very confused...

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i very the lazy to upload photos today...
i've been very lazy nowadays.. so pardon mii..
once i've restored all my energy back, i'll be very HIGH again..

yesterday.. hmm.. it's like a "nth-much" day to mii..
so i very quiet... very serious in ttl.. and juz dun smile or laugh like usual..
so while eating at Design school canteen yesterday... jasmine c. keep saying...
"y so emo?" "today i feel like i dunno u" "today u very different" =X
"u very random & happie go lucky.. y nowadays u change?"
even others say.. i smile less.. u____u
always HIGH & happie, why today so down... TT^TT

sth serious is happening to mii... very serious..
i feel sad all the time.. i feel confused all the time..
with other pressures like school work and all.. i feel like my life is seriously WRONG!
it initially started as a JOKE!~ y am i feeling the pressure??

to wtf guy.. i tot we choosen the path to be frens?
but y do i feel even our frenship is drifting apart?
i am trying very very hard.. and i can juz lose it at any moment..

i dunno already.. im seriously at my wits end..
i cant take anymore initiative.. and im tired.. extremely tired..
i'll just MIA from now on.. MIA for good..
afterall, few more mths and im gone for SIP..

i'll just seek solace in other things.. like stage management, music, netball etc...
u know how i was looking forward for tmr's netball practice?!
and now i juz realise i can't go tmr... WEM test.. TT^TT
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! damn it..

i've planned my schedule.. to make mii extremely busy...
just like amirah say... being busy will make u forget things faster..
and yeah.. hopefully it works for mii.. although i doubt so..
but i will put in all the effort.. till i'm prepared and ready to say...

Personal Notes
wah.. election is coming up..
for TPSU, i noe who to vote already...
but for IITSC.. this is the very confusing part!!
i have sooooo many ppl tat i wanna vote... lols..
but i will only vote for 2.. and only 2... i need to be impartial and calm..
i cant believe tt i saw ppl hu cannot run still run for main comm..
good luck man.. i definitely didnt anticipate it as much as i did last year..
for those who dunno hu to vote for, can ask mii! (: