Landscape & Nature Outing!~

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lols.. okie.. i had a tiring day.. but i think it's very the worth it!
somehow, i develop an interest in photography & nature!~ LOLS
it's like every little things i see, i also wanna take..
lols.. it's like my pri.sch BFF project larh!~ hahas..

i'll try to post very little today.. lols
we started from Raffle Place MRT..
down there not much larh~ but then sth interesting was gg on there.. lols
we saw a bunch of ppl filming larh~ hahas.. very the interesting..
so we tot it's was for the Vasantham channel.. no offense la.. but the majority at the BTS was indian.. so we ignore it la and continue taking picts..
den somehow, wen we were taking pict of certain leaves, someone approached us and asked us these [in malay]:-
she: u all taking picture isit?
me: yeah..
she: taking picture of what?
me: plants?
she: chey.. i tot u all taking pict of the stars..

so she told us abt the stars.. lols.. it's BOLLYWOOD stars larh!~ LOLS!
she told us there were Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty.. lols. i noe them but still.. not a fan..
she was telling us how much she wanted to take pict with them to the extend that she went to tok to the director and the security guys.. lols.. pls la.. we like sooo NOT interested can? LOLS
PS: sunil shetty looks better in real life larh!~ =X

den we proceed to Tanjong Pagar.. lols.. down there quite nice.. and HOT!~
walk ard alot already till we almost drained out.. lols..
HOW TO FIND 7 species in a single place? lols!~
u noe how lucky we were? we went to a Shopping Mall and saw this place.. wah.. damn nice.
but we had to climbed (sneakily) to take those nice picts..

next stop was Braddell, Toa Payoh Spring..
initially, we tot it was a wasted trip.. as we cudnt see anything nice there..
but we decided to walk further in to try our luck.. lols
yeah.. we saw a whole bunch of leaves and ferns.. many species.. lols..

the final destination was at Dhoby Ghaut.. ahas..
nt bad larh!~ but by the time we reached there, we were totally drained out, exhausted & look quite shag liao..

we decided to have a relax trip back home.. so we took bus..
hahas!~ i had fun cam-whoring CANDID picts in the bus larh!~
it was totally unglam but we had FUN laughing!~ lols..
reached SingPost, we had delifrance for dinner..
and had a wonderful chat again!~

it's like, mii & Hafizah had been best frens since pri. school.. lols..
although she was like abit tom-boyish back then & always disturb mii, we were still CLOSE till now.. we had our fair share reminiscing the past! again!~ lols..
like how we used to disturb ppl.. more like how she used to disturb mii larh!~
we recalled every single classmates of us.. and wonders where & wat they doing now.. LOLS...
let's have a reunion soon.. we are apart for 6yrs over already!~ hahas..

pictures are uploaded at FB.. i lazy to upload here.. lols
Part 1 :
Part 2 :
PS: part 2 is like our selca picts la.. nature picts are part 1.. lols
for the candid picts, must wait for Hafizah to upload it.. LOLS!~

Personal Notes
i was having alot of fun today..
but despite all these, i do have sense of guilt for not studying or doing research today..
haiz.. how i wish i have more time.. lols!~
and somehow, i have weird feelings today..
it's like.. i feel that i can cry any moment..
the feelings were heartbroken, but there's nth to be heartbroken about..
i feel sad, but im enjoyin myself.. lols
had something happen? sth tat i had not realised it yet?
i hate this kind of confusion..
sometimes, i just hope i dun have any feelings..
so i wun feel sad, happie, in love, heartbroken..

another thing..
i dun seems to be learning my lesson..
it's like.. i noe i had experienced this kind of feelings before..
but then, even if i noe i shudnt repeat the same mistakes...
i dunno wat's the correct step that i shud take..
dear god, please enlightened mii..
i noe things happen for a reason..
and i hope u make mii strong enuf to go thru all these hardships..