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i didnt update for quite some time.. hahas..
it's been the most tiring week (as the blog title had stated so!~ lols)
last weekend, been chionging assignment.. haiz..
monday, i had WEM presentation.. haiz..
okie la.. nothing much to comment.. hope mr chew is nice enuf.. to give higher marks.. lols...

den chionging RISK presentation till 1am in skool..

together with atiqah and wang ying..
all of these must thanks to freaking someone.. i shall not comment much abt tt person la..
coz with my current temper, i might juz throw things at anyone at anytime.. lols..
just some few things to say..
if u have at least some sense of responsibility, u wudnt do so..
if u can even do tt to ur gd frens & classmates, im really speechless..
u have just been someone whom i wanna work with the least!!!

tuesday, risk presentation.. although difficult, it was fun afterall..
it also marks my last presentation for the sem.. i guess.. lols..
with all those late nites.. lack of sleep..
i finally give myself a good sleep on wednesday..
and at tt night, i start chionging for RISK test..
haiz.. i juz blank during the test..
no confidence in passing.. haiz..

and finally again.. i finally rest!!!
gonna have another test next week.. WEM last test..
den im sort of free from all those studying..
"sort of" hahas.. coz i still got the competition..
which im determined to do well..
and also.. i might consider joining another competition..
which is outside school competition..
im still considering it.. so i dunno yet la..

so im gonna have a very good rest this weekend..
yes yes yes.. hahas..

Personal Notes
i didnt get the chance to do so..
congrats to those tt make it to main comm..
i was glad.. coz whoever i vote for, make it to top 5..
i hope u guys will do well in this AY & JIA YOU!!~

and i finally updated my blog songs.. hahas..
lots of new and old songs..
G.O.D songs uploaded.. and many others..

just some few other things to share.. which i like it alot.. lols
"I will love you today.. and I will not wait till tmr.. coz..
for the remaining days of my life, today is the youngest.. "


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omg omg omg!
i was totally happie wen i saw this video..
and i was sort of in tears of joy and too happie to be true..
this just makes my day.. and im gonna use this happie mood to chiong my assignment for tmr's submission.. hahas..

it was such a nice sight to see the G.O.D members singing along wif Kim Tae Woo...
this just makes mii really really really hope tt they would reunite very soon..
they are my turning point man..
they are the ones who makes mii love korean entertainments and songs..
they are my first fav. korean band and it was a long wait..
i've loved them from late 2004.. and i've waited for their reunion for years man..
although joon is not in korea.. he still participate in the MV from LA..
btw, Joon is Yumcha in Speed Racer.. hahas!

a small corner in my heart hopes tt Yoon Kye Sang would be there..
guess he really gave up singing.. TT^TT
seeing them really makes mii remember all those old songs.. hahas..
and how they had changed.. wow wow wow wow..
i noe this is exaggerating.. but they just ROX!~

yup!~ just to share the loves wif my sky blue frens forum peeps!~
Groove Over Dose loves!~

VOTED!!! (:

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i didnt update for quite some time.. lols..
y? coz i wanna let ppl see WHO to vote.. lols..
tmr is the last day of voting.. it ALMOST slipped off my mind..
and yup! (: voted! lols..

the weird thing is.. as i was voting.. somehow..
my heart beat very fast.. lols.. yeah.. it's weird..
even my hand shakes... i cant explain y.. but it's juz happen..
well.. im wondering too..

nowadays.. i've been having lack of sleep!!!
3hrs of sleep everyday.. damn it lei..
always chiong-ing 3am onwards.. den morning go school.. T^T
im really putting in lots of effort for risk...
y am i so unlucky to suffer from loss of data from my lappie..?!!!!
now i juz have to continue to use my sis-in-law's lappie for the time being..
while im waiting for my next pay to buy new lappie.. or juz continue to depend on my desktop..

i got alot of things to buy nowadays. .
more formal clothes.. new phone.. new lappie.. new shoes... RAAWWWR!
patience hari.. u'll have tat chances soon.. very sooooon..

