FOOD!~ lols..

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my morning call of the day.. lols.. i wasnt feeling well yesterday nite la..
so i slept really early last nite.. hahas.. she's my cousin's daughter anyway... lols..
wen will i get my own NIECE / NEPHEW? lols... hopefully this year.. hahas!

let me start with the words that irritate mii yesterday morning..
hahas.. yesterday was supposed to be NO-SKOOL day for mii..
but thanks to the UP-YOUR-SERVICE workshop, i need to go back to skool.. next week as well lor!~ lols..
$20.50 for 4xUP notes, one notepad, one pen and we spent 3/4 of the time watching video..
so the irritating words are:-
UP, Basic, Expected, Desired, Another Step UP, Suprising, Unbelievable, Criminal.. lols..
ppl hu went for the course wld understand y... lols..

den wen to lab. iniitial plan was to study or do proj.. sian.. we did not achieve any of that.. lols
we go cam-whoring again! lols.. coz mii, jasmine chow and jasmine lim wore the same top! lols
sorrie Huanyi.. didnt mean to left u out! but we will go buy the same top together okie? lols..

den mii and Huanyi went to Orchard for some Korean Food! lols
here is my fav bibimpap.. unagi bibimpap! lols
den we decided to tok tok tok more..
the best place wld be wisma atria food republic.. coz i think the view at the side is nice.. hahas..
and so we did.. and we at again.. so now i noe y im not feeling so well last nite..
i think i ate too much.. lols.. hahas..
hmmm... actually..
i have lots of things to tok about.. but den...
nvm la.. juz hope for a better day now..
coz, wherever i tot of certain things or see someone,
i feel like crying..
and i think im really stress nowadays..
looking at the rate im eating now.. haiz..
hari.. u took great effort to lose weight..
r u gonna gain it all back???

PS: i went for stitching today.. at polyclinic..
coz i think at night, the wound open up.. haiz..
thanked god it's on my head.. coz i wudnt be able to see it..