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lols.. wonders wat's bluek? doesnt it sounds like vomitting sound? YES!
lols.. been sick.. two days to be exact.. and still sick..
i was sick till the point that i cant do much except for sleep, camp in toilet and lie down.. hahahs..

i have to admit.. the reason i'm sick is becoz of someone.. haiz..
it's like his msg disappoint mii.. hurts my feelings badly till i can feel my whole body warmed up.. warmed up nvm.. wen i hear his msg ringtone again, instead of looking at it, i covered my ears and cried badly.. i totally breakdown.. i keep thinking of his msg till the point that... haiz..

and in the end, i just went to my room, skipped dinner and sleep.. well.. obviously i cant sleep coz i keep thinking about it.. but then.. somehow, i managed to fall asleep.. den comes the worst.. at 2am, i started vomitting.. vomitting once or twice nvm.. it's like constantly till my mum put a bucket in my room.. den early morning go see doctor..

i have to admit.. till now, i still cant stop thinking of it.. or cant stop thinking of him.. i was so disappointed at how he misunderstood everything.. but then again, i think why shud i care coz it's him that misunderstood and not mii.. so now, i just gonna stay silent.. recover asap.. and just ignore..

think of the happie times.. hari.. turn to the next page! lols!