i've been feeling tt something is missing nowadays..
y? i just feel like i have to talk to someone.. but who?
as i was browsing the phone, wen i tink i shud tok to this person..
i tot to myself, maybe i shudnt..
and to those tat i can tok to, i tot, maybe i shudnt...
WHO CAN I TOK TO? haiz..
i just wanna tok to u..

anyway... congrats to my seniors (my course first batch lei!!!) for graduating!!! hahas..
and i hope syakira is getting better for her heartbreak.. and amirah... rest well! (:

now.. i just need to surpass this week and next week..
den im back to normal..
sorrie guys for MIA-ing.. well..
this is just so expected..
on the side note.. i just need to include this conversation..
y? juz read and u might just understand the reason.. lols..
Khairul Johann says (11:26 AM):
in sch?
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:28 AM):
at home
Khairul Johann says (11:28 AM):
facebooking right
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:28 AM):
im doing proj
Khairul Johann (11:29 AM):
dun need lar
u smart
write that in ur blog
i said u smart
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:31 AM):
u say bad things more than u say good things
Khairul Johann says (11:32 AM):
u good
(?????) harmful
i said good things
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:32 AM):
-_-''' nt sincere lols

PS try harder johann! lols!~


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okie.. thanks to SHAWN JONESY LOW.. hahas..
he's my HEAD GL in RELIEZ..
and he's running for MAIN COMM in TPSU this year..
so yup! he SERIOUSLY need ur VOTE! so vote for HIM okie? (:

the other two GLs from Reliez running for Main Comm in TPSU is Desmond Lee & Haziq..
so remember to vote for them as well..
PS there are other fellow GLs running for their own school studies club..
so check reliez blog for details alrite? (:

as for IITSC..
Desmond Yip is my fellow GL in Reliez..

and vote for this rookie dude aka RENO YEO WEE KIAT as well lar~
VOTE for HIM if YOU LOVE HIM.. lols
if not, he might juz THREATENED to kill HIMSELF...
or BE GAY FOR LIFE!~ lols..

as i've promised!! (:
loves.Hari \m/

very confused...

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i very the lazy to upload photos today...
i've been very lazy nowadays.. so pardon mii..
once i've restored all my energy back, i'll be very HIGH again..

yesterday.. hmm.. it's like a "nth-much" day to mii..
so i very quiet... very serious in ttl.. and juz dun smile or laugh like usual..
so while eating at Design school canteen yesterday... jasmine c. keep saying...
"y so emo?" "today i feel like i dunno u" "today u very different" =X
"u very random & happie go lucky.. y nowadays u change?"
even others say.. i smile less.. u____u
always HIGH & happie, why today so down... TT^TT

sth serious is happening to mii... very serious..
i feel sad all the time.. i feel confused all the time..
with other pressures like school work and all.. i feel like my life is seriously WRONG!
it initially started as a JOKE!~ y am i feeling the pressure??

to wtf guy.. i tot we choosen the path to be frens?
but y do i feel even our frenship is drifting apart?
i am trying very very hard.. and i can juz lose it at any moment..

i dunno already.. im seriously at my wits end..
i cant take anymore initiative.. and im tired.. extremely tired..
i'll just MIA from now on.. MIA for good..
afterall, few more mths and im gone for SIP..

i'll just seek solace in other things.. like stage management, music, netball etc...
u know how i was looking forward for tmr's netball practice?!
and now i juz realise i can't go tmr... WEM test.. TT^TT
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! damn it..

i've planned my schedule.. to make mii extremely busy...
just like amirah say... being busy will make u forget things faster..
and yeah.. hopefully it works for mii.. although i doubt so..
but i will put in all the effort.. till i'm prepared and ready to say...

Personal Notes
wah.. election is coming up..
for TPSU, i noe who to vote already...
but for IITSC.. this is the very confusing part!!
i have sooooo many ppl tat i wanna vote... lols..
but i will only vote for 2.. and only 2... i need to be impartial and calm..
i cant believe tt i saw ppl hu cannot run still run for main comm..
good luck man.. i definitely didnt anticipate it as much as i did last year..
for those who dunno hu to vote for, can ask mii! (:

chiong chiong chiong!~

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this is my 2nd night chiong-ing project..
the night is the time only time i could do my project..
24 hrs = day + night..
day go skool, study and socialise..
night at home, study and do proj...
where's my sleep??? lols..

