VOTED!!! (:

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i didnt update for quite some time.. lols..
y? coz i wanna let ppl see WHO to vote.. lols..
tmr is the last day of voting.. it ALMOST slipped off my mind..
and yup! (: voted! lols..

the weird thing is.. as i was voting.. somehow..
my heart beat very fast.. lols.. yeah.. it's weird..
even my hand shakes... i cant explain y.. but it's juz happen..
well.. im wondering too..

nowadays.. i've been having lack of sleep!!!
3hrs of sleep everyday.. damn it lei..
always chiong-ing 3am onwards.. den morning go school.. T^T
im really putting in lots of effort for risk...
y am i so unlucky to suffer from loss of data from my lappie..?!!!!
now i juz have to continue to use my sis-in-law's lappie for the time being..
while im waiting for my next pay to buy new lappie.. or juz continue to depend on my desktop..

i got alot of things to buy nowadays. .
more formal clothes.. new phone.. new lappie.. new shoes... RAAWWWR!
patience hari.. u'll have tat chances soon.. very sooooon..

i've been feeling tt something is missing nowadays..
y? i just feel like i have to talk to someone.. but who?
as i was browsing the phone, wen i tink i shud tok to this person..
i tot to myself, maybe i shudnt..
and to those tat i can tok to, i tot, maybe i shudnt...
WHO CAN I TOK TO? haiz..
i just wanna tok to u..

anyway... congrats to my seniors (my course first batch lei!!!) for graduating!!! hahas..
and i hope syakira is getting better for her heartbreak.. and amirah... rest well! (:

now.. i just need to surpass this week and next week..
den im back to normal..
sorrie guys for MIA-ing.. well..
this is just so expected..
on the side note.. i just need to include this conversation..
y? juz read and u might just understand the reason.. lols..
Khairul Johann says (11:26 AM):
in sch?
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:28 AM):
at home
Khairul Johann says (11:28 AM):
facebooking right
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:28 AM):
im doing proj
Khairul Johann (11:29 AM):
dun need lar
u smart
write that in ur blog
i said u smart
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:31 AM):
u say bad things more than u say good things
Khairul Johann says (11:32 AM):
u good
(?????) harmful
i said good things
~*Hariyani*~ says (11:32 AM):
-_-''' nt sincere lols

PS try harder johann! lols!~