Reminiscing the Past~

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i've been talking alot with amirah nowadays..
and she makes mii misses my past.. lols
like wat she said.. so many ppl had change.. and yet we r still the same..
is it we cant change or we refuse to change? lols...
well, watever it is.. this is who i am.. (:

im gonna upload some pictures from the past..
hahas.. according to timeline, i hope.. lols...
from white blouse & green skirt.. to yellow banana uniform.. lols..

this pict below... from top left - sec 2? yeap! lols.. *gg clockwise direction*
followed by Cik Nur's wedding, Graduation..
below is ChildAid concert and my colleague in NTUC..
some r in TP and the rest in SP.. lols

this collage pict.. lols.. it is supposed to stress on certain ppl..
for example, pheiyani.. hahas.. those hu know her, wudnt be able to recognise her in these picts..
she totally change.. hahas..
and say haow, u used to be so cute and chubby.. now young man liao hor!~
and of course mii.. hahas..
from my uber long hair, to short hair.. lols
PS: i spent 3 yrs in skool wearing LONG SLEEVES and TIES! lols
ChildAid photoshoot.. hahas.. [it's a annual concert btw]
im one of the fews hu got the original copy..
it was my first time going thru professional photo shooting..
could still remember how long it took, the super bright flashes & everything.. lols.
this was taken during the concert itself..
this was the time where i was still active in LYP band.. lols..
this is one of the few concerts where i realli enjoyed myself.. LOLS..
enjoyed disturbing ppl.. DUH!~ hahas!
tat's the past.. now back to reality.. lols..
as hinted from my last post.. i will upload the posters of SS501 now..
hahas.. amirah, i juz wanna make u JEALOUS!~ lols..
i wun upload other posters la.. to be nicer.. lols..
PS: i found my DBSK posters today!~ hahas..

i will end today post with picts of my cousin's son.. lols.
this kid arh!~ LOLS.. so small yet so naughty...
wen i was still in my dreamland, this kiddo purposely drop himself onto mii.. lols..
on my shoulder some more.. [my popular injured shoulder]
so yes.. this kid below became my wake up call this morning..
it's like.. i slept really late last nite larh!~
niwaes, isnt he very cute?!~ lols
i just love kids! =DDD
now i got no1 to disturb or bullie.. lols