i still dunno.. hahahas

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i spend ard 5 mins to think of a suitable post title.. and i still havent decide on what to write.. LOLS..

January 2010 is ending soon.. hahahs. time flies so fast sia.. and 2010 had been wonderful so far, but i had 2-3 sadness that happened to mii.. hahahas.. i'm trying to be optimistic and move on..

as time flies, the time spend as an intern in RBS also flies... time flies so fast till one point of time, i counted that i had 3 more weeks of internship left... hahahas.. and i reallie felt sad about it... my internship ends on the 12 of feb.. which is.. erm.. 2 weeks from now.. and because of that, i spend about an hour reading my esip! remembering the time i first enter RBS, the first time working in the office life.. first time communicating with so many foreigner.. lots of first time... lots of memories.. lots of learning point.. lots and lots and lots of it.. (: overall, i'm really glad and happie to be in my team and i feel very lucky... thank you god. you had answered my prayer. but at the same time, pardon mii for being such a greedy follower, there are still many things that i had yet to achieve... but only you noe my life best and i had always believed tat you always give the best to mii... for that, i'm thankful.

oh well.. my internship had extended anyway.. till 26 feb.. yup.. 2 more weeks.. as to whether i'll continue in RBS after internship, graduation and till i go university, it's still pending.. hehehehe..

talking about university.. wah.. this one is a huge headache to mii.. and i had spend soooooo many weeks thinking about it and i'm still thinking.. LOLS.. february - the application will open and i'm like gonna send at least one application to the local uni - NUS, NTU and SMU... im hoping to get NUS or NTU of course.. but more to the NTU side.. but it's so FAR! hahahas. as to wat course i'm applying.. hmmmmm... secret.. lols! wait till i got the application den talk about it... else, just hope that i got the best for myself.. hahahahas..

i reallie feel like talking about work stuff here but really la.. cannot blog abt it.. hahahas.. all that i can say is.. my team is getting more and more happening and im loving it.. it rox.. but im worried that i cannot leave this place when it's time.. i think im like gonna cry and cry and cry.. hahahas.. MAYBE la.. sometimes, when u think u will, u will end up the NOT... hahahas.

suffering from body ache now.. argh.. i seriously need to train up sia.. hahahas.. jialat man..

i'm signing off...