RISKS assignment topic one..
New Zealand added up together 400++ pages..
Hong Kong add up is 300++ pages..
Singapore - CAR (580) + Basel 2 (300++) + etc = 1000++ pages!!!
this is the amount that i'd read or gg to read in few days.. -_-'''
last night chiong draft 1... horrible..
now, chiong draft 2 to show in the afternoon.. i GG liao.. lols

past few day.... no msn..... no dramas......... no video..........
facebook still got abit... lols.. but really..... i didnt touch these for days!~
i felt empty somewhere.. hahas..

my busy-ness come at the right time? i dunno..
maybe, by being busy i will forget things faster?
but at the same time, i dun wan to lose the frenship between us..
maybe, i juz have to be normal.. and juz exclude those feelings..
like how i can spend 30 mins trying to sleep and tat 30mins is full of you.. lols..
knowing tat i ONLY have 3 hrs to sleep, it still take mii so long to sleep..
wen i was finally falling asleep, i was awaken by someone else's calls.. haiz..

let's just stay as frens.. and just keep myself busy...

PS: Congrats Say Haow for FINALLY passing ur DRIVING TEST..
no worries.. i wun SIT in the CAR if u r driving.. UNLESS someone there to accompany mii.. LOLS =X kidding larh!~ u owe mii & chee meng jap food!!! lalalala!~

FOOD!~ lols..

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my morning call of the day.. lols.. i wasnt feeling well yesterday nite la..
so i slept really early last nite.. hahas.. she's my cousin's daughter anyway... lols..
wen will i get my own NIECE / NEPHEW? lols... hopefully this year.. hahas!

let me start with the words that irritate mii yesterday morning..
hahas.. yesterday was supposed to be NO-SKOOL day for mii..
but thanks to the UP-YOUR-SERVICE workshop, i need to go back to skool.. next week as well lor!~ lols..
$20.50 for 4xUP notes, one notepad, one pen and we spent 3/4 of the time watching video..
so the irritating words are:-
UP, Basic, Expected, Desired, Another Step UP, Suprising, Unbelievable, Criminal.. lols..
ppl hu went for the course wld understand y... lols..

den wen to lab. iniitial plan was to study or do proj.. sian.. we did not achieve any of that.. lols
we go cam-whoring again! lols.. coz mii, jasmine chow and jasmine lim wore the same top! lols
sorrie Huanyi.. didnt mean to left u out! but we will go buy the same top together okie? lols..

den mii and Huanyi went to Orchard for some Korean Food! lols
here is my fav bibimpap.. unagi bibimpap! lols
den we decided to tok tok tok more..
the best place wld be wisma atria food republic.. coz i think the view at the side is nice.. hahas..
and so we did.. and we at again.. so now i noe y im not feeling so well last nite..
i think i ate too much.. lols.. hahas..
hmmm... actually..
i have lots of things to tok about.. but den...
nvm la.. juz hope for a better day now..
coz, wherever i tot of certain things or see someone,
i feel like crying..
and i think im really stress nowadays..
looking at the rate im eating now.. haiz..
hari.. u took great effort to lose weight..
r u gonna gain it all back???

PS: i went for stitching today.. at polyclinic..
coz i think at night, the wound open up.. haiz..
thanked god it's on my head.. coz i wudnt be able to see it..

