it but to compare la.. but well, everyone has their own story.. (:

sikai being the fire starter.. LOLS.. he really ah pek la.. keeps making the fire with mii and ronald.. STUPID charcoal... produce more ashes than heat.. RAWR.. den destroy my foood... LOLS.. then at some point of time, i went to play my UNO attack that i brought over last minute-ly.. LOLS.. after that, most of the time, i'm busy doing the bbqing.. yizhi came over and brought his poker cards and taught the ppl how to play bridge.. lols.. seriously, i'd never played poker nor Tie-T nor watever got to do with poker cards.. so i see no point of mii joining them.. LOLS.. the guys enjoyed bridge to the max.. and we gals spends the whole time cooking the food and pass it to them.. LOLS.. i enjoyed doing my satay! hahahs! playing with fire.. hahahs.. happie that food is cleared.. weee (:

den nicole and weichoy left early coz they got prior appt with other ppl.. soo down to vale, mii, sikai, yizhi, ronald and alvin tan.. hahas. finally mii and valerie sat down and ate the prawns.. LOLS.. the guys is still in their own world playing games.. den vale had to leave earlier.. leaving mii the only gal.. it's not a bad thing la.. coz i really dun wan to leave early.. but neither do i expect to leave THAT late.. hahas.. but i LIKE~~ lols.. niwaes, while the guys continue playing, i did my share, as a gal, by clearing the bbq place.. hahahs.. by 10 like tat, they decided to go sikai house and CONTINUE playing.. lols.. at sikai's house, i managed to wash up abit.. coz i brought extra shirt.. and my body is too oily from the bbq-ing.. hahahas.

den being the only gal and being the one hu dunno how to play bridge... i decided to read magazine~ lols.. so yizhi suggested that i either play STREET FIGHTER at PS3 or learn to play bridge.. hahas.. so i partnered sikai, hu is supposed to teach mii the game.. but i feel sorrie that they need to waste another time explaining to mii so i told them to just play and i'll learn the rope from there.. hahas.. so sikai tried his best to teach mii.. thanks for that.. but still, i dun get the bidding part! lols.. i like the hearts part and love the partner part.. haahahs. i think the game is realy nice to watch if u noe hu is hu's partner.. HAHAAS.. i ESPECIALLY entertained by Alvin's sound effect.. everytime he made a sound effect, everyone would laugh like mad.. hahahs. i like RONALD's randomness.. LOLS.. good sia... and yizhi is like soooo suay.. keep getting below 4 pts.. and for sikai.. hmmm.. i shall not say anything coz he's my partner.. LOLS.. it's really fun lor..

den they guys keep playing and playing till 2am! yes! 2am! hahahas.. so decided to fly home.. with ronald and yizhi.. reached home at ard 2.30am just to realise i dun have house key.. weee (; yes.. slept outside till 4am.. hahahas.. where my bro called mii.. LOLS.. i think i can fall sick liao.. LOLS... so quoting from valerie, 090110 RBS TP Interns BBQ is a success! muahahahas. will upload picts later.. coz now i lazy.. LOLS.. weee (:

it's so funnie.. wen i woke at 8am just now, i went to change place to sleep.. went to my brother's room.. lols.. den i keep thinking of the bbq, i think i fall asleep smiling.. i really enjoyed it.. LOLS..

ending this post with.. Betting~

This screenshot was taken from my twitter.. the reason for being nervous was becoz i made a bet on his driving test.. and i still have the bet notes on my phone.. i wrote "here's the bet.. if he passed his test, we're meant to be.. Else, i'll have to forget him.." but then, i noe the result well enuf.. i lose the bet.. follow the consequences.. maybe it's fated that way.. BUT SOMEHOW, I'M RELUCTANT... but at this point of time, i made it clear to myself, it's time to forget him.. but take ur time.. no matter how reluctant you are.. take your time.. this is the first starting point..

but somehow along the way.. he made mii waver again and again.. obviously, unintentionally.. but still what can i say.. he's clueless.. and perhaps that why i made the second bet.. but now that i think again, i'm just finding ways and manners to continue liking him.. like wat ppl say.. if u really want it, u'll make 1001 excuses.. hence this drags on..

making the bet already shows that i'm starting to think twice.. making a bet is not easy.. coz the consequences that i'm facing is something that i dun reallie wan.. lots of what if.. lots of uncertainty.. i thought alot to come to this betting.. i gather lots of courage to continue with the bet.. when the actually day arrives, i was praying hard hoping that this is for the best of both of us.. i was very nervous.. i was very scared.. it's hard to describe my emotions that day.. constant worries and constant fear.. haiz.. oh well.. it's over anyway.. just like one of my new year resolution is..

lots of lesson learnt.. lots of point taken... Hari, LEARN from it..

"A broken heart continues to beat."

"When you love somebody, they become a part of you. That’s why it hurts so much to let them go. When you love someone that doesn’t love you back, it’s hard to find a way to keep yourself on track. It leaves your heart broken and hurts so much but that’s why it’s called a crush."

"I'm gonna smile like nothing is wrong.. talk like everything is perfect, act like it's just a dream, and pretend he's not hurting me.. "