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i didnt update for quite some time.. hahas..
it's been the most tiring week (as the blog title had stated so!~ lols)
last weekend, been chionging assignment.. haiz..
monday, i had WEM presentation.. haiz..
okie la.. nothing much to comment.. hope mr chew is nice enuf.. to give higher marks.. lols...

den chionging RISK presentation till 1am in skool..

together with atiqah and wang ying..
all of these must thanks to freaking someone.. i shall not comment much abt tt person la..
coz with my current temper, i might juz throw things at anyone at anytime.. lols..
just some few things to say..
if u have at least some sense of responsibility, u wudnt do so..
if u can even do tt to ur gd frens & classmates, im really speechless..
u have just been someone whom i wanna work with the least!!!

tuesday, risk presentation.. although difficult, it was fun afterall..
it also marks my last presentation for the sem.. i guess.. lols..
with all those late nites.. lack of sleep..
i finally give myself a good sleep on wednesday..
and at tt night, i start chionging for RISK test..
haiz.. i juz blank during the test..
no confidence in passing.. haiz..

and finally again.. i finally rest!!!
gonna have another test next week.. WEM last test..
den im sort of free from all those studying..
"sort of" hahas.. coz i still got the competition..
which im determined to do well..
and also.. i might consider joining another competition..
which is outside school competition..
im still considering it.. so i dunno yet la..

so im gonna have a very good rest this weekend..
yes yes yes.. hahas..

Personal Notes
i didnt get the chance to do so..
congrats to those tt make it to main comm..
i was glad.. coz whoever i vote for, make it to top 5..
i hope u guys will do well in this AY & JIA YOU!!~

and i finally updated my blog songs.. hahas..
lots of new and old songs..
G.O.D songs uploaded.. and many others..

just some few other things to share.. which i like it alot.. lols
"I will love you today.. and I will not wait till tmr.. coz..
for the remaining days of my life, today is the youngest.. "