07 May 2009

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the timing of the rain yesterady realli reflects my feelings..
maybe it's just some coincident la..
but yeah.. i tot i wld never cry... but im a gal afterall!!!

the 3 BFF are heartbroken..
[spot the 3 heartbroken PM]
amirah is heartbroken with the WTF guy..
(literally wat the F*** guy.. called by mii.. coz he's such a B%$$^$%^D)
and im heartbroken with the wtf guy also.. (it's wat the fish anyway...)
and syakira is heartbroken over her BROKEN phone.. =X
wat a luck huh? lols..

u noe how much i appreciate that today is a no skool for mii?
it's like.. i cldnt sleep yest..
and i dun have the mood to get up today..
i just feel like lying on my bed.. the whole day..
just stare and do nothing.. and i did that till 3pm..
had nose bleed today.. again...
im like bleeding like nobody business.. haiz..

finally, i told myself to get up.. shower.. and go out..
i plan to go ECP today.. to relax...
have a break.. throw my capsule bottle away...
and finally, decided to visit my ex-colleague..
i took bus 13 la.. den nearing the Marine Terrace there, my bus met with a small accident..
i was sitting at the back la.. den wen the bus brake hard, i couldnt react any faster..
so i think my head knock onto the door bell..
it hurts badly la.. i feel slightly headache.. slightly blur..

and im nt the only one hu got hurt.. others also..
some fall down and scratches their leg and many more..
the worst one was this small boy la.. i think he broke his arm or sth like tat..
he was crying badly la.. and just my weakness la.. i cant see kids or guy cry...
so i go help him la.. good thing i noe one clinic nearby..
wanna go polyclinic, but it's quite a distance..
so i brought the little boy and his grandma to the clinic..
den i just cancel my trip to ECP and took cab home..
coz i was having bad headache..

den met my sister in law at my blk lift..
i was wondering y she look at mii from head to toe la..
den she say i got some scratches on my hand..
den i say i noe.. den i told her tt got an accident juz now la..
den she say i was bleeding... for once i tot it's my nose-bleed la..
but it's not.. T^T
she was holding my head ar.. den i see BLOOD on her hand!~
yeah.. there's like a cut on my head la.. haiz..

good thing she's a nurse..
she help mii clean up the wound..
[30 mins after cleaning up.. still bleed abit]
cannot really see la.. coz it's at my hair area..
but bleeds alot.. and non-stop...
what a luck...

no mood.. den got hurt.. tmr got skool...
man... i dunno wat to say la..
i keep telling him tat im okie..
keep joking around so as to make him felt less guilty..
but then, at the same time, i was tearing badly...
i told myself that im hariyani and hariyani dun cry..
but i think i burst out lar~
wah.. this is embarassing.. dunno how to face each other now...
07 May 2009.. not a good day man..
and i just wish that today ends faster.. coz i dunno wat's gonna happen next..

and since i wasnt able to throw away the capsule bottle..
i might as well give it to the owner.. hmmm...
i'll turn it into a mission ba..
mission of finding the Capsule Letter.. lols =X

Swine Flu!~

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well.. i noe i didnt update for few days.. lols..
basically, the reason was either i'm pissed off or stress or somewhere tat line..

ever since the H1N1 Flu in Sg turn to Orange alert.. haiz.. we need to take temp everyday..
wat does tat reminds mii of? SARS.. yup!~
but the thermometer part... haiz.. ASK US TO BUY OURSELVES!!!!
lols.. and ppl really know how to take advantage of the demand..
they practically increase the price of the thermometer for profit!~ wt...

i heard other skool like get cheaper rates for thermometer.. den us?!~ %^$%$%$&^%
in the end, i manage to get a thermometer at $10.. haiz..
this pict show how abnormal i was wen i first use it.. lols

the FLU ALERT in skool also require us to take temperature time to time..
so we had this am & pm stickers.. interesting.. but troublesome..

