07 May 2009

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the timing of the rain yesterady realli reflects my feelings..
maybe it's just some coincident la..
but yeah.. i tot i wld never cry... but im a gal afterall!!!

the 3 BFF are heartbroken..
[spot the 3 heartbroken PM]
amirah is heartbroken with the WTF guy..
(literally wat the F*** guy.. called by mii.. coz he's such a B%$$^$%^D)
and im heartbroken with the wtf guy also.. (it's wat the fish anyway...)
and syakira is heartbroken over her BROKEN phone.. =X
wat a luck huh? lols..

u noe how much i appreciate that today is a no skool for mii?
it's like.. i cldnt sleep yest..
and i dun have the mood to get up today..
i just feel like lying on my bed.. the whole day..
just stare and do nothing.. and i did that till 3pm..
had nose bleed today.. again...
im like bleeding like nobody business.. haiz..

finally, i told myself to get up.. shower.. and go out..
i plan to go ECP today.. to relax...
have a break.. throw my capsule bottle away...
and finally, decided to visit my ex-colleague..
i took bus 13 la.. den nearing the Marine Terrace there, my bus met with a small accident..
i was sitting at the back la.. den wen the bus brake hard, i couldnt react any faster..
so i think my head knock onto the door bell..
it hurts badly la.. i feel slightly headache.. slightly blur..

and im nt the only one hu got hurt.. others also..
some fall down and scratches their leg and many more..
the worst one was this small boy la.. i think he broke his arm or sth like tat..
he was crying badly la.. and just my weakness la.. i cant see kids or guy cry...
so i go help him la.. good thing i noe one clinic nearby..
wanna go polyclinic, but it's quite a distance..
so i brought the little boy and his grandma to the clinic..
den i just cancel my trip to ECP and took cab home..
coz i was having bad headache..

den met my sister in law at my blk lift..
i was wondering y she look at mii from head to toe la..
den she say i got some scratches on my hand..
den i say i noe.. den i told her tt got an accident juz now la..
den she say i was bleeding... for once i tot it's my nose-bleed la..
but it's not.. T^T
she was holding my head ar.. den i see BLOOD on her hand!~
yeah.. there's like a cut on my head la.. haiz..

good thing she's a nurse..
she help mii clean up the wound..
[30 mins after cleaning up.. still bleed abit]
cannot really see la.. coz it's at my hair area..
but bleeds alot.. and non-stop...
what a luck...

no mood.. den got hurt.. tmr got skool...
man... i dunno wat to say la..
i keep telling him tat im okie..
keep joking around so as to make him felt less guilty..
but then, at the same time, i was tearing badly...
i told myself that im hariyani and hariyani dun cry..
but i think i burst out lar~
wah.. this is embarassing.. dunno how to face each other now...
07 May 2009.. not a good day man..
and i just wish that today ends faster.. coz i dunno wat's gonna happen next..

and since i wasnt able to throw away the capsule bottle..
i might as well give it to the owner.. hmmm...
i'll turn it into a mission ba..
mission of finding the Capsule Letter.. lols =X