the reason for this pict is to show u the stickers! the orange stickers is for am...
and the green one is for pm.. everyday change colour.. lols..
nowadays, mii and others like keep taking picts la..
fun fun fun!~ lols
and the following pict shows how i was working hard in the lab.. lols!~ =X
[like real!!! ><>

this pict was taken today.. lols.. we were doing RISK tut and WEM.. lols..
den suddenly we started to take pict..
jasmine keep stressing that it's our last year already..
haiz.. i also noe how time is running short on us.. T^T
if u r wondering wat im eating.. lols. it's juz some chocolate snack tat jasmine c bought for mii...
it's nice larh!~ but too much is a NO NO!~ lols

on a side note..
i've finally told myself to stop..
but wen i was doing so, sth just happen that tell mii to give myself another chance..
and thus, i go on..
and again, another thing juz had to happen on the same day..
and i just have to tell myself that i must stop..
and as i was avoiding tat person today..
tat person show up in front of me like nobody business..
y be cruel to mii? y be unfair to me?
it hurts.. it hurts.. it's painful..
what should i do? wat u wan mii to do?
be frank and let's be clear bout this..
i dun wan to be a mad person going from one end to another end continuously..
seriously.. what can i do?


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It's funny how someone can break your heart... And you can still love them with all the pieces..

Dear Heart, I met a Boy... Prepare to Shatter. XOXO

I wondered if I was making a mistake...

What happens when he's your prince charming but you're not his Cinderella??

I guess I'm a fool for thinking that you're thinking of me...

Moving on is simple... It's what you leave behind tha tmakes it so difficult...

I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles... And the one that could always brighten your day even if she couldn't brighten her own..

You can soften the blow, but you can't stop the sting...

To the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world...

Everytime we talk, my heart skips a beat...

Telling me to stop loving him is like telling me to stop breathing..

I know you're going to go places.. and do great things...I just wish you had taken me with you.

Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?

[PS: thanks syak.. u just make mii EMO by just watching the video... LOLS]

hahas.. i dun have much to update..
just that I had been feeling real sad & heartbroken recently..
and Syak show mii this video that makes mii EMO..
the vid link is on my PLURK!~ lols..
PLURKING is FUUUNNNNN! plurkplurkplurk`

im writing this capsule letter now..
and the one who deserve it will receive it soon.. lols
but somehow, i feel that it's abit weird.. LOLS

i hope to start changing starting from tmr..
i realli hope.. just like how i wanted to put a stop to everything..
i think it's more wise to start a new chapter of my life now..

Landscape & Nature Outing!~

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lols.. okie.. i had a tiring day.. but i think it's very the worth it!
somehow, i develop an interest in photography & nature!~ LOLS
it's like every little things i see, i also wanna take..
lols.. it's like my pri.sch BFF project larh!~ hahas..

i'll try to post very little today.. lols
we started from Raffle Place MRT..
down there not much larh~ but then sth interesting was gg on there.. lols
we saw a bunch of ppl filming larh~ hahas.. very the interesting..
so we tot it's was for the Vasantham channel.. no offense la.. but the majority at the BTS was indian.. so we ignore it la and continue taking picts..
den somehow, wen we were taking pict of certain leaves, someone approached us and asked us these [in malay]:-
she: u all taking picture isit?
me: yeah..
she: taking picture of what?
me: plants?
she: chey.. i tot u all taking pict of the stars..

so she told us abt the stars.. lols.. it's BOLLYWOOD stars larh!~ LOLS!
she told us there were Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty.. lols. i noe them but still.. not a fan..
she was telling us how much she wanted to take pict with them to the extend that she went to tok to the director and the security guys.. lols.. pls la.. we like sooo NOT interested can? LOLS
PS: sunil shetty looks better in real life larh!~ =X

den we proceed to Tanjong Pagar.. lols.. down there quite nice.. and HOT!~
walk ard alot already till we almost drained out.. lols..
HOW TO FIND 7 species in a single place? lols!~
u noe how lucky we were? we went to a Shopping Mall and saw this place.. wah.. damn nice.
but we had to climbed (sneakily) to take those nice picts..

next stop was Braddell, Toa Payoh Spring..
initially, we tot it was a wasted trip.. as we cudnt see anything nice there..
but we decided to walk further in to try our luck.. lols
yeah.. we saw a whole bunch of leaves and ferns.. many species.. lols..

the final destination was at Dhoby Ghaut.. ahas..
nt bad larh!~ but by the time we reached there, we were totally drained out, exhausted & look quite shag liao..

we decided to have a relax trip back home.. so we took bus..
hahas!~ i had fun cam-whoring CANDID picts in the bus larh!~
it was totally unglam but we had FUN laughing!~ lols..
reached SingPost, we had delifrance for dinner..
and had a wonderful chat again!~

it's like, mii & Hafizah had been best frens since pri. school.. lols..
although she was like abit tom-boyish back then & always disturb mii, we were still CLOSE till now.. we had our fair share reminiscing the past! again!~ lols..
like how we used to disturb ppl.. more like how she used to disturb mii larh!~
we recalled every single classmates of us.. and wonders where & wat they doing now.. LOLS...
let's have a reunion soon.. we are apart for 6yrs over already!~ hahas..

pictures are uploaded at FB.. i lazy to upload here.. lols
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
PS: part 2 is like our selca picts la.. nature picts are part 1.. lols
for the candid picts, must wait for Hafizah to upload it.. LOLS!~

Personal Notes
i was having alot of fun today..
but despite all these, i do have sense of guilt for not studying or doing research today..
haiz.. how i wish i have more time.. lols!~
and somehow, i have weird feelings today..
it's like.. i feel that i can cry any moment..
the feelings were heartbroken, but there's nth to be heartbroken about..
i feel sad, but im enjoyin myself.. lols
had something happen? sth tat i had not realised it yet?
i hate this kind of confusion..
sometimes, i just hope i dun have any feelings..
so i wun feel sad, happie, in love, heartbroken..

another thing..
i dun seems to be learning my lesson..
it's like.. i noe i had experienced this kind of feelings before..
but then, even if i noe i shudnt repeat the same mistakes...
i dunno wat's the correct step that i shud take..
dear god, please enlightened mii..
i noe things happen for a reason..
and i hope u make mii strong enuf to go thru all these hardships..

Reminiscing the Past~

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i've been talking alot with amirah nowadays..
and she makes mii misses my past.. lols
like wat she said.. so many ppl had change.. and yet we r still the same..
is it we cant change or we refuse to change? lols...
well, watever it is.. this is who i am.. (:

im gonna upload some pictures from the past..
hahas.. according to timeline, i hope.. lols...
from white blouse & green skirt.. to yellow banana uniform.. lols..

this pict below... from top left - sec 2? yeap! lols.. *gg clockwise direction*
followed by Cik Nur's wedding, Graduation..
below is ChildAid concert and my colleague in NTUC..
some r in TP and the rest in SP.. lols

this collage pict.. lols.. it is supposed to stress on certain ppl..
for example, pheiyani.. hahas.. those hu know her, wudnt be able to recognise her in these picts..
she totally change.. hahas..
and say haow, u used to be so cute and chubby.. now young man liao hor!~
and of course mii.. hahas..
from my uber long hair, to short hair.. lols
PS: i spent 3 yrs in skool wearing LONG SLEEVES and TIES! lols
ChildAid photoshoot.. hahas.. [it's a annual concert btw]
im one of the fews hu got the original copy..
it was my first time going thru professional photo shooting..
could still remember how long it took, the super bright flashes & everything.. lols.
this was taken during the concert itself..
this was the time where i was still active in LYP band.. lols..
this is one of the few concerts where i realli enjoyed myself.. LOLS..
enjoyed disturbing ppl.. DUH!~ hahas!
tat's the past.. now back to reality.. lols..
as hinted from my last post.. i will upload the posters of SS501 now..
hahas.. amirah, i juz wanna make u JEALOUS!~ lols..
i wun upload other posters la.. to be nicer.. lols..
PS: i found my DBSK posters today!~ hahas..

i will end today post with picts of my cousin's son.. lols.
this kid arh!~ LOLS.. so small yet so naughty...
wen i was still in my dreamland, this kiddo purposely drop himself onto mii.. lols..
on my shoulder some more.. [my popular injured shoulder]
so yes.. this kid below became my wake up call this morning..
it's like.. i slept really late last nite larh!~
niwaes, isnt he very cute?!~ lols
i just love kids! =DDD
now i got no1 to disturb or bullie.. lols